Global Future of Work: Masters of Robots & Slaves for Robots


Within the next 1000 days: 50% of all work done by humans will be snatched by AI-centric automation; the work completed by AI will be at a fraction of the cost, many times more accurate at 1000 times the speed with 24x7x365 access to such productivity. These numbers are like high-voltage shock treatment to any highly educated, qualified, and long-term diligent, hard-working, gold-watch candidate anywhere in 200 countries. 

Today’s light bulb: Any worker competing with the AI machine will only lose to becoming a slave to an AI robot. Those already preparing not to compete but rather create far superior advanced layers of mental, highly productive, real value creation propositions will defeat the robotization of AI and win the battle by possibly losing on the side of ‘physicality of work’ but winning with brain power with the ‘mentality of performance scale with the creative-resource on productivity and intuitive dynamics of entrepreneurialism; such methodologies will immensely optimize the unlimited but currently untapped human talent, now dormant within free economies of the world. Study how the world advanced so many similar global shifts during the last century, like, when from the darkness we entered into light with a bulb or when horse riders failed to compete with cars.

Understanding the Last Seven Societies:  During the Print Society in 1900, when the printed word was power, literacy was perquisite and only the privileged had access to knowledge. Why is a similar scenario 120 years later occurring today, as futurism demands futuristic literacy? We are forcibly advanced from a social media-centric Click Society to a new Thinking Society, instinctively to save humankind. At every such stage, humanity was scared but slowly advanced. Now the rate of advancement is much faster.

“The Radio Society brought information freely available to the air and music to tap dance on assembly line floors. The ‘voice’ created radio personalities with opinions, and opinion leadership became noticeable. There were five other major societies. TV Society brought live-action dramas and started colorful consumerism. Telecom Society shorthanded distance and created standardization. The Computer Society created miniaturization and a sense of accuracy. The Cyber Society brought the world to the desk and started the diffusion between work and other lifestyles. We just left the Click Society, which brought the world into our pockets and seriously disrupted the traditional work model. “

 Excerpted Source: Naseem Javed, Sunrise, Day One, Year 2000. Published in 1995, Published, IABC Communications World, Dec. 1995, Volume 12 Issue 11, Article, ‘Chronology Charts’

Creating national Grassroots prosperity is as simple as gardening, but when fundamental gardening skills are essential to delivering a blooming garden. Gardeners are very different from excavations or carpenters, and bricklayers. Once prioritized that creating jungles and jungle games are not allowed, grassroots prosperity needs a deeper understanding of what economic seeds, soils, water, sun, and 100 other intricate things are 100% essential to create blossom. Today, across the world’s free economies, the visible economic struggles like out-of-control jungles and applying jungle laws need no further proof but immediate corrective measures, like starting with a quick test right away.

Why do governments fail to create armies of entrepreneurs: but are always successful in creating real armies and real combat soldiers? Simply because soldiers are trained by sleeping in the forests while digging trenches in the rain but not trained by running around in classrooms with water pistols or drawing pictures of tanks. This is why a nationally administered dedicated entrepreneurial mobilization agenda is essential to uplift the nation. Study, The Greatest Global Error of Economic Thinking

New pitfalls for leadership; flooded with waterfalls of data, rainfalls of free technologies, and a global workforce of billions advancing as broken dams of inflation. The globally restless citizenry is now searching for their new identifications and role-play in the nation’s future, yelling for answers. By 2030 the most dramatic national demands of a higher percentage of clearly visible ‘advanced mentality’ amongst the national workforce demanding more balanced occupations and more balanced mindsets to match mandates and titles for a more productive working environment to fit both sides of the economic models; sustainability and grassroots prosperity.

Entrepreneurialization of Nation: Blocks across the world need immediate options: African Union, BRICS, European Commission, Commonwealth, OIC, ASEAN, NAFTA and dozen others… what happens when the national mobilization of SMEs commences.

Allow micro-small-medium enterprises; a tax-free window on the first few million export revenues; this will create local jobs and bring foreign exchange. Allow micro-small-medium enterprises free access to all dormant Intellectual Property. Allow academic Experts and Scientists on innovative technologies and related skills on free voucher pay on success programs. Allow micro-small-medium enterprises free full-time MBA as 12 months interns so graduates can acquire some entrepreneurialism. Allow Million plus qualified entrepreneurs to land within a nation for 5-10 years under a special tax-free visa program. Allow the National Administration of Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism mandated to engage all trade and export bodies.

