A Beacon of Economic Prosperity

The CPEC is a milestone happening and it’s far more than mere construction.

The CPEC is a milestone happening and it’s far more than mere construction, but instead is all-encompassing, it is the transformation that can reinvent the whole country’s and indeed the whole world’s socio-economic stratum. The effects of this hydroelectric project are no more crucial as well as hopeful anywhere as in the whole of Baluchistan. Being a southern-western province of the region, Baluchistan is historically cognized by its rich resources yet abandoned in industrialization and failed to create business opportunities. The province is undergoing an impeccable renaissance not previously witnessed in its history but the turn-around event of the project which casts a new light of prosperity, stability and development.

Owing to CPEC, significance projects being in a compensatory manner is a landmark to the Baluchistan’s economic turnover. A huge amount of the money is now like a rush into this province, hence it experiences great development activity in different sectors Probably the most noticeable success of CPEC in Baluchistan can be reflected in creation of job vacancies. Economic development has largely stood for job growth and this is the goal that the different programs initiated by CPEC wanted to achieve. Beyond the 200 thousand jobs that have been generated to this day, millions more are going to arise in the years to come, when the mega projects assume the role of an economic lifeline for the province’s workforce. These mega projects are investing hope and opportunities for the youth team the skilled working class also. The locals may therefore regain their earning potential as well as increase their economic wealth, hence improving their lives and also eliminating poverty in the whole society.

Along with that, the type of foreign investment attracted dangling under CPEC is stimulating a positive climate for businesses, making Baluchistan an appealing investment spot for international ventures. The territory, which is rich in natural resources and strategically located, has therefore resolved to become the magnet for investment in a range of industries, for example, the energy sector, the infrastructure industry, the agriculture sector, and the tourism sector. Accordingly, Baluchistan together with the enterprises of the fellow entrepreneurs will become the largest foreign direct investment area that will guarantee a favorable future and an economic diversification and resilience for its residents.

The influence of CPEC in Baluchistan is no longer a local affair, but it has been often talked about on the international stage too. The regions local influential powers and neighboring states will also include counties such as Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asia; which have expressed their determination to join the rail corridor recognize its importance and the potential economic impact. The result of such partnerships also reinforces the significance of CPEC which is beneficial not only for the area but also for the economic growth of Baluchistan, since the higher level in connectivity and trade relations delivers additional contributions toward improving the state economy. The seaway stands as a bridge to regional integration and economic collaboration awakening peace, stability and mutual growth across the region.

With the CPEC completion, Baluchistan is anticipated to witness a massive paradigm shift that would literally rock the provincial politics. As the political engine behind the country, the province will give the citizens of the country the great leverage or power to work towards the ideals that they believe in. While, this additional political power takes Baluchistan to higher position in the country itself, it is still going to ensure that the people of Baluchistan have space to lead and their cries are heard and respected on the top management level. The crucial factor of the territory’s influence development may be considered, and it will result in the rising interest of the power of performances to which it is a subject and define decision-making mechanisms, thus enhancing inclusiveness, democracy and good governance.

At the foundation of CPEC can be found the Gwadar Port and Free Zone, which are poised to turn out to be growth shafts for Baluchistan region. Extremely favoring the port on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Gwadar village has a great opportunity to become a regional trade and economic hub that will be the center connecting South Asia, the Middle East, and Central Asia. The hoisting of Gwadar Port and the free trade zone has already proven the matchless transformative role of CPEC with the aim to uplift trade, investment, and employment altogether. Over 40 000 jobs can be created and $70 billion in the revenue will be generated by means of investment into these initiatives which will definitely catapult the province from the periphery to the quintessential position of the international market.

Recently, China and Saudi Arabia had declared their investments of around billions of dollars in the development of oil refineries in Baluchistan. They further stress Pakistan’s rising significance as a major oil and gas hub in South Asia. Rather than being an underestimated factor, the dynamics of huge oil and gas resources, minerals, and fisheries in Baluchistan is one of the most important components. The energy sources along with planned infrastructure development in CPEC not only position Baluchistan as leading player, but also as front runner in the energy security and stability of regional affairs. 

Moreover, the CPEC project concentrates on the establishment of road infrastructure and the improvement of road network efficiency is a great development for the hind side of Baluchistan. Its connectivity certainly will be revolutionary. Good roads, fast ways, international airports and seaports make trade fast and easy; also good for local transports service, shopkeepers, farmers, and small industries. Advancement of transport infrastructure through CPEC has completely revolutionized the situation for Baluchistan by creating an international outlook, enhancing accessibility to markets, elevation of connectivity within province and with other countries too. By strengthening the bonds between nations around the world, an economic integration and cultural exchange are promoted thus creating the necessary environment for sustainable development and shared well-being.

Sahibzada M. Usman, Ph.D.
Sahibzada M. Usman, Ph.D.
Research Scholar and Academic; Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Pisa, Italy. Dr. Usman has participated in various national and international conferences and published 30 research articles in international journals. Email: usmangull36[at]gmail.com