War in the Anthropocene: A Time Bomb to Extinction

What has become the hot topic and anxiety of the world today is the massive destruction of the earth which is believed to be the result of the ignorant hands of selfish humans.

What has become the hot topic and anxiety of the world today is the massive destruction of the earth which is believed to be the result of the ignorant hands of selfish humans, fearing that it is heading towards destruction. In fact, despite diplomacy and millions of conferences that have been held on this planet until now there is no comprehensive solution to save the earth, and even the threat of the third world war agenda is increasingly real. Regardless of whether the war is really among humans or humans versus nature. What is certain is that throughout the journey of human life on earth since the first man Adam, civilizations have collapsed and disappeared due to two things, namely “war and disaster”. In other words, consciously or unconsciously, as what has been described by several scholars that the earth is currently carrying out its doomsday period. However, this is not felt or realized because humans have a more sophisticated civilization so they have great hope to avoid all possibilities. This is what makes the Anthropocene different from previous ages. A time when humans have more advanced intellect but less spirituality, making them almost equal or lower than creatures that walk on four legs, slither, or fly.

Human and War

When we look at the news of today’s biggest genocide committed by Israel against the Palestinian people, then everyone will agree why Hilter hated the Jews. In 1939, Hitler said in a public speech: “If the Jews inside or outside Europe once again succeed in plunging the country into a world war, then consequently the Jews must be exterminated from Europe.” This quote from the speech was used to conclude the 1940 Nazi propaganda film The Eternal Jew, which aimed to provide an excuse and justification for exterminating the Jews from Europe. This was very controversial at the time, but if Hilter were alive today, he would probably be laughing at people today. Because to this day, there is no logical reason that can be used as a shield to justify Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. The only reason that survives and is still an observation to prove “Why Israel committed genocide against the Palestinians” is about the belief of red cow worship and its belief to rule the world. Unfortunately, in the midst of world leadership in the name of freedom of Human Rights, the elimination of colonialism today, nothing can stop the war and the sacrifice, why is that?

The answer is because of the Homo Sapiens Character in Humans

Humans who live on earth today are humans we know by the name Homo Sapiens. This human (us) is the only type of human that can survive until now, beating other types of humans such as his relatives Homo neanderthalensis, or better known as Neanderthals where this neanderthalensis species is the closest ancient human genetically to modern humans (Homo sapiens), but in the historical reality of civilization, they are extinct. The reason why Sapiens have survived to this day is that

First, Sapiens are better at communication, persuasion and prediction. In the sense that Sapiens humans use fewer direct sentences. For example, if a house is attacked by a herd of people, sapiens will take it as a danger signal, so it will send a signal to other humans as “danger is coming”. The other humans (naenderthalen) simply say “there are people coming”.

Secondly, Sapiens are the only kind of humans who live in an “imaginary” world. Believe it or not, we who live today are the implementation of all kinds of fantasies of humans before us. From religious systems, states, laws, customs, foreign relations, everything was born from the human mind. For example, America believed that the capitalist system would lead to economic prosperity and democracy would be the ideal system of government for a country. Who created the passport system for traveling outside the country, who created the boundaries of a country’s territory, why do humans confidently claim a territory, colonize other nations, believe that Mars will be the new home of humans? Wasn’t the earth sprawling and the seas salty before humans were born? But that’s Sapiens. Their high level of imagination is believed and then realized.

Thirdly, Sapiens are the only human species that can live in large groups (social creatures). If we look at Sapiens’ previous relatives, a group of early humans could only have a maximum of 150 members. However, modern humans can create countries with 340 million members in the UK, 1.43 billion people in India, and 278 million people in Indonesia. This happens because modern humans (sapiens) have a better level of communication, persuasion, and prediction power, so that what becomes a fantasy can be transferred through a communication medium called “gossip” which continues to spread so that it becomes a force, can unite or destroy.

Likewise, the current war is a representation of what is thought and felt by the humans involved. Perhaps, for humans in general, all humans are equal in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of God, but for Israeli Zionists the Jewish nation is a chosen nation from God so that all human blood on this earth is legal to drink. Maybe for Ukraine being close to America and joining NATO is a strategic step to increase the country’s strength from outside influences, but for Ukraine it is a big threat in the future so it is time for war. Perhaps also, for Indonesia nuclear power is one of the alternatives for a durable energy source in the future, so the government pays a lot of attention and sends its scientists to study nuclear, but for Japan which has a terrible history will consider nuclear as the most dangerous weapon of war.

A Time Bomb to Extinction

Although high-level conferences have often been held to negotiate wars. However, the escalation of war has increased in recent years. The UN Assistant Secretary-General warned that geopolitical tensions are at their highest in decades, with “loss of trust” and “escalation risks” affecting many regions. This means that the power of diplomacy to resolve conflicts and wars needs to be questioned, and before new, more sophisticated solutions are found, the death toll will be too great.

We see in human history that wars not only obliterate infrastructure, but prolonged wars also have an impact on health, the environment. History records that past wars, such as the Peloponnesian War and the First World War, have triggered disease outbreaks that caused many casualties. Prolonged wars in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan have also led to epidemics of antibiotic-resistant super bacteria. War does not only cause large migrations of refugees. For the country that wins the war will be defeated by the losses and aftermath, for the country that loses it is likely that at least they will be expelled from their own country, death of relatives, and even the population of their nation will be reduced. But what is more frightening? Usually after a war there will be a lot of diseases and ecosystem imbalances, or the second possibility is that the war can trigger other wars. This is because failure to prevent and resolve conflicts through peaceful means can pave the way for new, interconnected wars. This makes war a powerful “time bomb”.

If we go back to Israel-Palestine, everyone would agree on the first possibility (war can destroy ecosystems and cause disease) but for the second possibility “war can trigger other wars” we can see how things are today. What Israel is doing to the Palestinian people has stirred up the global humanitarian spirit, attacks and cyber wars, hate speech on social media, lawsuits from independent countries, as well as defense of Israel from both Israel’s own citizens and Israel’s allies. Actually, Israel’s attack on Palestinians will accelerate the third world war, perhaps this sounds ridiculous because Palestine is not a strong nation and state while Israel is supported by the United States.

Syarifah Huswatun Miswar
Syarifah Huswatun Miswar
Syarifah Huswatun Miswar (孙美琳) from Indonesia. She received a Master of Law in International Relations from the School of International and Public Affairs, Jilin University, China. She is a research analyst with an emphasis on Environmental in International Relations issues. Now she is doing her doctoral degree in Central China Normal University (CCNU) in International Relations.