Ideal Gifts For Women Who Are Hard To Buy For & Already Have Everything

You’re out shopping for a gift for a loved one – and the thought that’s uppermost in your mind is, “But she has everything!”

So you rack your brains for ideas – jewelry, handbags, a new silk scarf, make-up, chocolates, perfume… Plants, flowers, craft ideas, home decor… Kitchen gadgets, gardening tools, books… Experiences such as holidays, movie or concert tickets, hot air balloon rides, spa sessions, pottery classes… But nothing seems to click.

You’ve exhausted yourself browsing online for that ideal gift, and can’t seem to zero in on anything.

Does Someone Really Have Everything?

Our generation is much more privileged than our parents or grandparents were. We have access to a far wider reach than they did, and that allows us to buy and get products manufactured and sold hundreds of miles away. Making payments online is a breeze. Credit cards give us the freedom to indulge in impulse buys and instant gratification. We are more financially stable, and can afford to splurge on expensive gifts.

Being on the information superhighway gives us more awareness of the latest global trends and products. Most of us get to know about new launches in every field through online news and search engines. And then it’s only a click of the mouse away from “Buy Now”

In spite of all these advantages, can we truly say that we have everything? Is there anyone who genuinely needs or wants nothing?

Sure, we often tell our friends and loved ones, “Please, don’t get me anything.” We add a line on invitations to special events ,“ No Presents, Please!” Many people wish to declutter their homes and simplify their lives by reducing the amount of stuff they have. Seniors are specially difficult persons to find gifts for. It’s embarrassing to turn up empty handed at a wedding reception or birthday party if you’ve taken the message literally! It’s even harder to watch others come in with beautifully wrapped gifts and merrily handing them over to the hosts who said that they didn’t want gifts.

So is there someone who says they have everything and they don’t want anything ? Somewhere in our hearts, we have a sneaky suspicion that this can’t really be true. There has to be something that you can get for the woman who already has everything!

Some people say they want nothing because they are not used to buying anything for themselves. They are so focused on getting stuff for others that they haven’t thought of their own needs.

Great Gifts For The Impossible-To-Buy-For Person

This is where you obviously need to think out of the box. So grab your thinking hat and find yourself a quiet corner to work those little gray cells. Here are some ideas to brainstorm with:

Personalized Stuff: Planning ahead is important when you want to get personalized items. Whether it’s a set of monogrammed towels, coffee mugs with a name and photo, silver handled hair brushes etched with their name or place mats for the table, it’s wise to order them well ahead. Ensure that the name is spelled right, and that the gift is appropriate for their age and health status. Customized stationery is a great gift.

Tiny Gifts: I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t smile when they unwrap a tiny ceramic figure, a quirky fridge magnet, scented candles, wacky pencil sharpeners, little china cats for the shelf in your study, a foldable cutlery set that you can pop into your purse, or a cute silk pouch filled with fragrant potpourri. Click here for more great ideas.

Mindfulness Gifts: Journals and gratitude boards are gifts that go on giving. Your loved one will think of you every time they use it. One time, my kids presented me with a handmade coupon book with tear-off coupons that said “One Big Hug” “Breakfast in Bed” “We’ll Set the Table” and much more. All  I had to do was use up my coupons whenever I wanted to! Other great ideas for mindfulness include membership of a yoga and meditation class, a pen-drive with relaxing music or soothing chants. Analog alarm clocks and satin pillows You can donate to a deserving charity in your loved one’s name.

Experiences: These are great to give and receive. Just make sure that they can be used and enjoyed. A Europe rail pass, admission tickets to stately homes, museums or national parks, a day long spa or sauna session, beauty salon packages, walking tours of your city, a table at the newest fine dining restaurant with all expenses paid, language learning classes, a helicopter ride over your state and more – the sky’s the limit so let your imagination work overtime on this! Gifts that would allow their inner child to emerge are unforgettable too, and you’d be surprised how many women are delighted to receive tiny sewing kits or an easel and art supplies.

Time and Support: While there’s no doubt that material things can bring joy and pleasure to everyone, your time, support and presence are gifts that are beyond measure. Plan every detail for a special day out with your friend or loved one, right from a deluxe limo pick-up at their doorstep to doing things that you know she always wanted to, great meals, fun rides in an amusement park, and more. You could also spend time at home or in a park, listening to them, helping them with chores and giving them the emotional support they may need.

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