Defending the status quo of Taiwan

China is eagerly in waiting for the opportunity to favorably rewrite the world order. For this, it has the support of Russia and other allies.

The world is anxiously observing the Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Hamas wars. The international community is concerned about Ukraine; yet no nation is boldly opposing President Vladimir Putin to stop this war. The Taiwanese fear that they will be the next target. Now, whilst the afore-mentioned wars were unexpected, the China-Taiwan issue has been heated since Taiwan’s creation; and in the present global climate, it is necessary that the international community should avoid wasting time in fruitless diplomacy and instead seriously defend the sovereignty of Taiwan.

Well, Putin has started this war. However, he will not end it because he cannot emerge honorably from retreat. Putin has even threatened nuclear activity to lessen Western aid to Ukraine. Yet, other major international players are also contributing to the endurance of this war. First, the Western powers seem to dangerously desire the weakening effect of the war upon Russia. Second, all countries including the US, Europe, India and China are buying oil from Russia, simultaneously fueling the war. National self-interest is absolute. India, as the voice of the Global South, claims that she buys less oil from Russia than the others; whilst this is true, it will not help New Delhi achieve her major-power ambitions in the international power system.

The current Israel-Hamas war is the story of ‘to have a tiger by the tail’. Hamas killed 1,400 Israelis on October 7, and the present reports say that more than 17,000 are dead in Gaza over the course of war. It is feared that international law and the 1964 Geneva Conventions are of no use in this situation. International law only seems to bark – why it does not seem to have the power to bite? In this multi-complex world, prevention is the only resolution. After a dam breaks, all effort are lifeless pedestals raised over many tombstones.

The clamorous exaltation of international pride and power fails humanity. The fact that the international community keeps its eyes, ears and mouth shut on each of the afore-mentioned issues might suggest that the international order of relations is quietly doing good.  Yet, this is a very erroneous judgement.

The League of Nations failed to intervene in many such events in post WW1 period, notably in Italy’s invasion of Abyssinia, the Spanish Civil War, and the Japan-China War which contributed to the onset of World War II. If unchecked, I am concerned that the Indo-Pacific seems to be falling too quickly to Chinese aggression. If China swallows Taiwan, it could kindle a domino-effect in the region. If this occurs, the international community – observing the war in Ukraine- will not receive an opportunity to express their sympathy to the people of Taiwan.

Today, if the United Nations blindly follows the path of the failed League of Nations in failing to intervene in the ongoing wars in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, there may be a Third World War. Every time a crisis occurs the United Nations passes a Security Council resolution, but does it have any substance. Many ongoing international problems are becoming more complicated. Shamefully, a new generation is asking whether any international problem has been fully resolved and why it has fallen on the deaf ears of incumbent leaders.

China is eagerly in waiting for the opportunity to favorably rewrite the world order. For this, it has the support of Russia and other allies. Therefore, defending Taiwan is imperative before the Ukraine-Russia war and the Israel-Hamas war escalates into the other regions.

‘Global leadership is more important than ever’, says Ambassador Nicholas Burns. The US sent the Speaker of the US House of Representatives to stand up for Taiwan. Instead of being futilely satisfied that we are giving guns to protect Taiwan, or we are going to give them sub-marines, let’s at least air a view that effective nuclear weapons technology will be provided to ensure Taiwan’s security without delay. If Taiwan becomes the next crisis in international relations, then it means that the Third World War has started. If so, let us take this as a warning that after the Third World War, no life will be on earth to breathe.

Antony Vigilious Clement
Antony Vigilious Clement
Antony Clement is a Senior Editor (Indo-Pacific), Modern Diplomacy, an online journal. He is a researcher in Indian Foreign Policy. He is currently working on two books - “The Best Teacher” and “Diplomacy in Tough Times”. His research centres on India’s diplomacy & foreign policy and extends to domestic politics, economic policy, security issues, and international security matters, including India’s relations with the US, the BRICS nations, the EU and Australia. His recent book is “Discover your talents.”