Egyptian President Sisi and the high-level moves on the Palestinian-Israeli issue

It’s so important for us to highly understanding the internal views of the current Egyptian high-level on the Palestinian-Israeli issue. As The Egyptian state and its high-level figures are sponsoring a number of important Palestinian files, most notably reconciliation, the prisoner exchange file, and mediation to maintain the calm in the Gaza Strip. Egypt is keen to move to achieve the Palestinian good, away from the eyes of the media, out of the Egyptian state’s keenness to ensure the success of any moves related to the Palestinian file, away from gambling or one-upmanship. The legitimate rights of the Palestinians, which prompts the brothers to affirm their adherence to the Egyptian role in any of the files related to the rights of the Palestinians.

  The Egyptian leadership is working diligently and significantly in cooperation with regional and international powers to defend the rights of the Palestinian people, stressing the importance of activating the peace process in the Middle East between the Israeli and Palestinian sides, and emphasizing the principle of the two-state solution so that the region enjoys peace and stability away from harsh military options.

  The Egyptian role in supporting the Palestinian cause has been drawn up over the past decades, whether Egypt provided about 100,000 martyrs, through the Egyptian role in supporting the Palestinians and the Palestine Liberation Organization as the legitimate representative of the Palestinians over several years, in addition to the important Egyptian role in supporting the negotiations that the Palestinians entered into in regional and international forums, in addition to coordination. The joint Egyptian-Palestinian dispute that has been ongoing for decades on a number of points related to the legitimate rights of Palestinians.

   Following the events of 2011, the Palestinian issue was no longer a priority after the state of security and institutional chaos in some Arab countries, which prompted them to focus on their internal crises and focus on strengthening their institutions, which led to a decline in interest in the Palestinian issue, which has suffered during the last decade and a decline in regional and international interest in it. Cairo is working  In cooperation with regional and international partners to restore momentum to the Palestinian issue and focus on it as the central issue of the Arab countries.

   Despite the challenges faced by the Arab countries in 2011, Egypt succeeded in pushing the Palestinian parties to sign the reconciliation agreement, which paves the way for the return of unity to the Palestinians, in addition to hosting hundreds of meetings to unite the ranks of the Palestinians and provide them with the necessary advice to support the Palestinian national project. The ultimate goal in these Egyptian movements remains  It is to unite the Palestinians around a unified program and a common vision that enables them to extract their legitimate rights.

  The efforts of the Egyptian state during the year 2021 succeeded in stopping the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, and President “Abdel Fattah El-Sisi” announced an initiative estimated at $500 million, to contribute to the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip through Egyptian companies that will finish the projects within a few months.

The Egyptian state continues its efforts aimed at supporting the Palestinian brothers, including by continuing to work diligently towards unifying the Palestinian ranks and pushing them towards consensus on a unified national vision, in addition to other issues, most notably the calm, stopping the escalation in the Gaza Strip, and the reconstruction of the Strip.

  On several occasions, Egypt affirms through the political leadership the Egyptian state’s support for the aspirations of the Palestinian people towards establishing an independent Palestinian state on the borders of June 4, 1967, in accordance with the decisions of international legitimacy. In addition to continuing contacts with various regional and international parties concerned, in an effort to create the appropriate climate to revive the course of negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli sides as soon as possible.

  On the political and diplomatic level, Egypt has intensified its efforts and contacts with all regional and international parties to establish a complete ceasefire in Gaza, and to build on that by activating negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, and pushing towards launching a political initiative that will help bring the viewpoints closer between the two sides, to prepare the ground for conducting elections, and Egypt mobilized regional and international efforts to achieve an immediate humanitarian response in the occupied Palestinian territories, and the necessity of maintaining the status quo of the holy places in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

 President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s participation in the activities of the high-level “Jerusalem” Conference in February 2023, which was held at the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo, comes as an affirmation of the historical Egyptian role in supporting the rights of the Palestinians. The President  “El-Sisi” affirmed in his speech that Jerusalem has throughout history been a symbol of the steadfastness that the name of today’s conference bears, and that it is unfortunate that this “resilience” has become the fate of this city, as it suffered in the past, and is still suffering in the present.

  The joint Egyptian-Gulf agreement also came through President “El-Sisi” to enhance consultation on Palestine. Given the importance of the Egyptian role in resolving the Palestinian issue, a number of leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, since the escalation of the situation in the Palestinian territories, have conducted extensive contacts with the Egyptian leadership, and the President discussed “Abdel Fattah El-Sisi” held telephone discussions with the Saudi Crown Prince “Mohammed bin Salman”, the Emir of Qatar “Tamim bin Hamad”, the President of the Emirates “Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan”, and the Sultan of Oman “Haitham bin Tariq”, during the period from (7-11 October, 2023). The importance of reducing escalation, achieving calm, stopping military confrontations in order to spare bloodshed and protect civilians, and pushing strongly towards achieving just peace in the region. President “El-Sisi” agreed with the Gulf leaders to enhance coordination and consultation during the coming period to emphasize the importance of the Arab vision on the Palestinian issue.

   Hence, we understand the role of the Egyptian political leadership of President “El-Sisi” in establishing the foundations of sustainable security and stability in the region with regard to the Palestinian-Israeli file, which requires reaching a just solution and a comprehensive settlement of the Palestinian issue on the basis of the two-state solution in accordance with the relevant references of international legitimacy.

Dr.Nadia Helmy
Dr.Nadia Helmy
Associate Professor of Political Science, Faculty of Politics and Economics / Beni Suef University- Egypt. An Expert in Chinese Politics, Sino-Israeli relationships, and Asian affairs- Visiting Senior Researcher at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES)/ Lund University, Sweden- Director of the South and East Asia Studies Unit