The failure of Muslim Brotherhood agenda inside China and Xinjiang

Trading in Muslim issues is one of the features of the global organization of the banned terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, which China has realized and is well aware of, as the Chinese anger reached its maximum level in the face of the terrorists of the banned Brotherhood, following the provocation of the members of the banned terrorist group to Beijing, following their invitation to a conference  It was hosted by the city of Istanbul in Turkey in June 2022. It was organized by the banned terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, under the slogan: “Supporting the East Turkestan Cause”. The terrorist Brotherhood considered it a “new starting point for a comprehensive definition of the East Turkestan issue,” known in the media as (Uyghur Muslims). Proceeding from the Islamic, human and legal responsibility of terrorists from the banned Brotherhood in confronting the Chinese.  This aroused China’s ire and reservation in the face of any terrorist Brotherhood movements in confronting it, so came the Chinese total rejection of any attempts by terrorists from the banned terrorist Brotherhood to seize power in any Arab country or around the world due to their permanent interference in the affairs of China and others.

 The Chinese experts and professors of political Islam analyzed the conference of the banned Brotherhood to support their brothers – according to their claim in the Chinese region of Xinjiang – by analyzing this, as a logical and natural result of the inability of the banned Brotherhood group to find a foothold for it, especially after the lie of its slogans and claims was exposed on the Arab and international levels, so the Brotherhood tried  Banned terrorist Muslims play on another new variable in the face of the Chinese, represented in the transmission and transfer of conflict, clash and confrontation between them and the Gulf countries, Egypt and the Arab and African region, to the international level in the face of China mainly, and the transfer of this conflict from the point of view of the Chinese by the banned Brotherhood to regions  Far from the Arab world, within the framework of the Sino-American clash over global leadership, so the leaders of the banned Brotherhood group jumped to adopt the victory of the Muslims in East Turkestan, with the aim of basically supporting the United States of America in its struggle against China and not a real victory for the issues of Islam and Muslims, otherwise it would have been better for them to support the cause  Gaza and Palestine in their immediate surroundings.

 This Brotherhood conference in support of the Muslims of the Chinese Xinjiang region confirms, from the Chinese point of view, the extent of the banned Brotherhood group’s inability to develop its vocabulary, and to play again on the slogan “Islam is in danger”, in the hope of restoring any role for it, after it was thrown into the “dustbin of history” according to the expression.  flour for the Chinese.

Several secret Chinese documents revealed that Britain had taken advantage of the popularity and influence of the banned terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, to wage secret psychological and propaganda wars against its enemies everywhere, whether in the Arab region or abroad, such as the late Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser in Egypt, and President  Al-Sisi is currently at the top of her list of targets, in addition to hating and fighting the banned terrorist Brotherhood for all Chinese leaders and leaders, such as: (Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, and the current Chinese President, Comrade “Xi Jinping”), which China and its experts considered as an use of the banned Brotherhood in confronting it, as part of a “British-American psychological campaign” in confronting it.

 Hence, China and its experts and intellectual centers concerned with issues of political Islam closely monitored all the movements of the banned Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the region, and I was one of the researchers and experts close to the Chinese at the time to study how to completely get rid of the threat of terrorism of the banned Brotherhood in Egypt, given its extension, relations and close entanglements with terrorists.  In the banned East Turkistan movement in the Chinese Xinjiang region of a separatist nature.  Where China and the leaders of the ruling Communist Party in Egypt currently classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a “terrorist” group, raising slogans of trading Muslim issues around the world, and reintroducing itself to whoever pays the most, to employ its arms in the service of parties to international conflicts such as the conflict between China, the United States of America and the West.  And that was after the catastrophic failure of its project to divide the Arab region and separate Xinjiang from China.

 China fears the links of the banned Muslim Brotherhood with international terrorist and armed groups, especially the rebels of the Chinese Xinjiang region from the banned East Turkistan separatist movement, due to the desire of terrorists from the banned Brotherhood to transfer the current global hegemony – led by the United States of America, Britain and other Western countries – to various countries of the world,  This means that they want to turn the tide of the international conflict on all countries that have disagreements with the United States of America, mainly China and Russia, using the card and pressure of internationally banned terrorist Brotherhood groups.

 Political Islam experts in China also analyze that the ultimate goal of the Muslim Brotherhood, which it has adopted since the days of its founder, Hassan al-Banna, is to support jihad against non-Muslims by spreading chaos and turmoil internationally, given that the terrorist Brotherhood has a wide international propaganda network, through which it produced many  Militant leaders around the world, such as: Abdullah Yusuf Azzam, a follower of Al-Banna, who in 1984 sparked an influx of major radical Islamist foreign fighters to fight the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. By the time “Azzam” was killed in 1989, he had been the apprentice of Osama bin Laden, the founder of al-Qaeda.  Bin Laden later admitted that the Brotherhood’s ideas were essential in shaping his extremist ideology towards the world.

