China’s plan to curb the influence of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the region

After a careful follow-up by the Chinese side of the Brotherhood’s terrorist infiltration into the Chinese file academically and economically, and with the full awareness of the political leadership in Beijing of the non-peacefulness of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group in confronting it, given the Brotherhood’s anti-China agenda in favor of the United States of America and its Central Intelligence Agency in Washington, as well as this growing Chinese concern about this spread and rapid Brotherhood movement in Eastern European countries, specifically in “Bosnia and Herzegovina” and the countries of Central Asia and others – and I will single out This is why they have a separate private space – and that is after they fled Egypt after the success of the June 30, 2013 revolution and the coming of President El-Sisi to power.  Therefore, the (Chinese Ministry of State Security), which is considered as the Chinese state intelligence apparatus, monitored all of these banned Brotherhood movements in the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia mainly, given the existence of prohibited Brotherhood entanglements with the “separatist East Turkestan Movement” in the Chinese region of Xinjiang, which the Chinese authorities criminalize as a banned terrorist movement like the terrorist Brotherhood in Egypt.  It was also the role of the Chinese Ambassador in Cairo, Mr. Ambassador, Liao Liqiang, to write articles periodically in widely circulated Egyptian newspapers, which the Chinese authorities, its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the ruling Communist Party in Beijing considered as highly effective channels for disseminating all the facts that China would like to clarify and spread among Egyptian and Arab public opinion, to consolidate a positive public opinion towards China and against the United States of America and the West in general, after the CIA and Western intelligence services used terrorists from the Muslim Brotherhood to limit China’s influence and spread the chaos and turmoil around it in every direction by launching malicious rumors about it with the aim of distorting and undermining its image in favor of a hostile Western and American agenda.

 China also monitored, through the (Chinese Ministry of State Security), all these Brotherhood movements and alliances on the land of Egypt and the region to exclude a number of loyalists to Beijing and its ruling Communist Party, and to use the well-known “Brotherhood mobilization policy” to restrict China’s influence in Egypt in particular. The banned terrorist Brotherhood activity has increased in all Chinese cultural centers, thought and research centers, websites and magazines specialized in Chinese affairs, with the increase in the membership of the banned Brotherhood members in all friendship associations for China in Egypt and all countries of the region, in addition to the increasing terrorist Brotherhood penetration into the Chinese media through followers belonging to the banned terrorist Brotherhood group, and their penetration among Muslim Uyghur students from the Chinese Xinjiang region at Al-Azhar Al-Sharif to try to attract them. recruit them to adopt a hostile agenda, The terrorist Brotherhood presence has also increased massively in all Chinese restaurants in Cairo, coinciding with the intensification of American and Western intelligence efforts to push members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood to participate in all events, story and singing competitions, and Chinese friendship associations with Egypt and the countries of the region and intensify the Brotherhood’s presence there, and even push them to participate in competitions writing articles and research on the ruling Communist Party in China, with the aim of ensuring American intelligence control through members of the terrorist Brotherhood over all the interests and activities of China and directing propaganda Counter in the face of Beijing and its friends by spreading rumors about them to expel them, as they did to me specifically. This is what greatly disturbed the Chinese, given that they were all directed by US intelligence in the face of China and its ruling Communist Party.

   In addition to what the Chinese noticed about the policy of the “Brotherhood Mobilization” to intimidate everyone who approaches the Chinese file, even if he is a peaceful academic and researcher, as long as he does not belong to the banned Brotherhood, as is precisely the case in my confrontation, with the gathering of all members of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood and calling me that I belong to them, and spreading the policy of chaos and turmoil around China’s friends everywhere around the world – and Egypt is on top of them in view of its extreme importance to the Chinese – as a culmination He curses and insults them, or directs a policy of mobilization to exclude them from the file of China and its activities after terrorizing and intimidating them… Since I am the (ideal case) to which all these conditions apply to practice the highest levels of terrorism and intimidation policy in my confrontation.  In addition to that, which is the most important thing, I have raised my complaint to the highest levels in the Chinese state in the face of the terrorists of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the region, for their practice of terrorism policy against me throughout the region by completely preventing me from publishing about Chinese affairs in sites specialized mainly in Chinese affairs, in addition to the policy of crowding, bullying, intimidation and intimidation that I was constantly subjected to by the terrorist Brotherhood, even in the heart of the streets, by constantly monitoring my house, my place of residence, my work, and my appointments, and then pushing a number of members of the terrorist Brotherhood organization intimidated me, insulted me, insulted me in the streets, and accused me of “takfirism and expiatory” for my friendship with communist China and the communists in Beijing, which is unusual and unprecedented internationally, and indicates the improper organization of the terrorist Brotherhood in confronting those who disagree with them, even if the communists are as long as they are peaceful in their confrontation, which accurately highlights the violence and bloodyness of the banned Brotherhood.

  The matter did not stop at this point, but rather went beyond it to practice media bullying against me, by following a policy of electronic Brotherhood mobilization against me when I spoke about China’s point of view in any matter pertaining to it, and the matter reached its blatant extent by claiming that the same members of the terrorist Brotherhood – whom China knows one by one despite their claims to the contrary – that I belong to them and spread chaos, turmoil, bullying and even violence around me. The American intelligence Agency “CIA” also developed a systematic, well-thought-out plan with the banned Brotherhood to control the field of (scholarships to China) through a number of researchers and academics from the Muslim Brotherhood, in order to ensure American control through them over the China file, and the same thing applies literally, accurately and completely, on the Russian side.  In the midst of intense monitoring by the Chinese authorities and their Russian counterparts of all Brotherhood movements on their lands, and the most dangerous thing is monitoring the networks and movements of students belonging to the terrorist Brotherhood and following up all their movements with extreme precision so as not to cause internal disturbances.

