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Junaid R. Soomro

Junaid R. Soomro

Teaching Assistant Institute of Gender Studies University of Sindhi Jamshoro


Africa53 mins ago

Understanding the Question of What Hopes China can bring to the African Continent

Today, China plays a new role in the international system, garnering increasing attention around the globe. In its expedition to...

Reports2 hours ago

Less Than Half Pay for Media, News and Entertainment, But Willingness to Pay Is Rising

Less than half of consumers pay for media, with 16% paying for news and 44% paying for entertainment – but...

Newsdesk3 hours ago

Five Ways to Lead: Workforce Principles for the COVID-19 Pandemic

As organizations address the longer-term implications of COVID-19, it is imperative to focus on the needs of all stakeholders, from...

Economy5 hours ago

Inflation and Economic Crisis in Pakistan

Cooperation on International level to protect economy and financial markets is a good development, but in our country with sealed...

Economy7 hours ago

COVID-19 cruelly highlights inequalities and threatens to deepen them

In many countries, income inequality has risen steeply since the 1980s, with adverse social and economic consequences. The COVID-19 pandemic...

Tech News8 hours ago

How to protect yourself from cybercrime

Cybercrime has rocketed since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic as many try to exploit people’s fears. Below are tips...

Middle East10 hours ago

Global Response to Coronavirus Exposes Governments’ Fault Lines

There’s a message in Pakistani and Egyptian responses to the Coronavirus: neither ultra-conservative science-rejecting worldviews nor self-serving autocratic policies aimed...