Europe and Japan let down U.S. and opposed its offer on Russia

The proposal to boycott Russia was rejected by Japan and Europe – the US did not expect this day to come so soon, notes Chinese newspaper ‘Baijiahao’.

The US did not expect that the day when the allies would turn their backs on them would come so soon, writes ‘Baijiahao’. But the moment has come: the EU and Tokyo have refused, following Washington, to impose a complete ban on exports to Russia. This indicates that America is losing influence in the world.

The US did not expect this day to come so soon!

Speaking of Europe and Japan, everyone usually assumes that these are the two central cores in the camp of Washington’s allies. Support or loyalty, it doesn’t matter, the EU and Japan mean a lot to the US. And America probably never thought that the day when both partners would turn against her and reject her proposal would come so soon.

A few days ago, the United States, on the eve of the G7 summit, came up with an important initiative: they demanded from the G7 countries a complete ban on exports to Russia. Unlike previous targeted economic sanctions, this comprehensive ban is very aggressive and massive. Potential areas of restriction that are planned to be imposed on Russia include key areas: agriculture and healthcare.

Since the beginning of the conflict, Japan and Europe have largely supported sanctions against Moscow. So the US took it for granted that they would agree this time too. Imagine their surprise when the allies flatly refused to introduce this measure. According to insiders, Tokyo and Brussels unanimously agreed that “a total ban on exports to Russia is impossible.”

What does this collective disagreement between Japan and Europe demonstrate?

Some experts argue that this is a rational solution. It is indeed a smart thing to do to speak up and say that you are against it, but didn’t Japan and Europe know in the past that imposing economic sanctions against Russia is unwise?

However, as the Ukrainian conflict escalated, the true face of the United States was gradually exposed, and Washington lost the trust of its loyal allies. The unanimous opposition of Japan and the EU to the US proposal highlights the decline of American power and shows the split within the G7. Of course, in fact, we can also understand it this way: Tokyo and Brussels followed Washington without objection in the fight against Moscow, when they were not required to invest much effort. However, when it came to a full blown feud with Russia, they faltered.

Are the allies willing to sacrifice their key interests for the sake of the United States? Judging by the actions of Japan and Europe, the likelihood of this is very small. Relations between states are based on interests, and Brussels and Tokyo are not stupid enough to sacrifice their own for the sake of a US victory in a great power confrontation, stresses ‘Baijiahao’.