 Hence, the full Chinese welcome to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, who enjoys great public and popular status in China, especially among the leaders of the ruling Communist Party, given his success in getting rid of the danger of the banned Brotherhood in the face of Egypt, the region and China, so he considered the Chinese  The June 30 Revolution was a lesson in the Egyptian popular and mass will. The June 30 Revolution is a unique example in the history of popular revolutions in the world. The June 30 Revolution proved to the whole world that the Egyptian people are invincible, and they have all the ingredients and capabilities to face any dangers or dangers.  Conspiracies facing the Egyptian state at home and abroad, especially with the observation that there is a strong tendency and an evil plan by the terrorist Brotherhood towards changing Egypt’s cultural identity and working to revert it to account for backward reactionary tendencies, starting with what experts in political Islam issues in China noticed – with whom I have already studied all the negatives and seriousness  The influence of the banned Muslim Brotherhood internally and on the security of Egypt and the region – from preventing members of the banned Brotherhood from performing ballet performances in the Egyptian Opera House, to excluding enlightened leaders in the sectors of culture, arts and literature, in return for replacing leaders loyal to the banned group that supports the government.  And the danger of what happened to the Chinese remains, is the attempt of the banned group led by “Mohamed Morsi” to spread terrorist and reactionary takfiri thought, which was represented in the release of jihadist prisoners with extremist ideology known to all security and intelligence agencies, who settled in the land of Sinai and sought to form an extremist terrorist Islamic emirate,  The banned Brotherhood turned a blind eye to the smuggling tunnels with the Gaza Strip, which received strong support and endorsement from “Mohamed Morsi” as a representative of only one spectrum, his banned group, and his failure to express all the people of Egypt.

 The June 30 Revolution is a clear expression – from the Chinese point of view – of the will of the people and the response of its state institutions and armed forces to it, which is considered a historical scene that will never be erased from the national memory.  According to what Lieutenant General Sisi and the Egyptian Armed Forces announced at the time, with a full Chinese welcome, represented in: confronting the threat of the reactionary Brotherhood terrorism and the expiatory thought, and confronting the external forces that support it, while working to achieve a large political and economic development agenda befitting the size of the Egyptian state in terms of giant development projects and new roads.  It was inaugurated during the era of President “El-Sisi” after getting rid of the threat of terrorists, with the popular affirmation of rejecting the religious fascist rule of the banned Brotherhood, and refusing to monopolize power. This was considered by Chinese experts and leaders of the ruling Communist Party in Beijing as the most wonderful sacrifices by the Egyptian people with the army and police to save their country from an unknown and dark fate at the hands of terrorists from the banned Brotherhood, with its many international extensions, entanglements and influences.

  Hence, the banned Brotherhood failed to promote its agenda globally and within the Chinese territory itself after the Egyptian people left on June 30 to confront the danger of the betrayal of the Egyptian state institutions. A supporter of terrorists to cause unrest and chaos in Egypt and the region, and the state of China – as it is the focus of my specialization and my main concern – has prevented the internationalization of the Egyptian file and the June 30 revolution in the United Nations and international forums. The headlines in the Chinese and international press also indicated the extent of the failure of the multiple visits of the deposed “Mohamed Morsi”, east and west, confirming the decline in Egypt’s relations during the era of the banned Brotherhood with many countries around the world that do not accept the rise of political Islam, especially in the Arab world due to the rule of the terrorist Brotherhood. The banned Brotherhood’s rule also failed to manage the Egyptian state’s files and solve its accumulated problems, on top of which is the inability of the banned Brotherhood to manage dialogue with the various political forces and the scandal of broadcasting it live, which led to strained relations with the Ethiopian side and aborted the foundations of political dialogue with it, and we are still  We are getting results so far.

 The Chinese think tanks confirmed their celebration of the success of the Egyptian Armed Forces, led by President El-Sisi, in stopping the danger of arms smuggling operations across the western borders of Egypt by tightening control over them and preventing the infiltration of terrorist groups, in addition to the success of the Egyptian army in controlling the entire Egyptian borders and coasts.  Which confused the accounts of the West and thwarted all their plans that they intended to implement through the banned Brotherhood and its isolated president “Mohamed Morsi” to confuse China’s accounts with the United States of America and the world, so the confirmation of China, Russia and the world came after the success of the June 30 revolution in Egypt, that a quantum leap occurred for the armed forces  Egypt in various weapons and fields, according to the vision of Chinese strategic experts.  In addition to diversifying the sources of Egyptian relations between East and West and diversifying the sources of arming the Egyptian army, and this is what the banned Brotherhood failed to manage.

  Finally, the Chinese vision of the June 30 revolution after ten years remains, that it has eliminated all traitors, conspirators, lurkers, and delusional people in Egypt and the region, with the protection of the Egyptian army and its armed forces.  Over the course of a year of its existence in power, the banned Brotherhood established a state of sharp polarization between the people and the fabric of the same nation, and Egypt witnessed, during a year of the rule of the terrorist Brotherhood, sectarian chaos at the instigation of the isolated “Mohamed Morsi” and his group, such as the killing of Shiites in Giza, the persecution of Copts and the storming of their places of worship. The Egyptian society at that time was divided between supporters of the Islamic project represented by the banned group without presenting a single evidence of this project, and those opposed to it.  This is what caused the ignition of rivalry and the battle between support and rejection, with the attempts of the Guidance Office of the banned group to accelerate forward in the betrayal of state institutions and to spread the Brotherhood’s thought on a large scale in the country and even in large parts among Muslim minorities in China and the world, while depriving large segments of the Egyptian people is the one who assumes the places or positions that befit him for the benefit of the members of the banned group. This proved the failure of the terrorist Brotherhood project from a Chinese point of view.

Dr.Nadia Helmy
Dr.Nadia Helmy
Associate Professor of Political Science, Faculty of Politics and Economics / Beni Suef University- Egypt. An Expert in Chinese Politics, Sino-Israeli relationships, and Asian affairs- Visiting Senior Researcher at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES)/ Lund University, Sweden- Director of the South and East Asia Studies Unit