Indonesia’s Presence at ADIPEC 2023: A Key Player in the Global Energy Landscap

Indonesia, a major player in the global oil and gas industry, has once again made its presence felt at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum and Conference (ADIPEC) 2023. Indonesia’s participation in this event is not just routine; it’s a concrete effort to solidify the country’s role in addressing the dynamics of the global energy industry. Taking center stage at ADIPEC 2023, Indonesia has brought together 19 contributors, including representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) and SKK Migas as the regulator. Three of the largest domestic contractor cooperation contractors (KKKS), namely Pertamina Hulu Energi, Medco Energy, and Energi Mega Persada, are part of the delegation. Meanwhile, ten domestic manufacturers ready to compete in the international market have also joined the fray. Their participation in ADIPEC 2023 reflects the success of the National Capacity Program III in 2023, which has catapulted them into contributors at the world’s largest oil and gas exhibition forum.

     ADIPEC serves as a pivotal platform where policymakers, decision-makers, innovators, and energy companies from around the world convene annually. In this year’s edition, Indonesia has strengthened its presence with the Indonesia Pavilion, showcasing several domestic energy companies such as Pertamina Gas Negara, Kilang Pertamina Internasional, Pertamina Internasional Shipping, and Pertamina Patra Niaga. During this event, Dwi Soetjipto, the Head of SKK Migas, took the stage as one of the key speakers at the Strategic Conference with the theme “Gas And LNG: driving energy security and sustainability goals.” Dwi Soetjipto underscored Indonesia’s readiness to support Energy Transition, a critical aspect in confronting the challenges of climate change and energy sustainability. Furthermore, he unveiled the discovery of gas reserves in the Kutai Basin, recognized as one of the three largest exploration findings in the world in 2023. This discovery provides a positive boost to Indonesia’s potential to export energy to the international market.

      The opening of the Indonesia Pavilion at the ADIPEC 2023 Forum was attended by several prominent figures, including Triharyo Soesilo, Special Staff for Accelerating Infrastructure Development and Investment in the Ministry of ESDM, and Nanang Untung, Expert Advisor to the Minister of ESDM for Integration, Coordination, and Oil and Natural Gas Interface. The signing of several international collaborations also took center stage, including agreements between PT. Kilang Pertamina Internasional and the Bank of Kuwait, joint ownership agreements for LPG Carriers between PT. Pertamina Internasional Shipping and BGN International DMCC (Dubai) worth USD 180 million, and a Joint Venture agreement between Fajar Benua Group and Precision Engineering Group (Saudi Arabia) worth US$ 1.8 million. All of these initiatives demonstrate Indonesia’s strong commitment to expanding international cooperation in the energy sector.

     All contributors from Indonesia have scheduled 63 business meetings with renowned international contractors such as Adnoc (UAE), Mubadala (UAE), ENI (Italy), BP (UK), Petronas (Malaysia), and several other major global oil and gas companies. These meetings will explore opportunities for collaboration in the management of oil and gas working areas while promoting domestically-produced products that can be exported. Erwin Suryadi, Vice President (VP) of SKK Migas, explained that the Ministry of ESDM and SKK Migas also presented the introduction of working areas that will be auctioned and are expected to attract major global oil and gas companies. This effort to increase investment is expected to have a positive impact on Indonesian society through increased investment value and multiplier effects.

Indonesia’s presence at ADIPEC 2023 is evidence of the country’s strong commitment to actively participate in the global energy industry. With significant gas reserve discoveries and various cooperation agreements already signed, Indonesia is ready to make a more substantial contribution to ensuring global energy security and achieving sustainability goals in the energy industry.

      In today’s dynamic global energy landscape, Indonesia’s role cannot be underestimated. As a country with abundant energy resources, particularly in the form of oil and natural gas, Indonesia has the potential to significantly impact the global energy market. ADIPEC 2023 provides an ideal platform for Indonesia to showcase its capabilities, forge international partnerships, and contribute to the sustainable future of the energy industry. The presence of Indonesia’s delegation, comprising government officials, industry leaders, and experts, highlights the country’s dedication to fostering collaboration and driving innovation in the energy sector. The 19 contributors participating in ADIPEC 2023 represent a diverse range of stakeholders, including regulatory bodies, major contractors, and manufacturers. This diversity is a testament to Indonesia’s holistic approach to addressing the complex challenges and opportunities in the global energy market.

      One of the key highlights of Indonesia’s presence at ADIPEC 2023 is the Indonesia Pavilion, a dedicated space that showcases the nation’s achievements, capabilities, and potential in the energy sector. This pavilion serves as a focal point for networking, knowledge exchange, and business development. It not only presents Indonesia’s existing strengths but also underscores its commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in the energy sector. In his address at the Strategic Conference, Dwi Soetjipto, the Head of SKK Migas, emphasized Indonesia’s readiness to support Energy Transition, a global imperative aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. This commitment aligns with Indonesia’s broader environmental goals and its role as a responsible global citizen.

      Furthermore, Dwi Soetjipto highlighted a significant milestone in Indonesia’s energy landscape—the discovery of substantial gas reserves in the Kutai Basin. This discovery, recognized as one of the world’s largest exploration findings in 2023, has the potential to reshape Indonesia’s position in the global energy market. It opens up new opportunities for export and strengthens Indonesia’s role as a reliable energy supplier to the international community. The signing of international cooperation agreements during ADIPEC 2023 underscores Indonesia’s determination to expand its global footprint in the energy sector. The memorandum of understanding (MOU) between PT. Kilang Pertamina Internasional and the Bank of Kuwait, as well as the agreements related to LPG carriers and joint ventures, exemplify Indonesia’s willingness to engage with international partners to drive energy sector growth.

      The business meetings between Indonesian contributors and international contractors at ADIPEC 2023 provide a platform for exploring potential collaborations. These meetings facilitate discussions on the management of oil and gas working areas and introduce domestically-produced products that can meet international demand. Such interactions not only strengthen Indonesia’s position in the global energy market but also contribute to economic growth and job creation at home. Erwin Suryadi, Vice President of SKK Migas, emphasized the significance of these meetings as a means to attract major global oil and gas companies to invest in Indonesia. He noted that domestic fiscal terms and licensing processes have been improved, creating a more attractive investment environment. This proactive approach aims to increase investment in Indonesia’s energy sector, which, in turn, will have a positive cascading effect on the broader economy and society. In the broader context of the global energy landscape, Indonesia’s role extends beyond its immediate economic interests. The country’s rich energy resources can contribute to addressing global energy challenges, including the transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy

Khansa Alya Dalilah
Khansa Alya Dalilah
My name is Khansa Alya Dalilah, and I am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in International Relations at the Universitas Islam Indonesia. My academic focus is centered on women and children's empowerment systems and humanitarian issues within the ASEAN context.