Uncovering a Global Disinformation Tactics: Revelation by Intelligence Educator Egon Cholakian

Renowned intelligence educator and national security expert, Egon Cholakian, who used to work with Reagan ‘s White House, has uncovered his groundbreaking and surprising revelations in regards to hideous covert designs disrupting and threatening the foundations of democratic systems globally. A recent video address on The Earth Save Science Collaborative platform features Dr. Cholakian’s discussion of the 30-year-long investigation of their team into a secretive anti-democratic entity responsible for a complex and multidimensional subversive campaign. Dr. Cholakian discusses the shadowy operations that this investigation links to this enigmatic group, emphasizing its targeting and manipulation of the global media landscapes through spreading disinformation, false narratives, and coordinated attacks exacerbating tensions across social communities.

The Covert Network of Lies: Tactics and strategies uncovered

Further researching the mysterious tactics employed by the dark forces behind the plot, the team Dr. Cholakian is part of reveals a covert network which is committed to distorting the truth in the public domain with the help of deceptive information flows. By subtly spreading disinformation, the perpetrators seek to instill a negative view of the United States by undermining the faith in democratic principles and values, as well as democratic institutions. Egon Cholakian highlights:

 “As a result, today, we see young people, the future of our nation, losing faith in America under the influence of distorted images imposed from the outside. They are descending into inaction, delusion, apathy, and, even worse, drug addiction. The lack of critical thinking makes them vulnerable to psychological manipulation, undermining the foundations of our democratic society”.

According to Egon Cholakian, at the core of this disinformation campaign lies an effort to influence media outlets, steering news narratives towards a darker and divisive tone. By cultivating journalists driven by self-interest, the orchestrators aim to disseminate destructive messages across global media, perpetuating a climate of uncertainty and discord.

Investigative Study Reveals Decade-Long Plot to Recruit Covert Operatives Among Global Media

Egon Cholakian has unveiled a startling revelation after a meticulous decade-long investigation of their team: a sophisticated scheme of foreign shadow force to recruit covert operatives among journalists worldwide. Through a detailed analysis of a sustained discrediting campaign against international volunteer organization ALLATRA, the investigation sheds light on a deeper agenda at play.

According to Dr. Cholakian and the team he represents, the systematic campaign against ALLATRA, transcended mere defamation, indicating a deliberate effort to tarnish its reputation. ALLATRA  International Public Movement is a global volunteer organization that addresses climate issues. As an international movement, it is a platform for scientific discussion, international dialogue in the framework of democratic and ethical values.

Researchers discovered a pattern where discrediting articles against ALLATRA, originating from websites affiliated with anti-cult organizations, proliferated across diverse countries. These findings expose the insidious activities of anti-cult organizations, often misused as tools of defamation and disinformation against peaceful international entities worldwide. Dr. Cholakian warns that any entity might become a target of similar defamation campaigns if nothing is done about the activity of such corrupt anti-cult organizations.

Urgency of Global Cooperation: Influence Beyond Borders

Egon Cholakian explains that Implanted narratives seek to instill fear, doubt, and anxiety, demonstrating the lengths these shadow forces will go to sow discord and undermine democratic societies. By fueling narratives of conflict and manipulation, these campaigns aim to subvert truth and transparency, fostering a climate of uncertainty and apprehension. This investigation underscores the threat of disinformation in the digital age and the urgent need to address the subversive tactics undermining democratic values and international cooperation. Upholding democracy, truth, and transparency is crucial. Vigilance, critical thinking, and accountability can help societies combat distortion and move towards a more informed and resilient future.

Dr. Cholakian describes the anti-democratic force which we are currently facing in the following way:
“Their ambitions are fixated on maintaining their incognito advantage and the possibility of gaining the upper hand over American intelligence agencies: a feat they hold as a badge of honor. They operate covertly, right under the noses of global intelligence services. After all, everyone is convinced that their structures do not exist. But this hidden “shadow force” methodically sabotages plans for crisis resolution and mutual agreements, positioning its political pieces on the chessboard in a way that their actions seem illogical at first glance. However, the logic becomes quite clear once you understand that an invisible hand is behind their actions”.

To delve deeper into the labyrinthine complexities of this global threat and to arm ourselves with the necessary strategies to defend against it, Cholakian urges all concerned citizens to tune in to his groundbreaking video, “Undeclared War: America is Under Attack.”  In the face of these clandestine forces seeking to erode the bedrock of democracy, it is imperative to remain informed and unwaveringly vigilant. By watching Cholakian’s video, we can empower ourselves to stand strong against shadowy forces attempting to influence our minds and undermine the foundations of democracy.

About Dr.Egon Cholakian:
National Security Expert, Federal Lobbyist – U.S. Congress and White House. Registered Foreign Agent, U.S. Department of Justice – National Security Division. Member,  International Association of Intelligence Educators, United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation and Founding Member, OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) Foundation. Worked with: 4 U.S. Presidents, 3 U.S. National Security Advisors, 1 Central Intelligence Agency Director