What does end-of-tenancy cleaning include?

Moving out from a rented place in London, UK can be an extremely stressful experience, considering the fact that you need to leave the place in impeccable condition for the new tenant to occupy it comfortably. End-of-tenancy cleaning services are the key to getting your deposit back and leaving the place in excellent condition for the next tenant.

So, what does it really involve? Let’s now look a bit deeper into the details and bust out the benefits and potential hitches of contracting professional cleaners to carry out the task.

What to expect from professional end-of-tenancy cleaning?

It is going to be comprehensive end-of-tenancy cleaning for every single corner. Opting for end of tenancy cleaning in London really doesn’t mean going for a topcoat clean at all. It is a cleaning exercise in detail, where all features and corners are taken care of to ensure the property is in a similar condition as when you checked in.

Kitchen end-of-tenancy cleaning

Generally speaking, the kitchen is never clean in every aspect; it is always dirty, with layers of grease and grime. Here’s what to expect:

  • deep clean – the professional cleaners do a deep clean of all the appliances, including inside and out of all the cupboards and surfaces, thus removing stains and any food residue;
  • every corner – the stove, hob, and extractor fan, among other appliances; the cupboards and surfaces, both inside and out; de-scaled and polished sinks and taps until they shine; vacuum and mop the floor, therefore leaving them spotless.

It is a fact that appliances cost a great deal to repair, and they store more germs and bacteria, which may be unhealthy. A dirty kitchen smells bad and is quite off-putting. A clean kitchen will look nice and appealing and will help with hygiene and safety in the environment.

Bathroom end-of-tenancy cleaning

Bathrooms, no doubt, are one of those places; they need to be tackled with the utmost panache to detail to bring them back to their spotless state. Here is an idea of what to do in this space by a professional end of tenancy cleaning company:

  • sanitising – cleaning and disinfection of all sanitary ware, including toilets, sinks, and bathtubs;
  • descaling – descaling and polishing of the tiles, showers, and taps;
  • mirrors and glass – cleaning and polishing of mirrors and glass to a streak-free finish;
  • mould removal – treatment and removal of any mould and mildew; cleaning and disinfection of floors.

A clean bathroom is essential for health and hygiene. From the above, the accumulation of rough bacteria and germs is shunned, and the place is ensured safe for the next occupant.

Living spaces/beds

What follows in the process is the detailed cleaning of the living quarters and including the bedroom, living room, and hall. Here is a list of activities you can find:

  • dusting – each and every surface, whether a shelf, light fitting, or skirting, is properly dusted;
  • vacuuming – thorough vacuuming of carpets and removal of stubborn stains;
  • cleaning of windows – window cleaning from the inside is done and wiped till they are streak-friendly;
  • wiping of doors and frames – doors and their frames are wiped to remove dirt and fingerprints;
  • furniture – where the property is a furnished one, respective furniture is all cleaned and polished.

This detailed cleaning of living spaces ensures that each and every corner of the house is spotless and thus is an inviting spectacle for the next tenant.

Best way to book an end-of-tenancy cleaning service?

Booking your best end of tenancy is all that it takes. Shown below are a few tips to help you with the best cleaning booking:

  • Look for reviews and testimonials given by previous clients in order to get an idea about the quality which the company proffers;
  • Ensure that the company provides full-spectrum services involving all areas of the property. Check with the company if there are additional services like carpet or upholstery cleaning;
  • Compare the prices between different companies and choose the one that suits your budget. Remember, every job is worthy of a good reward, so don’t compromise on cheap offers;
  • Make sure you check all the availability and that it will suit your time frame. To get the date and time you desire, you have to book well in advance;
  • Look for a professional service that is punctual, reliable, and with good customers. This will save you from the headache of misbehaving cleaners.

Then you can be sure that your service needs will be met and the stress from moving out will be reduced. And a reputed one near you, like LondonCleaningWizards, ensures a quality clean that adheres to all requirements. Don’t let the stress of moving out overshadow you – book now and leave the cleaning to the professionals. With their expertise, you can focus on settling into your new home, confident that your previous one is in excellent hands.

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