Global Social Movement: Real Steps of Hope and Global Collective Purpose

Global Social Movement as an agenda for the formation of identity and collective goals in order to achieve common goals.

Global Social Movement as an agenda for the formation of identity and collective goals in order to achieve common goals, especially to produce changes to the conditions of injustice that exist in the world.

The development of globalization and digitalization makes regional barriers increasingly irrelevant, including in terms of social movements involving the world community. It envisions a dynamic mobilization around prevailing injustices, particular experiences, and pressing issues at a particular part or point in time. Global Social Movement$ emerges as a phenomenon that responds to various issues or upheavals that occur in the world community, especially based on humanitarian conditions and problems, human rights, and other issues that directly or indirectly intersect with the world community. The conditions of tension, conflict, and injustice in the world community are mainly kept in mind as the main conditions that this agenda tries to respond to. In simple terms, they reflect the collective desire to achieve certain political, social, and economic changes on a global scale as an extension of that collective desire.

According to Paul Wapner, “Global Social Movements can be defined as a group of global citizens who organize themselves across borders in this case positioning themselves beyond their national identity. It carries out a specific agenda in a thematically coordinated manner even though in practice there is no specific formal structure that heads up this activity. A summary of the main factors necessary for the emergence of a Global Social Movement can simply be seen in these three areas: Shifts in specific political opportunities, social networks, and collective identity formation agendas”.

It should be underlined that the capacity of a group to carry out a movement or collective action is basically strongly influenced by its ability to identify and interpret situations, various conditions, and events in the wider community that have a great chance of seizing public attention and changing the existing order. The Global Social Movement seeks to communicate messages with various forms of expression including activism or civil disobedience, this is certainly aimed at producing a language to talk about the interconnectedness of people around the world.

Global social movements are particularly important today in the contestation of an increasingly connected world, when many people feel a common meaning, are based on a common identity, and at least have a common collective desire. This is due to the following reasons: (1) The ability to drive social change, GSM plays a key role as a catalyst for social change certainly with the hope of pushing important issues in the public sphere so that it can influence certain public policies; (2) Building Global solidarity. Imagining a massive global mobilization based on a high level of solidarity between global communities is something that is very effective and great, so that people who are fighting for the same cause can strengthen their voices; (3) Advocating for Human Rights.  Global social movements mainly focus on the realm and issues of human rights. Through the Global social movement, common ideals in various goals are actually possible to achieve, and it is not impossible to change the global order which is considered ineffective. Ineffective State centric orientation can also be pushed by the public sector through this activity.

All of these things can be achieved through the chain effect generated by the Global Social Movement. This means that it can be a tool to inspire others to do the same when in the process it is able to change people’s views and assumptions about the issues that are being developed and worked on.

In the last stage, through the Global Social Movement, it is actually possible for a change in the global order to come from individual actors who share the same identity and views to produce a large group as an agent of changing conditions. In response to this, it is very possible that this activity is used as a push by the world community to certain authorities as the perpetrators of certain injustice conditions to stop their actions, this can be achieved by using digital media connected in all regions of the world with the same ideals, namely stopping the conditions of injustice that occur, especially regarding the right to life and meeting basic needs. Never imagine that what you are doing is useless, but imagine that you are in a global community that is mobilizing a Global Social Movement to fight for a humanitarian ideal.\

“There is a big difference between you living well and those who believe that living well is when you are in better living conditions than others. This last narrative describes a state of competition, not respect and equality. Imagine, then, that living well is the exercise of rights, respect, equality, and seeking the meaning of life for all people without exception” (Chancoso, B. 2008).

Continue to speak out as a form of Global Social Movement activity that perhaps in the future the collective goals voiced can produce a significant change in the global order and dynamics.

Iqbal Tawakal
Iqbal Tawakal
M.Iqbal Tawakal Al Akbar, Postgraduate Student in the Master Of International Relations program, University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta.