Unexpected Ways to Earn Some Extra Money in 2023


Have you ever felt like your full-time job is no longer fulfilling? If your creativity is on the low, and you’re searching for a way to make it thrive – look no further. There are a lot of unusual occupations on the market. Have fun and earn extra cash at the same time!

Small Tasks And Online Micro Jobs

It’s not a huge surprise that the gig economy has been getting more and more popular every year. Part-time work is a lot more fun and provides flexibility and independence.

Moreover, freelancers that work from home are 47% more productive than office workers! While there’s less financial security tied to the gig economy, micro jobs online can be a great side hustle.

Thus, looking to earn crypto via small tasks can broaden the horizons of your creativity, as well as let you save some cash. These can include but are not limited to:

  • paid reviews;
  • online surveys;
  • product trials;
  • web design;
  • social media management;
  • online marketing;
  • ghostwriting.

Item Reselling

After you’re done with your big spring cleaning, take a look at the clothes and items you no longer need. If they’re still in decent shape, try to earn a few bucks by selling them! Of course, there are quite a few websites and services you can use to resell your stuff online. But if that doesn’t quite work out, plan out a trusty garage sale.

The whole process of decluttering your space, sorting through the items, coming up with prices, and working with people can be stressful, sure. On the other hand, the things you no longer need will make someone very happy. Granted that your neighborhood is lively, those items could be gone in a few hours.

Fridays and Saturdays are always the best days for a garage sale. Don’t forget to advertise it in advance! Sometimes it’s even better to post the adverts online, highlighting special offers and unique possessions.

Renting Out A Room

Whenever you’re planning to travel a lot or just have a spare room in your apartment, rent out all the free space! After finding a nice roommate, you’ll achieve a stable side income that’ll help you cover your bill payments or even save up for something big.

Before you set up a listing and find a tenant, don’t forget to make it safe for yourself! Check if there are any laws prohibiting you from renting out a room. Then, speak to your insurance company and see if they can protect you from property damage. Also, complete a background check on your preferred tenant and sign a rental agreement.

Paid Studies

If you want to earn some extra money interestingly while helping others, try paid studies. Of course, there are different types of studies on the market. Whether it’s a product or a medical treatment, you’ll help the company understand how different people react to it. On the flip side, you’ll also earn monetary compensation for participating in a research project!

The amount of money you earn depends on the study itself. Those that ask for more work and involvement as well as pose potential risks pay more. Some studies pay up to a whopping $400 per hour in cash, others will only offer you gift cards.

Mystery Shopping

Do you enjoy shopping as a whole experience? Are you prone to small talk with the staff and writing reviews of every store you’ve been to? Then mystery shopping is for you! Mystery (secret) shoppers go to stores or services and do what the company asks them to. To become one, you should be:

  • honest with your impression and reviews;
  • good at writing in detail;
  • friendly and easy to talk to;
  • precise at following directions;
  • perfect at pointing out details and memorizing everything you see.

At the job, you’ll be paid and receive free meals and experiences like traveling, restaurant hopping, and shopping.

Dog Walking

Dog walking is probably one of the most active side hustles. The average pay is $15 per hour. But it’s not just about being outside and earning money. Multiple studies have shown that interacting with dogs boosts your serotonin levels and reduces anxiety. Not only does it help owners stuck at work or traveling, but it also lets you get out there and meet more people!

Listening To Music

Similar to participating in surveys and writing paid reviews, you can listen to music for money! Find the genres you enjoy on the daily and start reviewing music from unsigned artists and bands. Then, write long, thought-through reviews and post them to dedicated services and platforms.

Just like with freelancing, you’ll have to work on your portfolio. Yet, after that, your bigger reviews could earn you some decent extra cash!


Do your friends and loved ones compliment you on your hugs? Well, maybe you should try and earn by cuddling people. Yes, you’ve heard it right – professional cuddlers earn a good amount of money for their skills!

Called “cuddle therapy,” this gig can pay a professional cuddler up to $80 per hour. You’re free to choose your working hours. Your clients will book an appointment and meet up with you for a session to receive a boost of serotonin, some comfort, and happiness.


Aside from cuddles, you can earn money with another hobby – eating delicious food. Add a camera and a good microphone to the mix, and you get a beautiful professional mukbang!

Originally, mukbangers filmed themselves eating to bring comfort to lonely people. It’s been popular in South Korea for at least two years before taking over the whole planet. Now, there are hundreds of people who eat a lot of food on camera around the world. You can film and post videos on different platforms or live stream your meals for a few hours.

As you can see, there are so many unique ways to earn extra money, including garage sales, cuddling, walking dogs, and more! Make sure you always keep track of your side jobs and earnings – it’ll help you prepare for a tax season in advance.