China-India: A comparison

West have been pushing and supporting India to counter China and projecting India as competitor to China. In this regard, the US led the western world and extended out of the way political, diplomatic support. The US was funding India generously and providing financial and economic assistance. Providing trade concessions and opened its markets for Indian exporters on preferential terms making other nations, especially China uncompetitive. The US universities attracted talent from India and utilized for their own benefits while helping to develop comparative high quality human resource. Transfer of technology and Hi-Tech is also part of American Support to India, especially, in the defense sector. The US signed “Major Defense Partner” agreement with India, leading opportunities for acquiring advance weaponries and technologies. Americans has been helping India to join elite club of NSG and other international platforms. In fact, Indian over ambitiousness to get permanent membership of Security Council is growing vigorously. American assistance in Agriculture Sector, Industrial Sector, and Social Sector has been very important for India. As a matter of fact, India has become the major beneficiary of American aid just after Israel only. Western world has also been following American and providing various concessions and assistance in many aspects. 

But do India has this potential to counter China? Till date, it is a big question mark and could not meet the expectation of West, especially the USA. President Trump has been complaining about Prime Ministers Modi, spending 5 hours to convey him only one message that he is building a library in Afghanistan. Do American expect him to build a library in a war torn Afghanistan? All the American help is only for a library, which may never be used by any Afghani!  American Tax-Payers may ask their Government, the rational of US-Adie to India? How to justify the unlimited support to India? Sooner or later, American public will demand the justification.

As a matter of fact, all defense capabilities acquired by India are aimed anti Pakistan. Its forces deployment, and weaponries are installed against Pakistan. Almost 81% of its defense capabilities are utilized against Pakistan. Even though, it cannot counter Pakistan, how can one expect India to counter China?

West was projecting Indian growth rate very high close to China and trying to project, India may become at par with China. But it was noticed that all its economic indicators publicized during last several years were fake, exaggerated, inflated and fudged. West was also helping India to manipulate its data and portrait India a high-economic-growth nation, just to counter China. India may not be able to hide facts for long time and may be exposed sooner or later to the rest of world.

India is still victim of its caste system and do not accept untouchables with equal rights with higher castes. Huge deficiency of toilets and sanitation facilities, number of homeless people, no access to education, health care etc. is a common phenomenon in India yet.

Lack Social justice, especially the minorities, are big black spot on India, the recent accession of Kashmir has reached the height of its immature ness. Excessively violation of basic human rights and use of brutal forces and its atrocities are condemned world widely. The largest curfew in the history of human history, where 8 million people are under siege since 5th of August 2019, has further exposed Indian true face.

Once upon a time, there was a democratic and secular India. But, Today, India has been hijacked by extremists Hindus and they are openly engaged in ethnic cleansing and genocide of Muslims in Kashmir. Indian actions are against the UN Charter, Simla Agreements, and UNSC Resolutions. India is openly involved in war crimes and must be trailed under Rome Convention, Geneva Convention and International Court of Justice may take Sui-moto action. Punish all those who are involved in crime against humanity, irrespective of their positions or social status.

While, China has emerged second largest Economy and geopolitical power. People of China are enjoying prosperity, and can be witnessed by their luxurious life style, purchasing power, food style, tourism and lavish entertainment Industry. India has no capacity or potential to compete China, Western World may not waste their time and resources any more.

Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan
Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan
Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan, Sinologist (ex-Diplomat), Non-Resident Fellow of CCG (Center for China and Globalization), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan.