Ukrainian People Must Begin to Question Their Future


Ukrainians should be livid that their race is being systematically reduced while being used and pushed into the meat grinder.

To illustrate the delusional narratives supporting Ukraine that will eventually see them succumb to Russia’s overwhelming power, we have two diametrically opposing figures on the world stage who have come together to advocate for some convoluted stature of being on the side of goodness and democracy. It is the deep invention of the old war hawk and the elite globalist.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is the warring hawk and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the elitist on the global stage.

While Graham has demonstrated some level of cohesion in past conflicts, he is running amuck by not appreciating the long history of the ethnic tribalism in the region that far outweighs Graham’s moment in time and will continue to exist when he is no longer on the stage.  The war in Ukraine is yet another pivotal moment in a lengthy and tumultuous history that will be added to a long list of regional conflicts that has the global component of NATO-creep with the American-led West injecting itself into the conflict followed by Iran, India, North Korea, and China reciprocating to bolster Russia.

Graham, in a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, described support to Ukraine as the best money we’ve ever spent. He was quite elated to recently share the bottom line on the costs of supporting Ukraine. He said there is zero American service members in combat and zero American service members killed in systematically dismantling Putin’s army. It is a good deal for America. Really? A good deal where tens of thousands of Ukrainians soaking the soil in blood for Graham’s good deal that has zero American skin in the game. Ask Ukrainian mothers if they like the deal.

On December 21, Graham stated Russia’s war against Ukraine will not end unless Putin is taken out. He said, “How does the war end? When Russia breaks and they take out Putin. We are in it to win it”. Graham placed assassination of a country’s leader on the table?  

The Russian ambassador to the U.S., Anatoly Antonov, made it quite clear that Graham’s statement is off the scale. “It is impossible to believe that a senator of a country that promotes its moral values as a ‘guiding star’ for all mankind could afford to call for terrorism as a way to achieve Washington’s goals in the international arena.”

Even Republican members of Graham’s own party raised their concerns. Fellow Senator Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas tweeted, “This is an exceptionally bad idea”. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga. tweeted the world needs leaders with “calm minds & steady wisdom. Not blood thirsty warmongering politicians trying to tweet tough by demanding assassinations.” And Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., tweeted “When has Sen. Graham encouraging regime change ever ended badly?”

While it may be argued that Graham is stalwart in his principles; perhaps to the detriment that every conflict requires his noble opinion on democracy, Trudeau lacks maturity in his attempt to be one of the top guns as an influential world statesman. Aside from his lack of understanding to the historical nature of the conflict which would allow him to add contextual value and solutions from afar, his pious approach has made himself not only irrelevant to his foe but equally among allies that really do not want to be associated with him -he’s playing out of his league.

More humility to act as the traditional Canadian peacemaker may have been a better position to work from. Rather, Trudeau became a follower rather than a leader in reiterating the ‘whatever it takes for as long as it takes’ narrative. What does this mean? Announcing more sanctions every week have not taking hold and it has simply become a mute ‘do nothing’ talking point for domestic consumption. His blacklisting of another slew of Russians is now amounting to scouring the bottom of the barrel for individuals that have little to no impact on the war. He just making new enemies in any future diplomacy. Again, frivolous domestic optics.

Trudeau took it further during Zelensky’s visit to the Canadian Parliament when he manipulated citizens that if Russia was to win, Canadians in their daily lives will see their grocery and energy bills rise, and their future opportunities would be directly impacted. This fearmongering in the attempt to justify his decisions is abhorrent. There is a greater argument that the hundreds of millions of dollars Trudeau is sending to Ukraine is in part driving up inflation where Canadians are struggling with the cost of living. Perhaps cynical, but one can not put it past Trudeau to scapegoat his failures of a faltering economy onto Putin.    

Trudeau smugly champions Zelensky as the standard bearer of democracy. This is far from truthful. Ukraine has suspended the main opposition party and banned parties that opposes the government’s approach to the conflict. Elections have now been suspended. Media outlets and churches are being shutdown. We know that when political parties are banned, then conformity of the press and social media follows, and democracy is suppressed. We have seen this play out last century in Europe.   

Let’s all be honest in as much as we do not agree or support Russia’s invasion into Ukraine, this conflict will eventually lead to the negotiation table as Ukraine’s military continues to be decimated in their much-publicized counteroffensive and NATO’s support slowly sputters. It is no coincidence that Ukraine was provided with ammunition, anti-tank missiles, and armoured vehicles early on; followed by missile defence, hand-me-down tanks, and cluster bombs, and most recently short-range ballistic missiles and F-16s on the way. NATO’s reluctant escalation in weaponry is an indication that military operations are failing and incapable of breaking through the frontlines.

Russia does not lose this war and will sacrifice all to do what it takes. They have demonstrated this drive and disposition to die in the past against a far great enemy in Nazi Germany. The West does not have near this motivation to sacrifice for what once was eastern Ukraine and the Crimea. To be clear, Russia in no Afghanistan, Vietnam, or Iraq. Russia possesses the largest nuclear arsenal in the world.

It is becoming clearer that the exploits of the world’s leaders has brought a train of mischief and great damage as they seek to satisfy their wanton intellect, earthly pretence of advancement, and hold on power. For Ukraine, it has become a perilous generation when the sun and moon have darkened, and the stars no longer shine. Are we really prepared to go as long as it takes to see Ukraine completely destroyed?     

Rich Berdan
Rich Berdan
Rich Berdan is a freelance writer out of Detroit, Michigan. Rich often provides perspectives that are unique and thought provoking.


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