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Aza Migranyan

Professor, Doctor of Economics, Head of the Economics Department at the CIS Institute, Leading Research Fellow at the RAS Institute of Economics


Intelligence1 min ago

India’s Hybrid / Cyber threats and its regional implications

Hybrid threats are designated as a swing from a traditional force model to an approach which combines kinetic and non-kinetic...

Science & Technology2 hours ago

Stopping COVID-19 in Its Tracks: Science Gets the Upper Hand

Science has knocked religion and traditional healing methods out of the ring in the battle between rival approaches towards getting...

Intelligence4 hours ago

Post 2020: The Changing World Order

Since 9/11, more than 700,000 people have lost their lives; inter-state and civil wars in past decades have amounted to...

Russia6 hours ago

Alexander’s Dugin’s Neo Eurasianism in Putin’s Russia

The sheer vacuum created in the ideological realm of Russia after it deviated from Communist ideology in the backdrop of...

Defense8 hours ago

US-Afghan Peace Deal: Beneficial for Pakistan’s National Security

In late February finally a peace agreement was signed between United States and the Taliban that sets a timetable for...

Central Asia10 hours ago

Why Central Asian Jihadists are Inspired by the US-Taliban Agreement?

Central Asian Jihadists Congratulate Taliban and Threaten Five ‘Stans’ Al-Qaeda-backed Central Asian Salafi-Jihadi groups were highly encouraged by the US-Taliban...

South Asia13 hours ago

Pakistan’s Corona Fight: Through Faith or Foolishness?

Science has given lucid understanding of diseases and also provided medicament for it. In this 21st Century, science and technology...