Russia may build a village for American conservatives. Why not?

“A Kremlin-controlled media outlet reported that there are plans to build a village for conservative Americans and Canadians who want to live in Russia,” informs ‘Newsweek’.

Newsweek magazine publishes this beautiful photo of Moscow as evidence of where conservative Americans should move. Shuld note that there are very few such beautiful photographs of the capital of Russia in the American press…

Plans are in place to build a village in the Moscow region for conservative Americans and Canadians, according to a Russian state media outlet.

RIA Novosti news agency reported on the community that caters to expatriates with “traditional” values, writing that construction is expected to begin next year.

RIA Novosti quoted Timur Beslangurov — a partner of VISTA Immigration law firm who assists foreign investors in obtaining residency and citizenship in Russia — as saying “about 200 families want to emigrate [to Russia] for ideological reasons.”

In total, Beslangurov said, tens of thousands of people with no ties to Russia want to move to the country.

The lawyer spoke about the planned project for conservative ex-pats at a legal forum in St. Petersburg, according to RIA Novosti, saying the regional government in Russia had approved plans for the village.

Beslangurov reportedly said traditional Catholics are among the 200 families from the United States and Canada that are looking to move to the Russian village because they “very strongly believe in the prophecy that Russia will remain the only Christian country in the world.”

Beslangurov said the Moscow region administration has signed off on the project. He also said the community will be financed by the relocating families.

As for why Westerners are seeking to relocate to Russia, Beslangurov cited the spread of progressive values. “The reason is the propaganda of radical values: Today they have 70 genders, it is not known what will happen next. Many normal people emigrate, including considering Russia, but they face bureaucratic problems of Russian migration legislation,” he said.