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Alessandro Zeoli


Africa2 hours ago

Nigeria at 60: The Dialectic of a Failing Renaissance

Standing elegantly before the visiting Princess Alexandra of Kent and Governor-General, Sir James Robertson, at the final lowering of the...

Newsdesk4 hours ago

Achieving gender equality key to restoring economic resilience in Asia

Business leaders and policymakers in Thailand said today that top priority must be given to empowering women in the workplace...

Europe6 hours ago

The fall of the Montenegrin dictator and its impact on the Balkans geopolitical balance

At parliamentary elections held in Montenegro on August 30, for the first time in history, the government was replaced in...

Europe8 hours ago

Enough Of Double Standards!

Deutsche Welle recently published a comment on Bosnia-Herzegovina written by Stefan Schwarz,a renowned German politician. In this text, the author...

Southeast Asia10 hours ago

Community Empowerment During Covid-19 Pandemic

During the covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the economic condition of the world community becoming destroyed, social empowerment of the...

East Asia12 hours ago

Targeting the ‘Heart of Eurasia’: China’s Xinjiang and US’ Game Plan

The cat is out of the bag now, clearly! While it never was a secret, it is becoming increasingly evident...

Energy News14 hours ago

IRENA’s Collaborative Framework on Hydropower Takes Shape

Advancing the discussion from June 2020, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) held its second meeting of the Collaborative Framework...