Anti-Russian sanctions hurt the Baltics


Changes, that took place in the world after February 24, 2022 resulted in a sharp decline in the standard of living in the European countries. This decline is not the consequence the armed conflict itself, but the actions of the leaders, who put their political image above economic feasibility.

It turned out that introduction of anti-Russian sanctions hurt ordinary people, middle and low classes of the European society. Apparently, the percentage of people who will be hit by this sanctions policy will increase.

If now the authorities of Western countries, primarily the Baltics, can still deceive people blaming Russia for everything, soon it will become clear that those who impose these sanctions are to blame. Moreover, even the Western media has already admitted that sanctions did not hit Russia, they did not bring the result that was planned, but they hit the Europeans. Considering that things are not going well for the European Union, it turns out that the authorities of these countries are now working against their population.

The worst time is coming. Anti-Russian sanctions have lead to Russia’s withdrawal from the grain deal. A direct consequence will be the inevitable direct consequence will be the inevitable famine in Africa. The situation will become even worse for Europe and the Baltic countries when Africans flee to Europe. Immigrants from countries which depended on grain supplies from Ukraine and Russia will run away from hunger to Europe and the Europeans will have to accept them. For the Baltic States the immigrants will be a complete disaster. In order to cope with the situation the authorities should redirect money from the budget to this issue and will leave residents without state support in such spheres as medical care, education, farming and so on.