Thanthamfarm Cafe & Workshop: A Sustainable eco-agrotourism Destination, Loei, Thailand

Sustainability tourism has grown in popularity among travelers in recent years. Several nations have begun promoting their hidden gems to attract travelers from all over the world. Similarly, Thailand is known for its beautiful natural destinations, diverse regional cultures, and distinct, delicious cuisine. Government policy and the Thai Ecotourism And Adventure Travel Association (TEATA), a responsible proxy, promote sustainable tourism practices. Furthermore, they promote regional and international cooperation to advocate environmentally responsible tourism in Thailand and the ASEAN region (TEATA, 2019).

The Charms of Isaan Life (Northeast Thailand) was one of TEATA’s green itineraries designed to promote socio-ecological tourism. “Loei province” is one of the provinces in the northeastern region that has been chosen to participate in this wonderful initiative with the program’s inspirational theme, “The Essential Beauty Unveiled” (TEATA, 2019).The peaceful and humble city of “Loei” is located in northeast Thailand. Visitors can find people there who are very accommodating, courteous, and ecstatic. Loei has become a popular destination for eco-tourists due to its exceptional mountainous landscape, pristine waterfalls, and lush forests. There are many fascinating cultures to learn about and many attractions to visit, but as an ecotourism destination, Thanthamfarm Cafe & Workshop is distinguished by its commitment to sustainability.

The founder and its principle concept

Thanthamfarm Cafe & Workshop was founded by Ms. Thanakanyapatch Thingkhot, a local millennial who was born and raised in Loei. After she finished her under graduation, she noticed the opportunities for sustainable growth. Therefore, she has devised initiatives to revitalize and add value to her family’s farm. She put her efforts into learning how to start up the business until the farm was successfully opened in April 2019. Thanthamfarm is located in Ban Pak Mak, Muangloei District, in the province of Loei. The farm size is approximately 3.2 hectares. Furthermore, the location is encircled by green trees and mountains and is bisected by the River Loei. Thanthamfarm Cafe & Workshop is an excellent example of an eco-agrotourism that adopted an integrated farming system from the sufficiency economy philosophy of King Bhumibol Adulyadej (King Rama IX) into its principle business practices. The owner also engages in advocating environmentally and socially responsible products and services. The farm and local farmers produce organic ingredients used for the café and workshop activities that aim to bend to nature, reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation and sourcing procedures. Most importantly, with these strong efforts of Ms. Thanakanyapatch, the establishment of the farm helps bolster the local economy and tighten the local community in many positive ways.

Highlight activities at the Thanthamfarm Cafe & Workshop

Thanthamfarm Cafe & Workshop’s highlight activities include planting, cooking classes, farm-to-table dining,  relaxing by a beautiful sandy river, Free-range duck farming, Organic farming and promoting the agriculture sector, which includes open observational sites, food processing, and value creation of agricultural products. The farm emphasizes a natural approach, promoting the use of local organic ingredients, outdoor activities, and low-waste practices. For instance, the farm’s prima activity is teaching guests how to make DIY pizzas with its handmade traditional clay ovens. With the help of these activities also bring the community together through workshops and other activities to support sustainability. The farm allows people to learn by doing to experience it with their hands. These activities enable visitors to reconnect with nature. It also allows every generation to spend quality time with their families and strengthen their bonds. In addition, Thanthamfarm offers tailored programs for observational study activities for both children and adults as well as public and private sectors. They allow visitors to select the type of activity and study area which they wish to participate. The activities encompass upstream, midstream, and downstream areas. Examples include seed planting, making herb-salted duck eggs with pandan leaves and white clay filler, making healthy vegetable spring rolls, and making DIY pizzas with local ingredients.

The future vision

Thanthamfarm Cafe & Workshop also works with other environmentally friendly local businesses outside the area to spread their word and reach more people. The farm also shows how different sustainable practices are used in the area by working with other local businesses that share their commitment to sustainability. They also build relationships, form local farmers’ networks, and become the leader in sustainable café and workshops in Loei province.

Her future vision is to develop and expand a “Wellness Ecotourism and Farm stay” business in Loei, Thailand. She wishes to transform our daily food into medication, Consuming sustenance to maintain and protect the body’s immunity. On top of that, she would like to turn it into a farm stay where people cannot only experience nature but also learn how organic vegetables are beneficial to the body, how to eat better than before, and how to bring more local herbs to cook with because she wants people of all ages to have easier access to nature. Moreover, she believes that it will attract visitors who share common values and establish a solid brand reputation as a sustainable business with the aid of this concept. Despite this, she will continue to implement sustainable business practices, assist the local community, and strive to be the destination for all generations in Loei province who wish to reconnect with nature and learn about the region’s gorgeous culture.

Those interested in visiting the Thanthamfarm Cafe & Workshop. You can find them at on social media.

Arliya Khehang
Arliya Khehang
A student of ASEAN Master in Sustainability Management, a collaborative master program designed by Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia and University of Agder, Norway.