The True Tragedy of The Niger Coup Responses in Global Affairs


The mass destruction brewing in Niger and in West Africa as a whole while the Russian-Ukraine conflict threatens to obliterate Europe and as France, UK, and USA stew in their proxy Cold War militarism juices, and China and India struggle with their human rights violations impeding their global super power pursuits, as usual ,it is the common everyday people who will experience the brunt of actual and coming devastation. It is common people who become the victims of the greed of those who sell and buy arms to equip government and paramilitary forces to engage in warmaking not over the lofty goal to protect democracy as we know it and want it.But such imperialistic intrusiveness is to grab what belongs to ordinary Africans at the terribly high costs of ordinary African lives as well as their continued denial of access to their own land , minerals, food,water, traditional and digital technologies, and energy let alone global trade markets and those markets on their own continent. 

It is especially a dire dicey time for continental Africans given the fragility of African institutions due to the conventional intentional Western and growing Eastern design of keeping the continent under their control and thus persistently underdeveloped through classical and neo- colonial designs. As much as there are seemingly countless Africa for and by Africans political, economic, and sociocultural movements on and emerging on the continent, events like the tragically unfolding response to the Niger coup situation on all sides, displays how much such African pride movements pale in comparison to the realities of the chronic fragile conditions of Africans in global affairs.  

What makes it so much worse is that so much of the fragility of African affairs is the result of Africans well internalizing white supremacy norms and values in how they degrade their continent and their national and cultural locations. Either in the comforts of their diasporic homes in the West or East or at home with their western and eastern education and degrees or just their daily consumption of western and eastern consumer culture in how they view the world and themselves, they bad mouth the indigenous cultures which birthed them.

Be it the Asian or European elites and their everyday publics or even ourselves as continental and diasporic Africans who are viewing Africans and their place in the world, the fragility of the continent of Africa affairs is rooted and grounded in presumptions that Africans are inferior human beings or not human at all and thus expendable and disposable. The very gruesome exterminating and exploiting dynamics of historical and contemporaneous colonialism, the bystander and indifferent stances of the East and West and even other African nations while diasporic and even worst continental Africans are devastated by local community, government, and civil society induced violence,genocides, wars, mass starvation, epidemics, state and civil society extensive corruption, and inadequate schooling with at best tossed philanthropic crumbs , makes clear the global presumption that somehow there is something at best inferior about African descendant peoples and at worst we are not even human at all.

Though usually dismissed as the paranoia fears of marginalized and excluded African descendant thought leaders,conspiracy theories about the wish of the dominant all over the world through the ages that one way or another the African descendant population would just disappear, leave, get deported, die out, or get exterminated are always a few steps away from actual true fantasies if not actual tries and successes. Thus those with moral if not spiritual consciousness get nauseated then when we hear about continental and diasporic African peoples being lynched, massacred, being victims of medical experiments and involuntary sterialization , being enslaved , women being raped well before ME TOO,and having their communities burned down or being intentionally flooded with destructive drugs and alcohol.

 It has been this horror of the awareness of the decent, the innocent, and the justice committed of all walks of life which over the generations has been the root causes of human rights movements and spasms of public protests for the sake of continental and diasporic African humanity. They have more or less made noise and have forced in some cases adjustments in laws and policies for some years and decades which usually just drift away in the face of sustained anti-African descendant beliefs.Namely , that we African descendant peoples are not worthy of any sustainable significant meaningful quality of life or confessions, apologies, or reparations for the grotesque wrongs rendered by a colonizing and exploiting world . An otherwise multi polarized world which, in rare consensus, just sees and wants our land, minerals, and cheapened labor and so simply takes and destroys all of us since we Black folks in Africa and elsewhere are presumed to be inferior or not human at all and therefore are not privileged to have the human rights of dignity, integrity, and decent quality of life let alone right to rule of law and national sovereignty not victimized at will by imperialistic intruders. 

Prof. John H. Stanfield II
Prof. John H. Stanfield II
Director ASARPI: The Institute for Advanced Study of African Renaissance Policies Ideas Mauritius and South Africa former University of Mauritius SSR Chair of African Studies


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