How to Get a Turkish Passport through Investment

Attractive programs allow you to get a chance and improve your life. Countries that create unique offers add special conditions to them. This way, participants can travel with minimal discomfort, enjoys the freedoms of a citizen, and get additional work opportunities.

The desire to obtain these benefits stimulates the search for appropriate offers. Participating in the Turkish citizenship program can help you get closer to your goal and enjoy the right approach. The country’s location is favorable in terms of economy, so Immigrant Invest expert Zlata Erlach advises to study this option.

General Information about Turkish CBI Program

The country managed to get a considerable demand from investors quickly. Its favorable location between Europe and Asia, comfortable climate, and the possibility of joining the EU contribute to this. These factors are important when moving, but let’s move on to general information about the Turkey CBI program:

  1. Program conditions. Foreigners contributing to the country’s economy receive a decision on their application within three months. The information is provided to the official representative or the applicant at the specified residence address.
  2. Simple requirements. The application must be accompanied by account details in a Turkish bank, proof of financial independence, and information about the investment option you like.
  3. Main advantages. Passport holders get access to the rights enjoyed by residents. There is no double taxation; the resident is exempt from paying taxes again.

When making an application, you can add close relatives. They do not have to pay fees, make an investment, or prove financial independence.

Investment Options

The cost of participation in the program depends on the option you choose. The government offers to exchange investments of $400 thousand or more for citizenship. A foreigner must decide on the following ways to apply:

  • invest in an existing company (from 500 thousand);
  • purchase real estate (from 400 thousand);
  • register a bank account (from 500 thousand);
  • contribute to a private pension fund (from 500 thousand);
  • create jobs for 50 people.

Additionally, the investor pays fees for data processing and verification. Moreover, adding family members also increases the total amount of deposits. Accredited experts will help you learn more about how to get a Turkish passport. Migrants also receive information at the consulate.

Requirements and Application Process

All adult entrepreneurs can apply for participation. They are subject to several requirements regarding legal work to obtain capital, proof of reliability, and financial independence. The documents to be submitted to the consulate include a medical card, copies from banking institutions, and a chosen action plan.

Investments are made after preliminary approval of participation in the investment program. However, before submitting documents, you must decide on the desired option. Expert lawyers can help you with this.

The processing of the application takes from 3 to 6 months. The foreigner can reside in his home country during this time, enjoy the right to stay in Turkey and continue his usual life. The notification of the government’s decision is sent according to the specified data (address of residence and e-mail).

The verification of the applicant’s information is carried out in several stages. First, a request is made to confirm personal data. Next, the applicant’s criminal record and deportation history are checked. The application is approved after the necessary checks are completed.

Key Benefits

Investors participating in the program want not only to obtain official citizen status. The government manages to stimulate demand for Turkey citizenship by investment by:

  1. A high-quality education and healthcare system. Turkey is applying for EU membership, so no proof of a high quality of life is required.
  2. Access to a Schengen visa in a short time. Citizens and migrants with a Turkish passport can travel without paperwork.
  3. The right to visit more than 70 countries without a visa. Visiting business partners or vacationing abroad does not require visas, as the government has signed agreements with other authorities.
  4. Opportunities to apply for a visa to the United States using a simplified algorithm. When the applicant has a Turkish passport, it is easier to apply for and obtain an investor visa for the United States
  5. Fast processing of applications. The decision on the application is made within six months. Information on permits and deadlines for procedures is provided in a convenient way for the applicant.

Issuance of permits does not require renunciation of existing citizenship. It is also up to the investor to decide where he will live after receiving the second passport. There are no requirements for mandatory residence, so migrants enjoy the benefits they need.


Wealthy investors continue to search for profitable solutions for work and living conditions. Given the variety of offers for relocation, it is worth making your list of program requirements. Thanks to the preparation, you can quickly familiarize yourself with the options and start preparing documents.

The Turkish program deserves attention. The government offers comfortable migration with many advantages. The ability to choose your favorite option and determine the desired investment threshold allows the Turkish passport by investment to remain one of the strongest. You can get detailed information and evaluate the benefits of other programs during a consultation with a trusted agent.

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