The Chinese response to the American “Bernard Lewis” plan to divide Egypt and the new Middle East

When I decided to send a letter addressed to the American intelligence Agency “CIA” from… specifically to: Mrs. Avril Haines, The US National Intelligence Director, Ms. Gina Haspel, the Director of the CIA, Mr. William Burns, the Director of the American Central Intelligence Agency “CIA”, as a response to the e-mail that I have received from them, that is, from the “CIA”, regarding: “the American tactics against China, and the failure of the Chinese strategy to confront it”.

 And for the first time, I will recount for the first time in full to the entire international community what your “CIA” in Washington did in its full confrontation with me, after tracking down a number of terrorists belonging to the banned Muslim Brotherhood group for their attempt to liquidate and assassinate me… as follows:

 Respected officials of the “CIA” in Washington. I received the text of the e-mail sent to me by you, specifically by a person who introduced himself via the e-mail, as a former agent of the “CIA”.  I believe that the timing of the arrival of this e-mail to me is very accurate, given what I wrote, analyzed and published, and it was the subject of a global controversy about your use by the “CIA” of the banned Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and a number of countries in the region to terrorize me and to control the China file after I was expelled from it.

 In fact, there are many unknown people who are trying to reach me from inside and outside Egypt, in addition to the existence of cases of Pakistani citizens who want to come specifically to meet me in Cairo. And I was killed after exposing that relationship between the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group and your intelligence agency in Washington, and the extremist international Brotherhood terrorist organization of the banned Muslim Brotherhood in the state of Pakistan, all of which is proven by evidence as I mentioned and published before.

 In fact, it is not worth it, as a great democracy that you are proud of in Washington – instead of opening a door for dialogue between us – that a number of terrorists be thrown in my path, and the entire international community will be amazed at what I will mention at once in cases of tracking me down with evidence, with numbers and addresses.  Its owners to ask them about their relations with the Americans in confronting me and the Chinese and the Arab and Muslim peoples, such as

Deliberately reserving seats next to me at the train station when I went to my university to and from Cairo and Beni Suef Governorate in Upper Egypt, and deliberately mentioning my name without prior knowledge between us and directing harsh criticism of China and its ruling Communist Party in confronting me… All of this was happening without introducing myself to the person who booked.  A seat next to me on the same train back and forth to and from my university in another governorate.

 Nor did your attempts in Washington stop at this point. Rather, I receive daily – and non-stop for one day – continuous, periodic emails from religious freedom organizations in Washington encouraging me to leave “religious bias” and freedom of civil marriage with non-religious, and others.  Up to here, the matter is indisputable as long as it is in the context of opinion and other opinion.

 But what will astonish the masses and the international community as a whole, is (the implementation mechanism chosen by your intelligence agency in Washington to convince me of what was sent to me via the e-mail sent to me by you)… of intentionally reserving seats for Dutch, Australian or even American Christian youth next to me of Egyptian origin in the same  The train, to ask for my hand in marriage, and the surprise is that he knows all the details of my life and that I am not married yet.

 Yes… I know in advance the astonishment of the whole world at what is happening between you and me, or more accurately at what happened on your part… However, I finally discovered the solution to the mystery, which is that your game with me was well in observing me well, and deliberately booking a ticket right next to me  Whether back or forth to and from the university to try to convince me of your ideas in Washington, whether with regard to adopting ideas that are against and rejecting China and its ruling communist party, or to persuade me through an Egyptian Christian who holds the citizenship of another foreign country to marry him. The most amazing thing is that they all knew my name and my personal information, and even the names of my sisters and all of my colleagues at the university.  Which aroused my astonishment at first, until I became clear, gentlemen, categorically, that the solution to this puzzle lies in (Who will book a train ticket for me?).

 Therefore, it became strange for me, at the beginning of my attempt to understand and discover the matter, that whoever stays next to me on the same train and shares the seat next to me, his daughter is a graduate of the American University in Cairo and works in human rights organizations Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch International for human rights and is married to a Briton, for example.  And he has a complete identification record about me, or is it not strange that unmarried Christian youth deliberately sit next to me asking me to marry and encourage me to adopt the same ideas of “religious freedom and freedom of civil marriage” that were and are still reaching me through your emails sent to me from religious freedom organizations in Washington, and the strangest thing he taught them and mentioned my name to them all without saying it in the first place.

