5 Promotional Paper Products to Use at Your Business

Notebooks. Pens. Stationary. Post-it notes. Calendars. All of these paper goods come in handy from time to time. Depending on what your daily life looks like, you probably have a planner or notebook lying around. They’re beneficial for and also make a fantastic item to help promote your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business, a mom-and-pop operation, online-only, or otherwise. The gift of notebooks and other paper goods can help your business on the map. Today, we’ll explore five different kinds of paper goods that can help you promote your brand without destroying your advertising budget.


In an increasingly digital world, it might seem counterintuitive to use paper products as a promotional driver. But consider that people still use post-it notes, notepads, and stationary all the time. The fact is, people need to write things down in a hurry. Having a quick and convenient bundle of small scrap paper around it’s pretty useful. Plus, stationary is cost-effective. It doesn’t cost very much at all to acquire some, stamp your logo on it, and give it away. When you do so, it helps create positive and memorable impressions. It can also be used alongside other promo materials to create a wide range of different promotional items such as flyers, business cards, brochures, and post-it notes to help get the word out about your organization.


Everyone craves a little bit of order and structure in their lives. Plus, the average American’s life is pretty busy. Between work, taking care of the kids, school, and other pursuits, time can feel quite crunched on occasion. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything you desire. Fortunately, planners are a great way to stay organized and on track. They provide the structure and focus most people need to take their time management to the next level. As an organizational tool, it’s top-notch. It has several pages to plan different events and usually contains a calendar. Companies can use them as a promotional item as well. Whether you decide to incorporate it into a loyalty program or provide it as an incentive for purchasing certain items, offering a planner provides tremendous value to your customers. Plus, you can customize it with your logo to help promote brand awareness. Since they’re a tangible reminder of your business’s presence—and they often become part of a customer’s daily routine—they’re a fantastic item to use in a marketing campaign, particularly when you’re looking to increase/build a more extensive customer base.


Although planets do make excellent promotional tools, sometimes a customer just needs the calendar portion of it. Calendars are an excellent promotional item that can add some value and fun to a customer’s life. Calendars are an opportunity to get creative. You can offer a novelty calendar featuring 12 unique images for every month. Or you can do a swimsuit calendar, a calendar related to your business items, or a nature calendar. And you can’t go wrong with calendars that feature cats on every single page. Calendars are perfect for trade shows, mailers, and in person. They’re a display item that adds a particular aesthetic to a home environment but also serves to remind customers of your business every single day. You can’t buy that kind of advertising. Ultimately, calendars are an effective marketing tool that can create a lasting impact on customer loyalty and satisfaction for a long time.


Personal notebooks are a great promotional item because of their practicality, utility, and portability. People will use them regularly. That makes them a great way to get your brand in front of a larger audience. A well-made, high-quality notebook can also keep your marketing message in prospective customers’ minds. If you personalize the notebook with logos, branding, or a tagline, you can further spread your visibility. Custom notebooks with your logo on them are pretty practical when it comes to generating impressions and can ultimately create some valuable leads for those times when your business needs a shot in the arm.


Just like notebooks, journals offer a writing surface for taking notes and writing out your thoughts. The primary difference is that a journal is more for personal thoughts and long-form content. A notebook is less personalized. Offering journals, in addition to notebooks, give your customers more variety. You can also personalize the turtles to have the customer’s name or other details they might want. That personalization, along with your company logo or contact info, can also help promote your brand. When you get right down to it, journals are a great way to promote your business. They provide a way for people to see your logo and contact information while tailoring the item to their individual taste. This might eventually build a sense of loyalty and camaraderie between you and your customer base.