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African Renaissance3 mins ago

The Filmmaker

Stay with her and protect your family. But especially protect your daughters, you need that the most. They need that...

Europe2 hours ago

Brexit and Far Right Nationalism in Europe: Risking European Landscape of Peace and Democracy

With the recent far right nationalistic wave sweeping over Europe along with an increased fear psychosis in cultural assimilation, tolerance...

Russia4 hours ago

Putin’s Message to African Envoys

Russian President Vladimir Putin has received, in accordance with the established tradition, letters of credence from 23 new ambassadors in...

Tech News6 hours ago

Preparing Dushanbe for a New Digital Era

 “Preparing Dushanbe for a New Digital Era” was the theme of a workshop held on February 4th and hosted jointly...

Eastern Europe8 hours ago

Democratization in Post-Soviet region: Case of Azerbaijan

Between 1987 and 1988, democratic movements in the Soviet region had already started, covering mainly the Baltic States, as well...

Environment10 hours ago

2020: The year for action, to ‘rise up’ and safeguard ocean life

With the ocean in deep crisis, members of civil society and philanthropic organisations are urging governments and corporations to take bold action to safeguard the...

Energy News13 hours ago

The crucial role of carbon capture technologies for clean energy transitions

The International Energy Agency held a high-level workshop today on the role that carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) can...