A socio-cultural spillover in Pakistan and the Role of CPEC


How different nations became infectious if they culturaly interact?  The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is currently a popular expression in the area. Pakistan thinks it can help advance its fledgling economy, while China seeks it out as a conductor to extend its limbs. Have we ever stopped to consider what the CPEC will mean for Pakistan in the middle of the assumptions and rapture? It is a distinct advantage that would alter the rules of the game, in fact. It would alter who we are. Not only would it affect our financial situation, but it would also have socio and cultural  effects.

Culture is the way of life of the general populace, including its beliefs, language, values, knowledge, conventions, and practises. The media is responsible for preserving this culture, and social institutions like family, religion, and schools are seen as reasonable areas for public activity. However, Pakistani media has failed to fulfil this responsibility. As a result, its way of life tends to deface. Pakistani media outlets are operating under the premise that duplicating the unfamiliar material will increase viewing. The electronic media sector is a billion rupee industry. They don’t care about the disruption of the general people; instead, they are always focused on making more money.

The remarkable morals, beliefs, standards, and convictions that Pakistan’s bilingual and multi-social society possesses help to shape its incredibly charming and alluring public culture. The Western, Hindu, and Arabic cultures have, however, imperialized it, which indicates that it is an act of promoting one country’s way of life or language in another. Also, the foreign media are looking out for their own agendas. Regrettably, Pakistani media outlets also promote foreign culture more than Pakistani culture. The younger generation is increasingly affected by it and is adopting their morally dubious practises that go against our strict standards and ethical principles. Joint family system culture is gradually replacing and due to foreign media our culture and society is continously engulfed by foreign culture.

When a strong culture surpasses a more fragile one, dominance is aided. Language, a way of life, and particularly the benefits of a strong culture are accepted by the more fragile culture when it comes to social dominance. But, Pakistan’s media made it more fragile by failing to advance it, therefore it doesn’t actually have a weak culture. As a result,  foreign media has benefited and been permeated with its dubious and unethical values. The elite class in Pakistani society quickly adopted American, European, and, unexpectedly, Indian culture and even transformed into a part of it. Our way of life is under attack. The upcoming generation even has no clue what our way of life actually is.

Another element that is necessary for the transition is the level of communication, which will increase as a result of CPEC. We would engage in conflict with our Chinese friends as a result of the influx of Chinese into Pakistan. We would start imitating their social behaviour and way of life.

Social concepts and behaviours in China and Pakistan are really shocking. Whereas Pakistani culture is based on Islamic characteristics, China presents itself as a communist nation with Confucian norms and a social structure based on Buddhism and secularism. The Chinese culture will continue to have negative effects on Pakistani society for a very long time.

The future media collaboration between China and Pakistan will help spread Chinese culture there and enhance understanding between the two cultures and countries. But, it will have an impact in other ways and will have a socio-social spillover in Pakistan.

The Chinese language is currently in demand, even if not by heart, you would need to study Chinese in order to communicate with people and apply for jobs. We currently find ourselves in a confusing middle between English and Urdu and need to become fluent in a different language.

Social ties between nations are not necessarily bad. In any case, when a nation departs and disregards its own principles, it becomes impossible to resist.

I believe that Pakistan should strictly regulate media imports. PEMRA should handle its duties in a responsible manner. We should work to promote  quality programmes and prioritise enhancing our social abilities over imitating others. In the end, this will help with efforts to improve the perception of Pakistan on a global scale. As a result, we will be better equipped to face the world.

Khizra Mushtaq
Khizra Mushtaq
I am Khizra Mushtaq student of Government and Public Policy at National Defense University Islamabad, Pakistan. The program has helped me to get a better overview of international and national affairs. I have keen interest in government and public policies, instance regulations, policy formulation and implementation with special context to Pakistan.


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