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Rethinking Iran: 1979-2019

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Iran is a unique country that connects the Euro-Med/MENA with Central and South – well to the East – Asia, so as it solely bridges the two key Euro-Asian energy plateaus: the Gulf and Caspian. This gives Iran an absolutely pivotal geopolitical and geo-economic posture over the larger region – an opportunity but also an exposure! No wonder that the US physical presence in the Gulf represents a double threat to Iran – geopolitically and geo-economically. Nearly all US governments since the unexpected 1979 Shah’s fall, with the G.W. Bushadministration being most vocal,have formally advocateda regime change in Teheran. The following lines are an attempt to revisit and rethink 50 turbulent years that brought about mixed reactions within its society and among its neighbours.

Author: Chloé Bernadaux

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4 reviews for Rethinking Iran: 1979-2019

  1. Kazem Most

    I think any thought of regime change in Iran, by invasion or by internal revolt, will be counterpriductive. It will end up the same way as in Syria. Leave it to its own gradual evoluton ( or devolution).

  2. Fariborz Zak

    IRAN known as US Government’s nightmare.

  3. Patrice Horner, CFP®, MBA

    The Persian culture is rich in science and the arts. The discovery of oil at the beginning of the petroleum phase of the industrial revolution made it a strategic target for England then the US. It had been an open country at the center of trade between the continents. Under manipulation and attack it like many countries became more introverted and protectionary. It will take time to regain its trust and cooperation in the global community.

  4. Pegas

    Your assumption is that every civilization on this planet should be a western type civilization.
    Fortunately, many societies have a different approach – while west focuses on the individualism and makes life of single individual more or less comfortable, it looks pretty dull in the end. Consumerism and central banking will inevitably devour western civilization type. I’m not saying Iran is a paradise or anything, but any civilization with focus on individuality has no future.

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