How to Improve Powerpoint Presentations


Effective PowerPoint presentations offer key ideas, inform, convince, and affect the lives of their audience. At some point in your life, you would need to stand up in front of several people to make a speech or show a presentation.

Presenting is a skill set you must learn, for it helps you with your career, regardless of what it may be. You can bring your next PowerPoint presentation to a whole new level. This article will guide you on how to improve PowerPoint presentations using PowerPoint presentation tips.

Why is it necessary to create a great PowerPoint presentation?

Presentation slides are very important for presenting and sharing information. The main goal of a great PowerPoint presentation is to convey a message in the most engaging manner possible to your target audience.

A PowerPoint presentation is necessary because it helps make the presentation move appropriately and keep the entire presentation organized. It can be challenging to keep your audience’s attention for a long period of time.

Hence, with visually appealing Microsoft PowerPoint slides, you can control the whole presentation and sustain your audience’s attention until the end.

8 Tips on How to Improve Your Powerpoint Slides

You can do away with a bad PowerPoint presentation by constantly practicing how to create a PowerPoint template. You can take your PowerPoint presentations to the next level with these PowerPoint tips.

  1. Use a Quality PowerPoint Template

Out of all the tips you received, using quality PowerPoint templates is one of the many important PowerPoint presentation tips you can ever do. Use pre-made and high-quality presentation templates, for this saves you a lot of time instead of creating everything from scratch.

Thinking about the design and layout of your PowerPoint slide can be exhausting and even frustrating. You may struggle to find the inspiration to make an awesome design for your PowerPoint presentations.

Hence, there are professional PowerPoint templates that you can download and customize to suit your presentation needs. If you want to create an infographic specifically for your next PowerPoint presentation, these infographics slide packs can help you make a better PowerPoint presentation.

  1. Use of Motion Graphics

PowerPoint presentations can be boring if they contain plain text. You can create better Powerpoint presentations using motion graphics such as charts, graphs, custom layouts, infographics, and animations.

You can easily break down and explain complex ideas to your audience more effectively using motion graphics.

  1. Simplicity and Use of Minimal Text

Avoid having a cluttered presentation slide. A cluttered slide uses too many words, poorly formatted text, and irrelevant visual elements.

Great presentations are minimalist and only contain one idea per slide. If you have key elements to share in one slide, you may use bullet points. Use only the appropriate font size, so it is readable to your audience.

Once you are done with your slide deck, go over the slides one by one to recheck if the slides are uncluttered, written without typographical errors, have no duplicate slide, and contain multiple images.

  1. Use Graphics Instead of Bullet Points

Using bullet points is acceptable for a PowerPoint presentation as long as you don’t over use it. You can have 4-5 bulleted points in one slide.

However, you can greatly improve the overall look of your presentation slides by replacing bullet points with graphics. You can easily attract your audience’s attention by using graphics, photos, and other visual elements instead of text.

  1. Use High-Quality Visuals

High-quality visual elements are easily accessible these days. You no longer have an excuse to use low-quality images or clip art.

Several online sites provide visuals with high image quality that are free to download and use. You can also use images that you personally captured.

When you use visuals for your presentation slides, ensure that these elements are high resolution and relevant to your topic.

  1. Use Slide Master

As mentioned earlier, you can download pre-made and professionally designed templates to make designing easier for you. With these ready-made PowerPoint templates, you can edit them to suit your needs to create effective ppt slides.

You can easily redesign presentation templates using the slide master feature of PowerPoint. The slide master is the slide that holds important design information such as theme, layout, color, font, animation, etc.

Any changes you make on the slide master are applied to all the other slides. This makes editing convenient for you.

  1. Use White Space

White space or negative space is the noticeable blank space in your presentation slide. White space doesn’t mean an unfinished slide. Rather, using white space in a presentation helps draw the audience’s attention to the key element in your slide.

The use of white space gives your slide a professional and clean look while maximizing its creative impact and information flow to your audience.

  1. Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a composition guideline used in visual arts like photography, painting, and films. The rule of thirds suggests that the main subject should not be centered but either placed at the one-third or two-thirds position of the intended canvas.

The rule of thirds is applicable either vertically or horizontally. Applying this rule to your composition can lead to a compelling presentation. Don’t position important visual elements in the center.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the 10-20-30 PowerPoint rule?

The 10-20-30 rule of PowerPoint presentations specifies that the ideal presentation should have 10 slides. The whole presentation should not exceed 20 minutes. Lastly, you are not to use a font size smaller than 30 pt.

  1. What is the 5-5-5 PowerPoint rule?

The 5-5-5 rule of PowerPoint presentations suggests that there should only be 5 words per line and 5 lines per slide. It also advises avoiding 5 text-heavy slides one after the other.


Creating effective PowerPoint presentations cannot be achieved overnight. You don’t become an expert in PowerPoint design just by making one PowerPoint presentation.

Constant practice and applying the best practices and tips in PowerPoint designing can greatly improve your PowerPoint presentations. You can always use a professionally-designed PowerPoint template to make designing faster and more convenient.


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