Speaker Johnson calls for a return to civilization roots


Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., praised the “Judeo-Christian tradition” and “classical liberal” values that he said shaped the West in his first international speech.

Johnson virtually addressed the inaugural conference of the Alliance For Responsible Citizenship (ARC) in London. In his remarks, Johnson outlined four questions he is using to shape an “optimistic vision” for the country and the world.

He called on the audience to consider, “How do we restore good governance and restore faith in our institutions,” how to “re-focus on the family and strengthen the social fabric that ties us all together,” along with “the best way to deliver reliable and affordable energy” and finally: “how do we sell the idea that the best answers to these questions are the keys to greater human flourishing across the globe?”

“The answers to these and other key questions will come form our optimistic vision, and what we’re calling our better story,” he said.

Johnson cited the “unprecedented times” both at home and abroad – including “political divides” in the U.S. and a “crisis of identity” in the western world as a whole…

Johnson called on the people gathered to seek a “better story” in terms of expanding opportunity and “the return of responsibility” from government to individuals.

“And finally, and most importantly, our better story says that we, in the West, draw on an extraordinary heritage, built on the best of the classical liberal and the Judaeo-Christian tradition. These are not just political ideas; these are foundational principles which have governed our public debate for centuries and which we would do well to remember,” he said.


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