Top Tips for Choosing Your Energy Supplier


Changing from one energy supplier to another might seem like a mission, but it’s quite easy when you are well-informed.

If this is something you have been considering, then have a look at the top suppliers on this website to find your new energy supplier.

Before we get into how easy it is to make an energy supplier switch, let’s discuss what you need to consider when choosing an energy supplier.

What Do You Need to Look for When Choosing an Energy Supplier

When looking for an energy supplier, it has to have better services and options than the one you are making a switch from, aside from saving you money.

Here are some key features you can consider when choosing your new energy supplier.

Great Customer Service

Peeking into their customer service can help you find an energy supplier that will be readily available to you at all times should you have an emergency.

There’s nothing worse than being stuck without electricity and unable to get any assistance from your energy supplier.

Great customer service will also make the transition from one energy supplier to another much easier.

Online Services

An energy supplier with online services available to their customers will make using their services a breeze.

Having access to your bills, account information and being able to pay for the service via an app will be a great convenience to you.

Green Energy

With the need to be energy efficient and looking for sustainable energy resources, an energy supply company that uses green energy should be at the top of your search list.

Solar, wind, and renewable energy suppliers will be the future to preserve resources and use natural energy sources to produce large volumes of energy without depleting them.

Switching to green energy will make your home or business more energy-efficient, reduce your carbon footprint and release less toxic gases into the environment.

Single or dual fuel

Another consideration is whether your chosen supplier offers single or dual fuel. This means selling both energy and gas or just one.

Take this into account when you are looking to find a supplier. If you are using gas and energy, having one supplier will make more sense than having two different accounts from different energy suppliers.

A dual package can result in a discounted offer because you request multiple services. However, finding much cheaper gas prices elsewhere than two different energy suppliers wouldn’t hurt as long as it saves money.

Rewards and loyalty schemes

Finding an energy supplier that offers rewards or loyalty programmes can be a benefit if it helps get you a discount on your bill or even a free energy supply.

If you want value for money with a little extra on the side, finding an energy supplier that offers these perks will be a great advantage.

Variable and fixed tariffs

Depending on how you would like to be charged for your energy usage, variable vs fixed tariffs are important when choosing your energy supplier.

Some energy suppliers only offer one or the other, while some offer both, giving the customer a choice. Find what works best for your type of business, budget or home before agreeing to a tariff.


How much you spend on energy will be based on the energy you use and the tariff you are under.

Variable tariff means that you are paying for the price at which the supplier charges per unit of gas and energy, and this can change due to fluctuations in the market and inflation, whereas fixed tariffs is an agreed rate set to be paid per unit of energy and gas based on the amount you use each month.

How to Easily Switch to Your New Energy Supplier

For whatever reason, you need to make the switch. Your old energy supplier is going out of business, they are too expensive, or you are moving to another area.

Here are some tips that you can use to make the switch quick and easy.

  • Know your energy meters.

Before you switch to a new energy supplier, you need to know all the important information about your current energy source, the tariff you are on, and your payment plan.

  • Choose the right energy tariff.

Make sure to choose the right energy tariff that you want to switch to. Fixed tariffs are for 12-18 months, whereas variable tariffs can charge according to the energy prices in the current market.

You also need to decide if you want a dual or single tariff. A dual tariff means getting both gas and energy supply from one energy supplier, and a single tariff means only one. 

If you want to make a switch to a renewable energy supplier, then make sure to check the company has a badge to show its green initiatives.

  • Check customer reviews.

Checking for customer reviews will help when deciding on a new energy supplier.

You can check to see how their customer service is, how efficient their services are if anyone has had any problems with them before, and how the issue was handled.

  • Avoid exit fees.

If your fixed contract hasn’t expired and you want to make a switch to a new energy supplier, you will be liable to an exit fee.

However, exit fees are waived 49 days before your contract ends. This is ideal if you are willing to wait until your contract ends to make the switch to avoid paying the exit fee.

  • Set up a direct debit.

There are discounts added to direct payments. This is an easier payment option and will avoid any costs incurred with late payments.

  • Consider small energy suppliers.

Although big names exist in the energy supplier business, a small company can offer the same great service with great customer reviews and could even be cheaper.

Don’t be in a hurry to dismiss a small energy supplier.

  • Save time switching to a new energy supplier.

To save time on switching to a new energy supplier, ensure you have all the important and necessary information when contacting the new energy supplier. 


With online energy comparison websites, switching to an energy supplier with a few simple steps has become quick and easy.

Simply find the new energy supplier online, gather all the necessary information about your current energy supply, fill in your information and wait for a callback.

Using the above-mentioned tips can help you consider the best energy supplier for your business or home.

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