G-20 schedule in Jammu Kashmir and India’s bluff game

After India’s diplomatic failure to bring out a joint declaration at the G20 meeting in Delhi, Kashmir is all set to host a G20 meeting in May 2023, at the summer capital Srinagar. The meeting of the foreign ministers of the Group of 20 leading economies in New Delhi talked about the war in Ukraine continues to be a contentious issue for the Group of 20 nations, as discussions during the recent foreign ministers’ meeting in New Delhi failed to yield a consensus on the matter. Western power also criticize India for the policy of non-alignment on the issue of the Ukraine war.

As Delhi plans to host G20 members in Srinagar, the world should remember that Jammu and Kashmir is an internationally recognized “disputed” territory between Pakistan and India. Kashmiris are being killed and evicted from their homes and lands under a brutal plan to change IIOJK’s demography. As per international law, Modi’s actions in Kashmir can describe genocide as a war crime against humanity.

Pakistan also strongly urges the international community to call upon India to end its gross and systematic violations of human rights in J&K, revoke its illegal and unilateral actions of 5 August 2019, , and free all political prisoners including the true Kashmiri leaders.

This dangerous move fraught with serious political outcomes seen by Kashmiris as a scheme to change the demography of the state and deprive them of their resources, jobs, identity, culture, land, and above all, their promised right of self-determination. 

We can see this public stunt by India to conduct G20 in Jammu and Kashmir. Modi government ranked the worst country in internet freedom. The report details global internet power cuts during 2022; India’s biggest criminal with 58% of outages in IIOJK.

How international community ignores such initiatives of the government and allow to conduct of G20 in Kashmir which is not a part of India? The world must condemn the move and impose sanctions on India for the human rights violations in IIOJK. The UN must take practical steps to stop the genocide of Kashmiris.

Modi government is trying to show the world that everything is normal in the region of Jammu Kashmir, we can see this government plan to organize the G20 2023 in Kashmir, but nothing is not normal in IOJK, it is only a strategy of India to hide the real face of it.

How Indian government claim to normalizing the situation in the valley while curbing the fundamentals rights of the citizens. It is only strategy of Modi government to distract international community from human rights violation and to conduct G20 summit in the valley.

The government approach in the region is based on gain profit from the people and resources to utilize. Rather than benefit the local people, the government is only interested to attract outside investors that benefit their interests. If the G20 summit is conducted in Jammu Kashmir it can see only support for the India government’s agenda rather than to bring stability to the region.

To hold G20 summit in Kashmir, means that India wants the world to acknowledge that things are normal in the valley. It is the responsibility of the international community to resolve the Kashmir issue with the will of Kashmiris people rather than to conduct the conferences or summit in the region which is not fruitful for the people of Jammu Kashmir.

Nazia Sheikh
Nazia Sheikh
Nazia Sheikh is a Research Officer at Centre for International Strategic Studies, AJK. Her research areas are Strategic Stability in South Asia, Strategic Dynamics of South Asia & Conflict Resolution between Pakistan & India.