How China and Russia cancel IMEC and Ben Gurion Port Project

The Al-Aqsa Flood operation, led by Hamas, comes primarily in the interest of China and its Belt and Road project, after the US announced with both India and Israel the establishment of IMEC.

The Al-Aqsa Flood operation, led by the Hamas movement in the face of the Israeli occupation, comes primarily in the interest of China and its Belt and Road project, after the United States of America announced with both India and Israel the establishment of the (Indo-European Corridor Project via Israel), which passes through the port of Haifa in Tel Aviv, as a pivotal alternative to the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative and the Egyptian Suez Canal, the hidden Israeli war comes to displace the people of the Gaza Strip to the northern border near the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, for a fundamental and dangerous reason, which is Israel’s attempt to seize the Palestinian port of Gaza, to connect it directly to the alleged Indian corridor, led by Washington to strike, restrict and limit both China by striking and limiting its projects on the Belt and Road, and then to restrict the movement of the Egyptian Suez Canal, by establishing an alternative economic corridor represented by this Indian corridor, which was spoken about for the first time publicly by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi explicitly in a radio speech, declaring its international importance and danger, declaring that: “This new Indian corridor, which was announced on the sidelines of the G20 summit in New Delhi, will become the basis of the global trade movement for hundreds of years to come”.

  The Indo-European Corridor Project is the first response by the United States of America, Israel, and their Western allies, to use infrastructure to confront and contain the growing footprint of Chinese influence around the world, in addition to an attempt to put pressure on Egypt, intelligence-wise and geopolitically, through the Suez Canal, as the most important waterway around the world, by trying to create an alternative waterway that passes and crosses through Israel, with Israel controlling all its keys and international corridors.  Therefore, the Group of Seven countries and the United States of America launched the (Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment) project in 2022, with the aim of mobilizing $600 billion in global infrastructure projects by 2027. The Global Gateway Project is considered a response from the European Union as an ally of the United States.  America and Israel on the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative.  This (the Indo-European corridor, which will pass through Israel) will be considered a real competitor to the Egyptian Suez Canal, which is the waterway used to transport goods between Mumbai in India and Europe.  Hence, the most prominent international comments about this Indo-European corridor, which passes through Israel itself, came from the well-known Indian economist “Swaminathan Aiyar” in his column in the Times of India newspaper, asserting that: “As much as the Indian corridor works to improve our relations  With the UAE and Saudi Arabia, it will greatly harm our relations in India with Egypt”.

   Hence, China, along with its Russian ally, realized how dangerous the establishment of this Indian corridor was to their international interests, especially economic ones, and the interests of their Egyptian ally in the Suez Canal. Therefore, the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation was in the interest of both countries and then also in the interest of Egypt and all the countries of the region, to frighten the entire world from approaching or establishing any large international economic, waterway, or maritime projects of this size in the Israeli occupation state, for fear of factors of political and military and the strategist instability in Tel Aviv. Therefore, all the intelligence and security circles in China and Russia are now awaiting step by step the extent of the developments and success of the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation in creating a state of instability for Israel, and thus nullifying its dangerous project parallel to the Egyptian Suez Canal and the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, through this “Indian Corridor.”  Which destroyed the hopes of its alleged establishment, due to the political, security, regional and international instability that the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation left behind for Israel, which both Beijing and Moscow succeeded in taking full advantage of.

   Hence, we can confirm, frankly, and understand the reasons for this silent Chinese-Russian support for what the Hamas movement did by starting the Operation of “Al-Aqsa Flood” in the face of the Israeli occupation army to attack, restrict, and limit its interests. China and Russia responded to all American, Israeli, and Western draft resolutions in the UN Security Council and the United Nations to classify Hamas as a terrorist organization, after the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation and the Gaza war completely succeeded in obstructing Israel’s efforts to become a global center for international trade, especially after this remarkable Israeli activity in recent years to establish land corridors and railway networks, to pave the way for economic peace from Tel Aviv’s point of view.  Aviv, and to pave the way for Israel to become a commercial center for Europe with West Asia in the face of the interests of Egypt, China, and Russia.

   Therefore, both China and Russia joined together to obstruct and nullify this Israeli dream in confronting them and their Egyptian ally, by rejecting the American, Israeli and Western international claim to classify Hamas as a terrorist organization, and considering it as an axis of legitimate Palestinian resistance, realizing that the Hamas movement has actually succeeded in fully achieving their interests in weakening the Israeli side, along with the American side, economically, security-wise, politically, militarily and geopolitically, and even from all aspects, which ultimately resulted in (nullifying the Israeli dream of passing and establishing Ben Gurion Port on the ruins of the Palestinian Gaza Port and the Egyptian Suez Canal, and thus passing and establishing this Indo-European corridor that will pass through and via Israel).

