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Ibrahim Bahati
Ibrahim Bahati


Economy9 hours ago

Supporting informal carers: Six policy challenges and how to meet them

Everybody is likely to become a carer at some point in life, providing care for a spouse, family member, friend...

Reports11 hours ago

Afghanistan Launches Its National Financial Inclusion Strategy

Da Afghanistan Bank (Afghanistan’s Central Bank) and the World Bank today launched the Afghanistan National Financial Inclusion Strategy and announced the conclusion of the National Risk Assessment...

Intelligence13 hours ago

Rethinking Cyber warfare: Strategic Implications for United States and China

“Every age had its own kind of war, its own limiting conditions, and its own peculiar preconceptions.”Carl von Clausewitz Internet...

Southeast Asia15 hours ago

Indonesia abandoning its Capital ?

I have almost always lived in capital cities. I was born in New Delhi, resided in London, Prague (before Czechoslovakia...

Green Planet17 hours ago

Extreme heating: Are we hot enough to act now on climate?

The cautionary tale of the boiling frog describes how a frog that jumps into boiling water will save itself by...

African Renaissance19 hours ago

Feminist Technoscience

‘Networked feminism is a phenomenon that can be described as the online mobilization and coordination of feminists in response to...

EU Politics21 hours ago

Final call to all EU citizens and businesses to prepare for the UK’s withdrawal on 31/10

With 8 weeks to go until the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union on 31 October 2019, the Commission...

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