Great Museum of Africa to Showcase Diverse Cultural Artifacts


The African Union (AU) plans to create the Great Museum of Africa (GMA) as part of the First Ten-Year Implementation Plan of Agenda 2063. The GMA will showcase, protect and promote the rich cultural heritage of the continent, and will be situated in Algiers, capital of Algeria in North Africa.

This AU project aims at creating awareness about Africa’s vast, dynamic and diverse cultural artifacts in areas such as art, music, language and science. It will also be a focal centre for preserving and promoting the African cultural heritage as well as in combating illicit trafficking in heritage resources. 

Ambassador Lounes Magramane, Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, described the museum as a pillar of the African Union and cultural renaissance, working to strengthen efforts in building a unified and prosperous continent, capable of protecting its identity, its rich historical heritage and its cultural legacy.

Ambassador Minata Samate Cessouma, Commissioner for Health, Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development (HHSD), expressed gratitude to the Government of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria for the hospitably and for the commitment to ensure that the Great Museum of Africa museum project becomes a reality.

Samate Cessouma further reminded that the establishment of the Great Museum of Africa is driven by the recognition of the intricate relationship between the protection of cultural diversity and promotion of cultural pluralism, on the one hand, and development of the continent on the other. 

It is anchored on the understanding that protection, preservation and promotion of cultural heritage is jointly shared by the citizens, society and the African states. The African Union (AU) is an organization uniting independent African states established in 1963, and headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Kester Kenn Klomegah
Kester Kenn Klomegah
MD Africa Editor Kester Kenn Klomegah is an independent researcher and writer on African affairs in the EurAsian region and former Soviet republics. He wrote previously for African Press Agency, African Executive and Inter Press Service. Earlier, he had worked for The Moscow Times, a reputable English newspaper. Klomegah taught part-time at the Moscow Institute of Modern Journalism. He studied international journalism and mass communication, and later spent a year at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. He co-authored a book “AIDS/HIV and Men: Taking Risk or Taking Responsibility” published by the London-based Panos Institute. In 2004 and again in 2009, he won the Golden Word Prize for a series of analytical articles on Russia's economic cooperation with African countries.


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