  We find here that the primary goal of Russian and Chinese diplomacy is to weaken the Western world order led by Washington, while supporting and endorsing the vision that deems it necessary to create an alternative world order instead of the current existing order led by the United States of America and its unjust policies around the world, which is the project that it shares with it. In particular, its Iranian and North Korean allies and all countries of the region in the Middle East. Hence, since the beginning of the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation, Russia and China stood with the Palestinians in their statements, and together they considered what happened on October 7 to be an inevitable result of the policies of the Israeli governments, specifically the extremist government of “Benjamin Netanyahu” against the Palestinians.  China and Russia were subjected to Western criticism for not explicitly condemning Hamas and not mentioning it by name in their statements, while their criticism of Israel was clear.  The Chinese and Russian Foreign Ministries also stated that what Israel is doing exceeds the limits of self-defense, and its leaders must stop imposing collective punishment on the residents of Gaza. Chinese President “Xi Jinping” also has a major goal, which is to achieve his vision of China as the leader of the South, which consists of all developing, African, Asian, Arab and Islamic countries, which allows him to establish a new international order in favor of China’s interests in the face of Washington and its Western allies.

 The Chinese presence, especially in the Middle East, has become essential for it politically, economically, intelligence, and primarily strategically, because Beijing seeks to employ its critical political stance against Israel, to strengthen its Belt and Road Initiative, at the expense of the Indo-European-Israeli-American economic corridor, which originates from India and passes through Israel, which is what  It is considered a complete American bias towards the government of “Benjamin Netanyahu”, whose latest concern is the issue of peace and normalization in the Middle East, which is the basis from which the joint Indo-Israeli corridor initiative, sponsored by America, in the face of China is launched.  The greatest fear for Beijing is the success of the United States of America, through its Israeli ally, in passing the Indian Corridor project through Tel Aviv, and establishing the “Ben Gurion Port” on the ruins of the Gaza Port after expelling its residents from it, which is what China is trying to prevent in various ways and means, by striking  All these new American alliances are confronting it, whether military, economic or developmental, and they are those that Washington is convening to contain and restrict the influence and expansion of China, the most important of which comes in the Middle East, represented by the “Indo-Middle East-European Corridor Project via Israel”, which serves as the nucleus of larger projects under the American sponsorship, it aims to find alternative roads and projects and projects away from the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative projects.

  Therefore, what is happening in Gaza at the present time, after the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation, and with the expectation that the war will last, is causing the European, Middle Eastern and Indian parties to lose confidence in the possibility of these projects being successful, or of being carried out primarily through Israel, given its unstable security and military situation, which is  Which is primarily in the interest of China and its Russian ally, of course. Therefore, from my point of view, the primary and pivotal goal now for China and its Russian ally is to disrupt and even cancel all of these American projects, which aim to make India versus China within the framework of geo-economic competition, which is led by the United States of America in confronting the projects of the Chinese.

 Here, both China and Russia tried to take advantage of their relationship with the axis of resistance or resistance, which is resistant to the policies of the Israeli occupation and American hegemony in the region, led by Iran, to strike this Israeli dream of (establishing Ben Gurion Port and the Indo-European Corridor, which will pass through Israel as alternatives to the Egyptian Suez Canal and the Belt and Road Initiative).  Chinese). This led to the fear of the United States of America, after the outbreak of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, of the entry of armed regional parties and militias to confront Israel. Therefore, the American military presence came as an attempt to restrain the forces supporting the Gaza Strip, i.e. what is known as the resistance camp, which includes both (Iran and Hezbollah at Lebanon, the Yemeni Ansar Allah, and the Iraqi Islamic Resistance). We find that despite the movement of these American forces, the Palestinian resistance is still able to confront the Israeli occupation, and there were more than 70 attacks by resistance parties against American and Israeli bases.

  The Russian challenge to Washington and Israel also reached its maximum extent, through Moscow’s reception of a delegation of Hamas leaders who visited Moscow after the start of Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood” on October 26, 2023, during which they met with “Mikhail Bogdanov”, Russian President Putin’s advisor for the Middle East.  This was described by the Israeli and American sides as a shocking event and a painful visit for her, and she was condemned by them.  On the other hand, after the Gaza War, there was a consistent media policy through the Russian and Chinese media outlets, which began broadcasting reports that reflected their support for the Palestinians and showed the suffering of the people of the Gaza Strip and the targeting of civilians, in contrast to the propaganda provided by the Western media, which explicitly supports the Israeli occupation and violates human rights.  Accordingly, Russia and China benefited from the Gaza war to strengthen their influence in the Middle East. Russia also considered that the war launched by Israel on Gaza as an opportunity to direct the military support of the United States of America and the West from Ukraine to Israel, which diverts attention away from it. It also benefited from  China also presents itself to the countries of the Middle East and the Arab and Islamic countries as peacemakers in exchange for the failure of the United States of America and its allies in the West to achieve this, with their blatant support for Israel, which is what Beijing has greatly succeeded in in the context of its intense competition with the United States of America. Accordingly, China and Russia, through the Gaza war, present an image of the failure of the United States of America in its unjust international system, and the policy of bullying practiced by Israel on the countries of the region, which presents China as an alternative and supportive force for the countries of the South and the developing world.

Dr.Nadia Helmy
Dr.Nadia Helmy
Associate Professor of Political Science, Faculty of Politics and Economics / Beni Suef University- Egypt. An Expert in Chinese Politics, Sino-Israeli relationships, and Asian affairs- Visiting Senior Researcher at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES)/ Lund University, Sweden- Director of the South and East Asia Studies Unit