Elevating Diplomacy: When Theory meets Practice in Africa

In today's evolving global landscape, the role of diplomats extends far beyond traditional statecraft.

In today’s evolving global landscape, the role of diplomats extends far beyond traditional statecraft. Recognizing this dynamic shift, the visionary tram has launched the Certified Economic Diplomat Programme. This eight-week online training initiative (designed as the quarterly cycles of theory and practice) aims to equip current and aspiring diplomats whom Africa is home, passion or professional interest with essential skills for economic diplomacy, redefining their roles in Africa and well beyond.

A Legacy of Excellence

The core team (headed by prof. Elvis Cornerstone, President of Accra Business School and the Institute of Economics & Finance (IEF) in Ghana himself) blends over two decades of experience with academia, consultancy and financial services in Europe, Africa and Asia. Its portfolio is truly impressive; spanning from economic diplomacy initiatives, development financing (including loan portfolios with the African Development Bank) as well as the facilitation of high-level engagements between public and private sector leaders to stimulate investment opportunities, credit risk management consultancy for international organizations, diplomatic missions, governments, and private sector entities.

The Institute of Economics & Finance: A Beacon of Excellence

IEF, a premier business training school in that part of the world, empowers professionals and graduates to demonstrate exceptional leadership. Since 2016, IEF has successfully organized training programs for companies and professionals across diverse fields. The institute’s mission is to align its programs with dynamic global trends in economics and finance, addressing challenges and gaps between academia and the real world.

IEF’s faculty consists of consultants with advanced degrees and decades-long experience. This blend of theory and practical expertise is central to IEF’s data-driven and community-centered approach. The consultants’ combined experience provides a rich reservoir of knowledge and solutions.

Gate to Africa: The Certified Economic Diplomat Programme

The Certified Economic Diplomat Programme addresses the need for modern diplomats to adapt to the changing global diplomacy landscape. As diplomats represent their home countries’ policies and interests, there is an increasing demand for them to possess a deep understanding of economic affairs to attract investments and promote their nation’s economic interests abroad. Notwithstanding, many diplomats lack experience in economic diplomacy, and their educational backgrounds do not always align with their roles. This programme fills that gap by providing comprehensive training on the latest trends in diplomacy.

Designed for professionals working or aspiring to work in foreign affairs ministries, government institutions, commerce chambers, investment promotion agencies, and international organizations, the programme prepares participants for new realities in foreign affairs. It emphasizes the economic aspects of diplomacy, helping diplomats attract investments and promote their nations’ economic interests.

A Comprehensive Curriculum

The eight-week online training program offers a curriculum that redefines diplomats’ roles, focusing on economic diplomacy, state sovereignty in international economic relations, globalization, and competition for foreign direct investment. Participants will explore the influence of international economic standard-setting organizations and the role of countries in foreign policy and diplomacy. The course includes engaging learning exercises led by experienced academics and diplomats.

A Commitment to Excellence

IEF ensures a seamless onboarding process and provides continuous support throughout the training. Graduates of the programme will be well-rounded professionals capable of driving economic growth and stability in their home countries. They will use their diplomatic positions creatively and persuasively, enhancing their nations’ resilience in the face of global challenges.


In today’s interconnected world, economic diplomats play a crucial role. Under Professor Elvis Cornerstone’s visionary leadership, the Certified Economic Diplomat Programme by IEF is poised to shape the next generation of diplomatic leaders. This initiative addresses gaps in economic diplomacy and sets a new standard for the future, preparing diplomats to navigate global economic complexities effectively, but also serves as the meating ground for the non-Africans as the most comprehensive gate to Africa.

Join the vibrant IEF team ( https://ief.edu.gh/events/certified-economic-diplomat/ ) and their partners in Africa and Europe on this transformative journey, and become a driving force in global economic diplomacy.

The mesmerising IEF-flagship of insights and wisdom, rhythms and colors, passion and vison gets a full swing sail in early August 2024. Onboard, all are welcomed.

Dayana da Silva
Dayana da Silva
Brussels-based Communicology expert. Currently, she serves as the IFIMES Research Fellow.