Sisi and the Classification of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization


The classification of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization that is banned internationally and by the United Nations and internationally requires many international proofs to convince international public opinion and the United Nations to place it on the list of international terrorist elements, and now I have many proofs, pictures, documents and documented evidence of the violence and terrorism of the Muslim Brotherhood as an international terrorist organization  It requires taking the necessary international legal measures to criminalize and proscribe it internationally, and through the evidence I have in the face of the international terrorist organization of the banned Brotherhood, I can present my case to the international community and internationally to ban and classify terrorists from the Brotherhood as an internationally prohibited and prohibited organization, as the biggest international scandal that it has achieved. The terrorists from the internationally banned terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group have received serious assurances to us and the official Egyptian side and the Egyptian authorities by (the Israeli Mossad) of the agreement of the terrorists from the banned international terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood in the countries of Pakistan and Egypt to kill me.

  Where I was surprised after I published internationally attempts to track down and kill me by the international terrorist Brotherhood organization in the state of Pakistan, and its terrorists communicated with me to try to kill me, after exposing the crimes of the terrorist Brotherhood group in Egypt, and I published that internationally and in full view of the entire international community on Linkedin for social communication… However, I was surprised by the push of the Israeli Mossad – for the second time actually, after the Mossad’s admission several days ago by its chief researcher, “Shlomo Brom”, of the CIA’s attempt to recruit me to work on the internationally funded (super-genius, pre-emptive intelligence project from the Department of Advanced Intelligence Research Activity affiliated directly under the supervision of the American intelligence Agency “CIA”), by paying the Israeli Mossad, for the second time in its history, to the same chief researcher previously referred to in (the Center for Israeli National Security Studies), which is directly affiliated with the supervision of the Israeli Mossad / Shlomo Brom – INNS

 To ratify and admire what I wrote and published regarding the attempt and agreement of the international organization of the banned terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group to kill and eliminate me completely… as a warning message through which it reaches Egypt that I will be executed and assassinated by the international terrorist organization Brotherhood in Egypt and Pakistan after its crimes were exposed internationally.  Accordingly, I declare the following before the Egyptian official authorities, the Egyptian and Arab public opinion, and the entire international community in the face of the crimes of the banned terrorist group of the Muslim Brotherhood and its clearly visible international terrorist organization, as I declare:

  I communicated with major international newspapers and media outlets to publish and expose the details of the criminality of the terrorist Brotherhood group in confronting me and the honorable people of Egypt, its mighty army and its respected leadership of President “Abdel Fattah El-Sisi”… I announce internationally and loudly the declaration of the Muslim Brotherhood as an international terrorist group.

   I also announce my international communication with the (United Nations) with the help of all international think tanks and researches concerned with the violence and terrorism of extremist and international jihadist groups and the holding of international and international conferences and meetings… for international and international pressure, and based on my case and the violence and terrorism that I was exposed to internationally and in full view of society  The entire international community, moment by moment, by the Muslim Brotherhood… pressing for the declaration of the Muslim Brotherhood as an internationally banned terrorist group internationally and in all countries of the whole world, due to its adoption of the principle of political violence and terrorism in the face of those who disagree with it… and my proven case is a stark and clear example in front of  Egyptian and Arab public opinion and the entire international community

   Here, I announce that, after the permission of the Egyptian official authorities and authorities, I will contact with (the Pakistani embassy and the Pakistani ambassador in Cairo) to track down a number of Pakistani terrorists who communicated with me without any prior knowledge at all on the “WhatsApp” application, in solidarity with their terrorist counterparts from the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

   I ask the Egyptian embassy in Beijing to communicate with the official Chinese side, to ascertain the date of entry of an intelligence man belonging to a Gulf country known for the presence of a number of terrorist Brotherhood organizations in it, specifically to the Chinese capital Beijing in July 2019 to meet me, based on the communication of an Egyptian woman working in one of the anti-Egyptian channels were determined to arrange a meeting with him by making sure and insisting that there was an important person who only wanted to meet me in Beijing when I visited her, and we found in his possession in the Chinese capital, Beijing, as soon as I registered his number after the Egyptian lady presented him, a joint application for social communication between me and him, and it has a picture of the headquarters  The real secret terrorist military organization of the banned terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, and I informed the Chinese authorities immediately, and the Chinese are fully aware of what the terrorists did and their tracking of me, after immediately reporting it to track it.  I attach to your honor once again a picture of the true secret terrorist military organization of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, divided into dozens of military wings, with capabilities comparable and equal to the armies of regular states, in preparation for its use and the commission of international crimes against our peoples, armies, region and homelands.

  Accordingly, and after fully understanding and appreciating the game in the face of the people of Egypt, the region and the entire international community, we believe that the real secret military terrorist organization of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood is located in the state of Pakistan or on its borders with Afghanistan, and we hope for cooperation between the Egyptian, Chinese and Pakistani authorities to track it down and eliminate it to try to use it in confronting all of us to divide our countries into several states to establish the extremist terrorist Islamic caliphate state by members of the terrorist Brotherhood.

