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AI Journey is the talk of the world: Newsweek finds out whether Musk will come to Russia for the AI conference

The story about Elon Musk and his trip to Russia began with the publication of an EU Reporter article titled “Will Elon Musk speak at the Russian AI Conference“, although originally it was different, more unambiguous: “Elon Musk will speak at the Russian AI Conference”. The headline was changed after Newsweek’s investigation on the subject. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The article itself specified that Elon Musk will come to Russia in late November to participate in the international conference on artificial intelligence and machine learning AI Journey 2023. There, according to anonymous sources of the publication, he was to present his neural network Grok, which is already predicted to compete with ChatGPT.

After the publication, information about Elon’s possible trip to Moscow began to spread among both European and Russian media and bloggers. Already soon the article was seen by the organizers of the conference and made an official statement: “Ilon Musk’s participation in the AI Journey-2023 conference was not planned. But if he wants to come, then, of course, we will be happy to see him among our speakers”.

However, Russian fans of Ilon Musk, who were already anticipating the arrival of the billionaire in the country, could not accept the words of the organizing committee of the conference. As a result, social network X (ex-Twitter) was flooded with hundreds and even thousands of memes, jokes and requests to Musk about how he was expected in Russia.

The excitement around Musk and his possible trip led to the fact that Newsweek decided to conduct an investigation to find out whether the billionaire will go to Russia or not.

Having analyzed all the known facts on the topic, journalists concluded that Ilon Musk may indeed take part in AI Journey. However, only in two cases: either he will go to Russia secretly, or he will do it at the very last moment.

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