 For this, China has put in place an elaborate plan to control the movements of the banned terrorist Brotherhood group in the face of its interests in Egypt and the region, such as: monitoring the activity of its Muslim students in (Al-Azhar Al-Sharif) due to the presence of Brotherhood and American infiltrations through them inside them, monitoring the activities of Chinese restaurants after it became known to the Chinese state that they target members of the terrorist Brotherhood to establish relations with Chinese businessmen and investors who frequent it, and of course all the names that attend all Chinese activities and events in Cairo were monitored, in view of, as I mentioned, the intensification of (the mobilization policy of the banned Muslim Brotherhood) in the face of China, mobilizing themselves perhaps by hundreds in any Chinese activities, and deliberately directing harsh criticism – agreed upon by the Brotherhood and therefore the Americans – in the face of China and its ruling communist party and their treatment of Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang region, and directing harsh criticism of everything related to China and its policies towards Egypt and the Renaissance Dam and others, forgetting or ignoring the role of the United States of America and Israel to support Ethiopia in building the Renaissance Dam project – as the biggest water challenge in Egypt’s modern history – with the aim of bringing it under their control.

 This was the real beginning for China to learn about all these terrorist facts and activities of the terrorist Brotherhood organization in its confrontation on the land of Egypt and the region extending towards all countries of the Islamic world such as Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Turkey, and all countries of the Islamic world as a whole, with the assistance, support and direct supervision of the “CIA” to direct these Brotherhood elements in full.

  Since I am an intelligence analyst with full knowledge and experience of all aspects, games and tactics of the “CIA” and all Western intelligence agencies in confronting China, my first task after the end of the first phase of the game of observation, monitoring and analysis was to find out how to act in the face of this situation and that American intelligence chaos in the face of China using our countries.

 Hence, the systematic plan of China towards dealing with the terrorist Brotherhood in confronting it came (taking a decision not to clash with the terrorist Brotherhood despite its knowledge of them as an individual, essentially, whether in the Chinese academic and investment file as a whole after their follow -up), while expanding the scope of Chinese monitoring and its extensions in their confrontation, especially those who are on Chinese land The Chinese region of Xinjiang and the Uighur Muslims. The Chinese activity also extended to curtailing and restricting everyone who approaches its centers and activities to ensure that members of the banned Brotherhood do not control all of China’s activities, by making (selected Chinese invitations among certain groups chosen by the Chinese themselves with great care, away from all those activities open to the public).  In addition to following a new Chinese policy to attract young and emerging Egyptian leaders and cadres in all Chinese fields and interests, on several axes, beginning with the implementation of a wide range of (training and qualifying programs for governmental and executive leaders in Egypt and the countries of the region), represented in the role of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, by organizing nearly 55 virtual training programs to build capacities in areas such as: health, technical education, e-commerce, agriculture, modern irrigation technology, city planning and green transformation, as well as China’s development of special programs to monitor applicants for Masters and PhDs programs in Chinese universities and educational institutions, and the implementation of more than 1,100 training programs in cooperation with China, benefiting more than 4,000 government officials in Egypt alone.

 China also decided to limit the influence of the terrorist Brotherhood and their attempt to control the Chinese file, by building a wide network of relations with Egyptian political parties, with the help of the Chinese embassy in Cairo, and holding meetings and events with Egyptian parties periodically to enhance cooperation between them and the Chinese Communist Party in a narrow personal way, away from the terrorist Brotherhood’s interventions in the Chinese file and its network of relations with Egypt and the countries of the region through the methods and tactics of China’s soft power, and it is remarkable that these meetings between China and political parties in Egypt, for example, are no longer limited to parties Socialism or leftism, but rather extended to include China’s relations with almost all political spectrums, and here (the Department of External Relations of the Communist Party of China) began to play a major role in communicating with all Egyptian political parties and actors, organizing meetings and events with Egyptian politicians and allowing them to meet with their Chinese counterparts.

  Thus, by following the aforementioned Chinese tactics, China succeeded in restricting and confronting this terrorist Brotherhood infiltration within it.  I am confident, after all the governments and authorities of the region and Egypt understand how the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist infiltration into the Chinese file and its intelligence guidance by the United States of America, that everyone will take the initiative to intervene in order to make room for healthy competition between the great powers, and not and to prevent the use of our lands to settle scores and revenge operations between great powers, with a move from Washington mainly in the face of the rise of China and to obstruct the Egyptian dream and our dream and the dream of all of the new future generations of turning towards the era of multipolarity away from the politics of hegemony and American unilateralism. I am confident and certain that my message today will reach all decision-makers in Egypt, the region and every region around the world. 

Dr.Nadia Helmy
Dr.Nadia Helmy
Associate Professor of Political Science, Faculty of Politics and Economics / Beni Suef University- Egypt. An Expert in Chinese Politics, Sino-Israeli relationships, and Asian affairs- Visiting Senior Researcher at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES)/ Lund University, Sweden- Director of the South and East Asia Studies Unit