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Dr.Maurizio Geri

Dr Maurizio Geri is a senior strategic analyst in international security with twenty years of experience between NGOs, academia, think tanks, and international institutions, Dr Geri is a former analyst for different NATO bodies, to include CMRE in Italy, ACT in the US and HQ in Brussels. He has been awarded a Marie Curie postdoc fellowship that will start in 2024, between GMU in Washington, BSIS in Belgium, and Ca’ Foscari in Venice, to research on the EU-NATO cooperation in Emerging Disruptive Technologies against Russian hybrid warfare, in particular in the energy-resources-climate security nexus. Dr Geri is an associate fellow at South Asia Democratic Forum, at the Center for Media and Peace Initiatives and at the International Team for the Study of Security. He has experience with different research centers to include the Carter Center in the US, the Italian MOD Center for the Innovation of Defense, the Euro Gulf Information Center and Trends Research and Advisory. Dr Geri holds a PhD in International Security from Old Dominion University in Virginia, a MA in Cultural Studies and a BA in International Relations from the University of Florence, Italy and he published a book ( and several articles, both academic and journalistic (