 In order not to accuse me in Washington of mental illness and hallucinations, just as it was agreed with a number of members of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group to do so because no one believed me… I am announcing to you in the Central Intelligence Agency in the United States of America:

(My complete readiness to cooperate with the Egyptian authorities and raise the matter internationally for verification, after giving me data, mobile numbers, addresses, and the workplace of those who were sitting next to me in the next seat on the train, whether they were Egyptians holding nationalities of foreign countries, or former officers opposed to the regime who told me about the imminent disposal of  Those tyrannical and communist regimes and changing them with an American democracy in the near future, or unmarried Christian youth asking to marry me to encourage religious freedoms in Egypt and the conservative Arab and Islamic countries of the region)

 Perhaps the only mistake that you did not pay close attention to in Washington to whom you were choosing carefully to sit next to me on the same train and share the same seat next to me, is (not alerting you to him and preventing him from giving me his mobile number or his real personal data in full to me).  Perhaps this is the real and fundamental mistake for me, to intentionally, after every time I discover that there is an agent of yours who sits next to me and calls me by my name, my information, and the names of my sisters and colleagues with them, claiming to know everything about me and the details of my life and my movements… It is that I deliberately collected as much information as possible about him and from him.  Personally, such as his place of work, residence, mobile number, etc., in order to keep it in order to announce what you have done to me in your intelligence agency in Washington by constantly tracking me and trying to convince me by force of your ideas and what you want or want to convince me of in confronting China and its ruling Communist Party or to encourage civil marriage in Egypt and the conservative Arab and Islamic countries of the region  .

 And I am announcing in front of the Egyptian and Arab public opinion and all the Islamic societies what you have done in confronting me, with the names of the people sent behind me by you, even in previous media meetings and seminars, and all of them are trying to convince me by force of your ideas and what you were and are still sending to me theoretically through your e-mails that have reached me in the hundreds, if not  Thousands to persuade me to give up my ideas towards China and its ruling Communist Party, or to encourage me to leave religious prejudice, freedom of civil marriage, homosexuality, and many other things that are not encouraged by our conservative Arab and Islamic societies, as you know well in Washington.

You have also agreed in the United States of America with a number of members of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group banned in Egypt – and with me also the names and data of its parties – to persuade me by forming groups on the “WhatsApp application” to adopt ideas against China and its ruling Communist Party, and to adopt the alleged new Abrahamic religion  To Israel, and to persuade me to adopt the ideas of the “global citizen” who does not hold the nationality of any country around the world, with the ultimate goal of “totally eliminating any right of refugees in Palestine in the face of the Israelis”… And of course, the ideas of all those sent behind me from your side are still preserved through research and articles  And published analyzes of its owners calling for the application of the concept of humanity and the global citizen through the formation of what is known as the “new kingdom of Atlantis” and which I talked about before and published pictures of your giving me her alleged passport without any clear understanding on my part, except that it is an application of the concept of the global citizen and humanity, just as you sent  Behind me was one of the women’s rights activists without prior knowledge between me and her – and I still keep all her data – to persuade me constantly and by announcing that she is perhaps the official spokesperson for the new Kingdom of Atlantis, to adopt the ideas of that kingdom for the new Atlantis, by which the rights of the Palestinians and the Palestinian people and their refugees will be completely eliminated, by spreading the concept of the citizen  world and humanity through it.  Here I am keeping the names, data and evidence of everyone who participated in this farce against the people of Egypt and Palestine and all the Arab and Muslim peoples.

 I also do not miss mentioning your intelligence agency in Washington, pushing researchers who are agents of your intelligence agency behind me to convince me of the idea (the return of the Knights of Malta and its relationship to the alleged new Abrahamic religion of Israel), and he himself – for those who do not understand and analyze like me – a call for a dream (dividing Egypt into four states according to the plan of “Bernard Lewis”), which is approved by the US Congress in 1983), which stipulates the division of Egypt into four small states, including those (the Christian state in the governorate of Alexandria and the New Valley, the Nubian state in Upper Egypt, the Sunni Muslim state in Cairo and the Delta, and the state of achieving the dream of “Greater Israel” from the Nile  to the Euphrates in the heart of the eastern desert and the Sinai Peninsula).

 Also, the biggest surprise, which will prove that I am in full mental capacity, is that you have paid a female researcher at the “CIA” to write a complete scientific dissertation on the division of Egypt and Nubia in Upper Egypt and the border governorates under the pretext of achieving development for Egypt, and you deliberately connected all these researchers and academics to me, to persuade me to adopt your ideas  and defend it.

 In order to prove before the Egyptian General Intelligence Service and all the Arab and international intelligence agencies combined, that I am with all my mental strength in confronting you, and with complete proofs, I announce to the Egyptian and Arab authorities, the peoples of the region, and world public opinion, the following in confronting you:

  I declare that I keep copies of scientific theses and researches addressed to me, and in the heart of the first home page of it, it is written that: The first and main goal of that American democracy is: stopping the Chinese communist tide around the world.

