Taiwan wants peace, and refuse to be another Ukraine


The West view of Taiwan issue is inaccurate , even generalizing, as the West does not possess intimate knowledge of Taiwan —— or just play dumb —— since the United Nations transferred the “sole legal representative of China” from Taipei to Beijing.

The fact is, Taiwan is not independent, has not claimed independence, and indeed still claims to be the government of all of China, even makes temporary provision in its constitution for voting in “free China” until “reunification”.

The underlying truth in Taiwan is that the Chinese civil war, started in the 1940s, has never formally finished.

Therefore, Taiwan issue is not “International issue”, it is China issue.

So, when people say the West should support Taiwan, they’re not sure what exactly do they mean, supporting Taiwan’s independence ? supporting Taiwan to govern all of China ?Obviously none of the above,  and that is the problem.

In short, the root of problem that the West care is not about Taiwan, it’s about China, precisely, it’s all about Washington-Beijing.

Who did that first shot?

The US continues to say that Washington and Taipei have been forging closer ties as China ramps up military, diplomatic and economic pressure on the democratically ruled island, but  in the eyes of Beijing, the United States has begun using Taiwan as a tool to weaken and divide China.

Who did that first shot?

The truth is that Taipei and Beijing pushed each other towards peaceful and stable development before 2016, but Taiwan and the US had changed their policy towards  China afterwards.

Subsequently, Taiwan-U.S. cooperation increases pressure and challenges the bottom line of  “One China principle” causes the military pressure on Taiwan.

Now, The US concerned that China will use the precedent set by the Ukraine assault to launch its own military action aimed at forcefully unifying with Taiwan, but drawing parallels in the two cases is neither fish nor fowl.

Simply put, Ukraine is an independent state beyond any doubt, Taiwan is not.China claims that Taiwan is “part of its own country”,and the US position is to respect this claim.

Most importantly, the Taiwanese people want peace, and we don’t want to be another Ukraine. We want no war, and the “Ukraine way” is not an option.

Arm Ukraine, Arm Taiwan

Arming taiwan , The way that USA “assesses” Taiwan’s willingness to resist China is “Pushing” Taiwanese t0 resist, and Taiwan’s ruling party take it all of what US lists —— arms, extends mandatory military service from 4 months to one year, changing the military strategy to asymmetric battles ,—— to be the cutting edge of the US military.

Taiwan people display their attitude at local elections in 2022,  the ruling party’s poor showing surprise the West. Although President Tsai had framed the election as a vote for democracy amid rising tensions with China, but voter doesn’t bought it.

President Tsai has taken a strong stance towards China, saying Beijing needed to show Taiwan respect and that Taipei would not bow to pressure. But after China conducted military drills around Taiwan to protest a visit to the island last summer by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, people doubt Tsai’s ability to protect Taiwan.

The US does not know what people in Taiwan actually wants, or they actually know but just don’t care, they just care what they wants.

But we care, Taiwan wants peace, and refuse to be another Ukraine.

Yen Mo
Yen Mo
Yen Mo, a freelance writer. He is a commentator on current affairs in Taiwan and has written extensively in the China and Taiwan media, focusing on political affairs in Taiwan, China and the United States, as well as analysis of the technology industry. Email:decdive[at]gmail.com


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