Dr. Maorong Jiang

Dr. Maorong Jiang is Director of the Asian World Center and Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska (USA). He can be contacted at maorongjiang[at]creighton.edu

Exclusive articles:

The International Relations of Proxy War: Great Power Competition Facilitates Policy Shifts in North Korea-US Relations

For a variety of reasons, the DPRK regime has concentrated on nuclear weapons as the primary mode to achieve its goals.  As other legitimizing...


Chinese intervention in the Red Sea and its relationship to the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip

Many questions and analyzes have been raised regarding the...

Western Volunteer Combat Troops for Ukraine and Asymmetrical Warfare at Sea

Until Russia understands that their current path will lead...

Australia’s Response and Actions to the Solomon-China Security Pact

In 2019, the Solomon Islands cut diplomatic ties with...