National Mobilization of SME is Economic Liberation & SME Revolution

Open the floodgates: Imagine if you have 1000 to 10,000 or 1,000,000 SMEs within your country, anxiously waiting to grow. Imagine if 10% to 50% of them were identified as having high potential and digitized to start. Imagine if they increased 10% to 50% in their productivity, performance, and profitability. This mobilization will immediately become any nation’s largest economic development project.

The deployment tools: Declaration of National Mandate plus orientation of 100 gatekeepers takes about ten days. Deployment to identify, classify and digitize 5000 to 100,000 SMEs takes 100 days. National mobilization and up-skilling commence in the following next 100 days. Results of constant uplift and mobilization reflecting in exportability start in 365 days. Study what Expothon Worldwide is tabling on such affairs.

The Cruelty of the Skill Examination & Searching for Mastery: what percentage of economic development teams can articulate such globally hot topics at any local, national or global stage? What percentages of high-value small and medium enterprises are already digitized on a national platform of up-skilling and re-skilling to quadruple their exportability? If yes, how can all this are streamlined? If not, what level of deep immersion is needed for the teams to grasp fully and commence the national mobilization of entrepreneurialism? When is the critical monthly review and update, and when is the annual event to tabulate the progress of the nation’s grand economic development program? Today, economic development expertise without skills and understanding of national mobilization of entrepreneurial protocols is like driving a car without steering.

Open Challenges and Warnings; when SME sectors are the largest economic pillars of any national economy. When the USA, the longest and the largest economy ever acquired its global power based on entrepreneurialism by creating the largest armies of entrepreneurs who deployed the grand SME base of the period, followed by China, the mother lode of SMEs, now advanced technology and manufacturing superpower, now India the earth-shattering entrepreneurial nation and also forthcoming Indonesia, soon with Nigeria and dozen other countries in the waiting. With an assembly of some billion SMEs in work, only governments professionally skilled in the national mobilization of entrepreneurialism may be allowed in the big race. Study, Monstrous Global Trends: 2030

Failure to openly debate, discuss, and engage on the topics of entrepreneurialism with depth and authoritative dialogue, engaging all the proper departments and top teams, trade groups, and local chambers to allow the surfacing of all the hidden challenges and issues will only prove the reason of existing chaos in the jungle. Dreams of grassroots prosperity creations will only fly out the window.

Conclusion: Acquire mastery, learn the art, and deploy the science; lead, follow, or get out of the way, but plan wisely if saving the economy is already on top of the agenda. Become an agent of change, lead an economic revolution, and shine with your mastery of the subject. The rest is easy.

Naseem Javed
Naseem Javed
Naseem Javed, a Canadian born in a printing publishing family of small merchants, settled over two centuries surrounding the Red Fort in Chandni Chowk, Delhi, India. Educated and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, and arrived in Canada fifty years ago. He spent years at the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics and learned how to create and develop global-stature organizations and events. Acquired global experiences, serviced dozens of Fortune 500 companies as a senior advisor over 25 years, and learned how to commercialize, monetize, and popularize complex ideas globally. Later, in 2000, Naseem took a sabbatical when he noticed markets lost the art of value creation and adopted value manipulation when one million dollar turnover factories traded as 100 million dollar operations in stock exchanges. He took all his high-value knowledge and experiences, placed them in a shoe box, and almost free for the world's 100 million Small and Medium Enterprises. He developed The National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism Protocols. The rest is history. Now highlighted as a corporate philosopher, the Chair of Expothon Worldwide, and recognized authority on new economic thinking, where the mobilization of small and medium business entrepreneurialism is tabled as the savior of already struggling economies. Expothon has been sharing weekly information with some 2,000 senior officials at the Cabinet level in around 100 countries for the last 50 to 100 weeks. The narratives are an open challenge to current economic development and offer pragmatic solutions and new thinking on mobilizing the untapped talents of the national citizenry. He is a world-class speaker and author, gaining global attention.


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