Divergent Perspective from Ireland: Strong Advocacy for Palestine

Ireland is a country in Western Europe that is predominantly inhabited by Catholic Christians but stands out as a nation within the EU that vehemently and conspicuously voices its support for Palestine.

Ireland, also known as the Emerald Isle, is a country in Western Europe that is predominantly inhabited by Catholic Christians but stands out as a nation within the European Union that vehemently and conspicuously voices its support for Palestine. The Irish position on this matter is a subject of interest, particularly amidst the prevailing silence or neutrality of many European nations regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict. Why Ireland become the most pro-palestinan in the european country? We can find the answer of examination through the lens of constructivism in international relations. This theoretical framework underscores the significance of norm and value formation as the primary impetus driving Ireland’s unwavering support for Palestine.

Before gaining independence in 1921, Ireland was a British colony, which deeply influenced its historical opposition to colonialism and oppression. This historical context has significantly informed Ireland’s position on the Israel-Palestine issue. Initially, Ireland showed sympathy and support for the Zionist movement in the 1920s and 1930s. However, a pivotal shift occurred during Ireland’s own struggle for independence, leading many to draw parallels between their own history of resistance against British rule and the Palestinian struggle against what they view as Israeli occupation. This transformation prompted many Irish individuals to reflect on their own history of subjugation by the British Empire, particularly when confronted with the illicit occupation of Palestinian territories by Israel. Ireland’s steadfast backing for Palestine was further underscored by its pioneering recognition of the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1980 within the European community, coupled with its unyielding advocacy for the Two-State Solution.

In a notable development reported by Al Jazeera in 2021, the Irish parliament unanimously condemned Israel’s “de facto annexation” of Palestinian lands, positioning Ireland as the inaugural European Union member state to adopt a resolute stance on this contentious issue. Ireland’s engagements with Yasser Arafat on multiple occasions underscore its commitment to the Palestinian cause. By accentuating the imperative of the Two-State Solution, Ireland underscores the inalienable right of the Palestinian populace to self-sovereignty and equitable treatment akin to other global nations. The Irish government consistently underscores the primacy of humanitarian law in safeguarding civilians from the ravages of warfare, with a dedicated focus on de-escalation and civilian protection as paramount objectives.

Looking forward, Ireland’s position on Palestine is likely to remain steadfast, albeit evolving in response to geopolitical shifts and international developments. The global discourse on Palestine continues to evolve, with increasing international pressure on Israel to adhere to humanitarian norms and seek a sustainable resolution to the conflict.Ireland’s advocacy for Palestinian rights aligns with broader international trends toward human rights and justice in global politics. As Ireland continues to play an active role within the EU and on the international stage, its voice on the Israel-Palestine issue is likely to carry significant weight. The ongoing efforts by Ireland to condemn actions it perceives as unjust, such as Israel’s annexation policies, highlight its commitment to upholding international law and promoting peace in the region.

Tania Frisila
Tania Frisila
Tania Frisila is a final year student at Universitas Andalas, majoring in International Relations. She is from Indonesia.