The Warriors of Pakistan & Imran Khan

On February 8th, 2024, the historic Election Day. For the first time in Pakistan, so many people from so many sectors, regions, and cultures stood for one unified message of common good and law and order.

On February 8th, 2024, the historic Election Day

For the first time in Pakistan, so many people from so many sectors, regions, and cultures stood for one unified message of common good and law and order.

For the first time in Pakistan, the candidate already imprisoned in jail on Election Day, with no voice or participation, still raised a silent storm in the populace’s minds and led to winning results.

For the first time in Pakistan, the common language across all cultural differences is now the common message of Imran Khan. 

For the first time in Pakistan, the national citizenry stood up together against all odds of tyranny and foreign influence from a superpower nation.

For the first time in Pakistan, the largest crowds behaved like good citizens and responsible voters searching for the country’s long-term future.

The lingering corrupt political establishment: The visibly out of touch, mentally deranged, incapable of developing a real value-creating economy, the old political leadership, based on thievery and ready for sale, only thrived in value manipulation, chose a rope to climb their fake ivory towers, now ready for hanging should surrender politely as their visible crimes of brutality now globally exposed and their name branded as popular heckling slogans around the world should disappear quietly.

If there is any other miracle known in the universe other than the mind of human beings, it is ‘time’ as it allows us all to run the race but measured with a time clock. This unique clause limiting time challenges our life as a test towards superior performance. 

The citizens of Pakistan, like warriors, stood their ground and stepped into the global age of critical thinking, marching toward justice at any cost. The followed on the message of their supreme leader, Imran Khan

The national crisis: For too long, the citizenry of Pakistan suffered very deeply while witnessing the daily destruction of the country in desolation. They observed the silence, noticing the slow death of morality, justice, and prosperity, listening to the hissing of the anaconda of overgrown fermented political corruption, struggling hard to trade for personal gains the future of the nation, the decimation of economic growth in real-time, watching all in slow-motion and waiting by the hour, each day of the fair national elections, waiting each night for forced midnight entries, after reckless tyranny, they finally arrived on a date.  

The faith of Imran Khan: These prolonged difficulties molded the national citizens into a unified force. The highly loyal and integrity-laced narratives by the internationally respected and trusted Imran Khan opened everyday folks’ minds and filled people’s hearts with hope and confidence. 

The corrupt leadership: The corrupt elitism is deeply intoxicated on bribery and stealing and critically deprived of authentic or faithful leadership, only finding openly criminal atrocities and cruelty the only way to force the public to love them. 

Their corrupt methodology: How retarded, stupid, and out of touch one has to be by invading homes in the middle of the night; where did they learn such destructive methods. Kidnapping, stripping naked, and torturing and killing media and political personalities, including women. All captured in living colors for the next generation to witness. 

The new challenges for Pakistan: Economic development without entrepreneurialism is economic destructionThere is no political power without economic power. There is no economic power without entrepreneurial power. There is no entrepreneurial power unless the mindset hypothesis is balanced. The mindset hypothesis creates a balance between the job seeker’s and job creator’s mindsets. Increasing the debt ceiling is not an economic success but a grand economic failure. Abandoning a citizenry that cannot stand up to global age competitiveness is a political failure. Inabilities to identify, categorize, and digitize high-potential SMEs is an economic development failure. Failing to articulate the ‘National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism’ is the second step to getting eliminated from any economic development activity. More on Google

The final battle is for the corrupt team to surrender and walk away; the corrupt-minds have lost the battle, and the time for race has expired. If any foul play occurs with Imran Khan, the nation is ready to make marmalade of the corrupt behavior.  The rest is easy

Naseem Javed
Naseem Javed
Naseem Javed, a Canadian born in a printing publishing family of small merchants, settled over two centuries surrounding the Red Fort in Chandni Chowk, Delhi, India. Educated and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, and arrived in Canada fifty years ago. He spent years at the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics and learned how to create and develop global-stature organizations and events. Acquired global experiences, serviced dozens of Fortune 500 companies as a senior advisor over 25 years, and learned how to commercialize, monetize, and popularize complex ideas globally. Later, in 2000, Naseem took a sabbatical when he noticed markets lost the art of value creation and adopted value manipulation when one million dollar turnover factories traded as 100 million dollar operations in stock exchanges. He took all his high-value knowledge and experiences, placed them in a shoe box, and almost free for the world's 100 million Small and Medium Enterprises. He developed The National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism Protocols. The rest is history. Now highlighted as a corporate philosopher, the Chair of Expothon Worldwide, and recognized authority on new economic thinking, where the mobilization of small and medium business entrepreneurialism is tabled as the savior of already struggling economies. Expothon has been sharing weekly information with some 2,000 senior officials at the Cabinet level in around 100 countries for the last 50 to 100 weeks. The narratives are an open challenge to current economic development and offer pragmatic solutions and new thinking on mobilizing the untapped talents of the national citizenry. He is a world-class speaker and author, gaining global attention.