  I declare that I keep copies of letters from an Egyptian human rights woman who sends me constantly about (the new Kingdom of Atlantis) to propagate the concept of the global citizen and humanity, and thus end the Palestinian cause and the issue of Palestinian refugees, and thus the loss of the rights of individuals and peoples.  This is unimaginable and unacceptable internationally and internationally for the benefit of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian cause, which is in the heart and conscience of every Arab and Muslim, and indeed of every living conscience around the world.

  I declare that I keep a copy of (the certificate of my unknown nationality given and granted to me for the new Kingdom of Atlantis), which calls for the concept of the global citizen and humanity.  This is what I published and wrote about in detail before in facing you.

  I also announce that I have kept copies of scientific and academic letters and dissertations addressed to me by you on: the imminent overthrow and disposal of tyrannical and communist regimes and their change with American democracy… The strangest thing is that a number of its supervising professors have close and well-known relations with the American side without any fabrication on our part

  I also announce that I have kept copies of scientific and academic dissertations and dissertations on (dividing Egypt and its border governorates under the pretext of achieving development there), by researchers and academics directed by intelligence from you.

 I also declare that I have kept copies of all the research, articles, and analyzes that talked about the relationship between “the return of the Knights of Malta, that is, that new Christian state in the governorate of Alexandria and the New Valley” and the alleged new Abrahamic religion of Israel… This is something that is not acceptable internationally and internationally in your confrontation, to encourage you to  The idea of ​​dividing Egypt, and the return of the old dream of Greater Israel to establish its alleged state from the Nile to the Euphrates

  I also announce that I fully retain all the names, data, and proofs of everyone who sat next to me on the same train and shared the next seat with me, with proofs of their holding the nationalities of different foreign countries, especially those Christian youth chosen to convince me of the idea of ​​civil marriage with him, and to encourage it in Egypt and the region.

) He also announced the most important thing, which is my protest against my invitation to the US Embassy party in 2019, to celebrate the anniversary of the revival of the Camp David peace agreement with the late President “Anwar Sadat”.  The banned Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in the Chinese file, by working an intelligence bloc against me based on American orders and directives to expel me from the Chinese file on the pretext of my acceptance of normalization with Israel.  Then, to my surprise, these same paid people bargain with me and exercise extreme bullying against me in order to compel me to defend peace with Israel in the first place. This is internationally unacceptable for you following the conspiracy theory with me in confronting me, to persuade me to adopt your ideas and defend them, even if forcibly.

   Also, in the end, and in a good conclusion… I announce to the entire international community and to the whole world all the names of those involved in this great game against our homelands, and all of them are great and responsible personalities and they have great weight and a great name… I was like everyone else, I thought they were the heart of the homeland and its first defender  Until I was truly horrified and shocked that they were real agents of the “CIA”  in Washington, and they really adopt the same ideas, share them and agree with them, and even more dangerous is that they were and still are practicing extreme bullying against me, to the point of perpetually chasing me and searching for me everywhere, to force me to submit to the Americans,  And to defend the rights of gays and homosexuals, civil marriage, normalization with the Israelis, and the idea of ​​a global citizen and all humanity through the “New Kingdom of Atlantis”.

  What remains most dangerous for me is the defense of the same officials of the “American Bernard Lewis” idea of ​​dividing Egypt and the entire region into several small states on sectarian and sectarian lines, by sending me these same prominent officials with videos about (Egypt being a state created as a basis for occupation).  And trying to convince me of the same idea. It is strange and unprecedented internationally in the face of these officials involved with the Americans.

 Hence, and through my presence on the land of Egypt, I declare, through all the real, complete, and unequivocal evidence that I keep with me in my confrontation with you at the CIA, my complete and categorical rejection of everything that was done by you and against our peoples, our armies, our Arab and Islamic region, and our homelands. And I declare that I stand next to my honorable peoples and the people of dear Palestine in order to preserve and defend their capabilities and homelands, and my support for the rights of our brothers, sisters and family in beloved Palestine, by defending (the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their lands and homelands one day), and nullifying the concept of the global state and global citizen that you are promoting in Washington through the so-called “imaginary kingdom of Atlantis” that you are constantly chasing me with. Here, I believe that my message has reached you and everyone.

Dr.Nadia Helmy
Dr.Nadia Helmy
Associate Professor of Political Science, Faculty of Politics and Economics / Beni Suef University- Egypt. An Expert in Chinese Politics, Sino-Israeli relationships, and Asian affairs- Visiting Senior Researcher at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES)/ Lund University, Sweden- Director of the South and East Asia Studies Unit