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Nasurullah Brohi

Nasurullah Brohi works as a Senior Research Associate at the Strategic Vision Institute, Islamabad and can be reached at nasurullahsvi(at)

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Finance1 hour ago

G20: Global co-operation and strong policy action needed for a sustainable recovery

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed major weaknesses in our economies that can only be fixed through greater global co-operation and...

Human Rights4 hours ago

‘Act urgently’ to stave off catastrophic famine in Yemen

Yemen is in “imminent danger of the worst famine the world has seen for decades”, the UN chief warned in a statement released...

Africa Today5 hours ago

Training women to avoid conflict in Sierra Leone

In the West African country of Sierra Leone, the UN is supporting a government programme, training women and men to...

Middle East7 hours ago

Iraq Has the ‘Highest Negative Experiences Worldwide’ (Gallup)

Both Iraq and Iran have been and are being either sanctioned by or else constantly being threatened by the U.S....

Economy9 hours ago

Democracy in decline and its fate after the crisis: Why will the big crisis kill liberalism with or without the demos

Being praised as never before, democracy was in crisis. The reality of the economic problems of 2008-2020 led to a...

Africa Today11 hours ago

Heartbreaking stories from refugees fleeing Ethiopia violence

In a briefing to journalists on Thursday, a senior UN humanitarian official in Sudan recounted moving testimony from refugees who...

Americas13 hours ago

Sino-US relations under Joseph Biden?

President Trump, hopefully outgoing, was not an out-and-out failure for his electorate. Yet, he was shown the door. He had...