The Agency Of Intelligence

When it comes down to it intelligence is all in your mind. It’s the blueprint of your childhood, the books that you have read, the places that you have traveled to, the music that you have listened to, your responsibilities, your accountability, who influences you, the markers in your life that you are largely perceptible to, what seduces you at the end of the day that changes or makes a familiar or unfamiliar adjustment in your body language or the self, your knowledge or acknowledgement of conversations around trauma, life experience, religion, will, inner strength, power, instinct, human nature and indoctrination.

We are creatures of primeval self-preservation. Our collective intelligence, our tribal intelligence helps us to preserve and master who we are and to master the skill and the expertise we need to survive. The ego is the master key to influence, self-mastery, our livelihood, behaviour, cognition and to make significant adjustments to our behaviour in the integral matters of our heart, what matters to us on the most basic level fundamentally. The mind can be our most powerful tool. No matter how negative we are and how those feelings and thoughts cloud our judgement it doesn’t change deep down who we are or how smart we think we are. We are products of our circumstance. Resistance is a retaliation against what you can’t control. You can’t control the next person’s ability to think. You can’t predict the outcome of every situation. The outcome, the challenge, the high, the elation, the lowliness, the obstacle, the crowds or the individual is the language we use to transform ourselves.

Aim high and you, your personality and brain shifts into super overdrive, the trajectory of the obsessive achiever. Aim low and you display the traits of mediocrity. Aim low and you’re just average. There are meaningful things in this world. Improve yourself. Read. Don’t stop educating yourself. Stop educating yourself if it harms you someway. Meaning, if it is detrimental to your mental health. Study. Learn all that you can learn. Don’t think about the next person and their accomplishments. Think only of how you can be of service to humanity, think only of humility and as you come into contact with people and their psychological attributes which will then of course speak to their sense of self and how smart they are, are they empathetic or difficult to deal with. Observe. The pain of being a highly intelligent empath is how consistent loneliness is in your life. It’s an unforgiving reality. It’s suffering. It means suffering in turmoil and silence. It is a test. It asks how much are you capable of handling, of giving into, how do you view your competency in the middle of this test, how do you handle the capacity of failure and does it mean you were not as smart as you thought you were if you failed? It can also be viewed as being an assignment that will take you further along the framework of the background and outline of your grassroots education.

Grassroots education begins in the home, your environment, your community and your immediate family. How far beyond the territory of your consciousness can it take you? Can it take you to enlightenment and reason to the extent that you have an advantage over the next person? There are many lessons that it can teach you. For example, it can teach you to be less difficult, less problematic and uncommunicative in your relationships, but sympathetic to others who find themselves in more unfortunate circumstances than you do.

We want to command other people to do the things that we consider to be wise and good, what is the best decision for that particular individual and that includes for the tribe and of course it would also be beneficial to me personally if they did what I wanted them to do. The smarter you are the more capable we are of manipulating the truth, having the capacity to manipulate means we can hurt, hinder ourselves or others without meaning to. Our memories are there to remind us that we have lived in conjuction with terror and happiness, it has helped us along to recognise the flight, fight, adrenaline response within us.

Is the soul an intelligent being or does it just react with direct or indirect perception? Earlier I stated, “observe.” The more we observe the more we learn about other people, conflict, war, seduction, art, power, law, their intentions, our intentions towards others, our intentions to the self. We are on a path and the destination is inevitably the forked road. Our intelligence, intention, life experience decides whether it is the right or the wrong decision. Which path do we take? The road paved with good intentions or the one marked with difficulties that will stretch our imagination and consciousness?

We are only “intelligent” because we are sentient beings who have been taught aunthenticity, what is the difference between making the right choice and the wrong choice. Through the textbook knowledge we have acquired through our education we help others through our own unique understanding of why we are here, why we exist, what is our purpose and what is our calling. We might have a dream, a goal or a vision but individually they will only come to pass and serve humanity because of particular markers in our brain that have been planted there since birth, that we have grown up with and acquired through periods of emotional maturity, insecurity and confidence. Experience is telling. It makes us who we are, but it’s our intelligence that makes out to be an influencer, meaning one who influences others and one that people look up to and admire and respect or fear.

Abigail George
Abigail George
Abigail George is a researcher and historian. Follow her on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram @abigailgeorgepoet.