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Armenia’s Existential Threats and Strategic Issues

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This paper serves two purposes; the first is to introduce the reader to Armenia, the threats to its existence and strategic issues. Second, it is a tutorial on the wide-ranging issues invoked in shaping a nation-state’s grand strategy. A dynamic grand strategy, the components of which include goals, interests on a varied spectrum, elements of state security, accurate projections, understanding, and ongoing evaluation of internal societal, economic, regional, international threats, and assets are required. Resources, instruments of power, objectives, commitments, political guidance, all contribute to a state’s grand strategy. Armenia’s interests and strategic assets are introduced with case-based analysis associated with increasing the sovereignty of Armenia.

Author: David Davidian

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4 reviews for Armenia’s Existential Threats and Strategic Issues

  1. Mamuka


  2. Zara

    Exelent work

  3. Zara

    Exelent work. Thanks to author.

  4. Miro Khanzadian

    great undertaking!

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