   And here I have real and complete evidence of the agreement of the members of the banned terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, to accuse me of (hallucinations, mental illness, and madness) on WhatsApp groups, to divert the accusation from the terrorists belonging to them who plan terrorist operations on the land of Egypt and in the face of the great people of Egypt.  And this is our evidence proven against them, by fabricating fake reports of madness to me by a number of my teachers and colleagues who are traitors to the people of Egypt, its great army and its respected leadership of President “Abdel Fattah El-Sisi”, despite their carrying pictures to support him at the present time. Thus, we understand that all the fake reports that accused me of hallucinations, insanity, and mental illness… are the same reports that have been generously paid for by the international terrorist organization of the banned terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood… as it is now and completely clear to you.

  Therefore, I ask the Egyptian official authorities to track down everyone who participated in writing and fabricating these fabricated and clean reports of my imaginary madness, including psychiatrists, who participated in this inhumane game and farce, in favor of the terrorists in Al Qaeda and Pakistan, through their contacts with me without prior knowledge between us at all, and practicing  Extreme psychological bullying in my confrontation, to force me to submit to the terms of the terrorists… We hope here to punish them for violating the conditions of the profession and that responsibility entrusted to them, and to help spread terrorism and violence on the land of Egypt and among all the peoples of the region, and we hope that the necessary measures will be taken in confronting them, so that they may be an example to all  Professors of psychiatry all over the world, due to their violation of their consciences before God and then before the country, the people, conscience, religion and morals.

  I call on the authorities in Egypt, which is the most important thing for me today and for everyone, to seize all those who signed false reports of insanity against me, even if they were among the closest people to me, because they all belong to Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and terrorist and jihadist groups in Pakistan and Egypt. And by opening a fair and extensive investigation with them, to find out the whereabouts of the terrorists.  This is the danger for all of us to preserve the safety and security of the country, the army and the people.

  And I will categorically prove to the Egyptian authorities the intelligence game directed against Egypt and the region to divide us all into several small, warring states, based on actual research and scientific messages. They accused me of hallucinations and madness, of drawing maps of dividing Egypt and its border provinces into several states in preparation for the establishment of the “radical Islamic caliphate project” and bringing down Egypt and the entire region into the clutches of terrorism. Therefore, their signature and authorship of the reports of the fake story of my madness came because no one believed me despite my continuous and continuous screams over several long years without anyone believing me because of the sin and felony of these traitors.

 It also proved that international terrorists communicated with me, such as the image of the person from the state of Indonesia, and his communication with me without prior knowledge between us at all, and his image on his WhatsApp profile with Sheikh “Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani”, the former Emir of the State of Qatar, and the father of Sheikh “Tamim bin Hamad  Al Khalifa” the current Emir of Qatar, and his writing to me as attached before your Excellency expressing his desire to cooperate with each other, despite the fact that there is no prior knowledge between us at all.  Here we ask him, about the reasons for his communication with me in his image with the Qatari Emir, “Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani”, as this raises many question marks and doubts about confronting him?

  A Jordanian journalist also communicated with me on my WhatsApp groups, and sent him a picture of a mutilated woman, with the words “Goodbye beautiful” written on it. On the same day, he exposed the Pakistani terrorist’s contact with me and his invitation to me to visit Pakistan in order to get rid of me and kill me, as is absolutely and completely clear to Your Excellency.  now.

  I also have pictures of “screenshot” proof of the communication of the major British international websites specialized in Gulf affairs, inviting me to conduct interviews and analyzes with them on (the same day that the Pakistani terrorist was exposed) and his communication with me.  However, my response to the British journalist who contacted me is that I received death threats, assassination and liquidation from the international terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood in Pakistan and Egypt, so I am in a state of boycott now and completely of all countries to which the terrorists belong.

  And here I come to the general conclusion, that the terrorists fabricating those fake reports made me crazy, was (a prelude to their committing terrorist incidents and crimes in confronting us all and using the names of the countries of China and Russia through it), given my precise specialization in Chinese political affairs for more than 15 years.

  Therefore, after presenting all these proven facts before the eyes and hearing of the Egyptian, Arab, and Chinese public opinion and the entire international community as the biggest international scandal that the terrorist organization of the non-Muslim Brotherhood has inflicted on us, as it becomes clear to you… Hence, I call upon your sovereignty, O great people of Egypt, and I call upon the Egyptian authorities  Follow all my colleagues and professors recruited against us by intelligence, and track everyone who fabricated fake reports against me of hallucinations, madness and mental illness in me, even if he was one of the closest people to me, because these were the real and only reason behind spreading terrorism on the land of Egypt and the region and between our peoples, our armies, our region and our homelands,  And for their complicity with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and the international organization of the banned terrorist group, the Brotherhood.

 I thank God, and I thank God for giving me a sole and true reason to reveal the truth about these terrorists and their crimes in the face of the people of Egypt, our army, and our great leaders…. We will not be calm after today until we eliminate all these terrorists, track them down, and eliminate them for the sake of a strong, dear, proud Egypt with our head held high forehead victory belongs to all of us as Egyptians and our international community, in confronting the terrorists from the outlawed terrorist group of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Dr.Nadia Helmy
Dr.Nadia Helmy
Associate Professor of Political Science, Faculty of Politics and Economics / Beni Suef University- Egypt. An Expert in Chinese Politics, Sino-Israeli relationships, and Asian affairs- Visiting Senior Researcher at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES)/ Lund University, Sweden- Director of the South and East Asia Studies Unit


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