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How to Increase Sales with YouTube Marketing: Pro Tips for Business Owners

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Every marketing expert is focusing on adopting video marketing because of increased engagement. Many people today watch YouTube videos to learn and educate, and marketing experts found this changing consumer behavior an opportunity to promote their brands and services. Statistics suggest that 69% of marketers adopt a video marketing budget, buy YouTube subscribers and reach the right target audience.

Surprisingly, marketing teams increased their revenue 49% faster than focusing on only other marketing tools and strategies. But, finding the right platform is another challenge for the teams. Today, YouTube is gaining exceptional attention from users because of Shorts and other new features. Therefore, teams can engage with more potential customers by using YouTube as a marketing channel and videos as a marketing tool. This type of marketing is popularly known as YouTube marketing.

What is YouTube Marketing?

YouTube marketing is a strategy allowing marketing teams to build a community and interact with potential customers. The platform allows them to choose from many niches and create engaging and unique content. By building robust relationships, teams can promote their products, services, and brand. Here are some ways social media teams can use to increase sales with YouTube Marketing:

  • Collaborating with influencers
  • Creating promotional videos that boost views
  • Promoting products and services through YouTube shorts

Businesses should provide what their target audience desires. As a result, they can sell their products on the platform. Many novice marketing agents will think it’s easy to interact with the target audience and increase sales. However, it isn’t easy to understand consumer behavior on the YouTube platform. But, there are many tools marketing managers can integrate with their YouTube marketing process.

Moreover, marketing teams should reach out to the right audience. Since YouTube is a search engine, they must optimize content just as they would for Google SEO. The following are some benefits of YouTube marketing:

Make the Product Look Attractive

Videos have a lot of content to keep the target audience engaged with the business. With video marketing, a business can instantly connect with customers’ emotions and generate sales motivated by emotion.

Before users become customers, they can check the video and evaluate the features and uses of the products. Customers are more likely to visualize themselves using the product in the same settings when the marketing team models them in YouTube videos. Videos can increase desire much more than any written product description ever could.

Divert Conversion to Website

Visitors to landing pages are interested in finding more information about the brand. People spend more time on pages with videos, which gives the brand message more time to make an impression. Managers should create a video with the marketing team to increase viewer trust. This will allow the target audience to connect with the team behind the brand. Blogs and articles cannot replicate human contact to the same degree as videos. People value their time and are in a rush. Most people prefer to watch and listen to sales material than read it.

Increase Email Click-Through Rate

Video marketing is powerful when combined with other digital and conventional marketing strategies, and it is a fantastic technique to engage an audience and deliver a message rapidly. Videos are also highly intimate, making them the ideal complement to the brand’s email marketing initiatives.

Bring Target Audience to Community

In a world of pay-to-play marketing initiatives, video marketing provides a singular and alluring way to acquire leads naturally. Additionally, it helps the brand keep leads for a long time.

If YouTube video is properly optimized, a business can immediately increase audience retention by turning curious viewers into subscribers. Brand’s videos will keep drawing viewers in and perform well over time. This implies that teams must have a base of leads that is always expanding and that they can nurture with top-notch video content.

Identify and Attract Potential Customers

Over 35% of all online advertising spending is currently made up of video ads. With YouTube Advertising, social media marketing teams can target highly particular demographics, interests, phrases, and even particular videos. The easiest approach to immediately engage the target audience is through YouTube advertising.

Marketing teams can use video advertising to reach the target audience in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Demographics: Income, gender, age
  • Interests – Using Google to learn more about potential customers
  • Keywords – Provide relevant content to the target audience who typed the same keywords on Google or YouTube.
  • Placements – Marketing teams can promote their videos on specific platforms and websites.
  • Retargeting – Interacting with the viewer and bringing them into the business.

By including YouTube marketing in the marketing budget, teams can develop a target-oriented campaign and increase the brand’s sales. Videos are an efficient way to draw in and hold the target audience’s interest.

Pro Tips to Increase Sales with YouTube Marketing

It’s time to start utilizing YouTube marketing for business, as it’s a remarkable tool to increase a brand’s sales. The majority of content on the internet is video, and this medium of communication dominates the digital marketing field and has exceeded conventional types of content marketing. Here are some tips for marketing teams to follow so they can increase sales by:

Building a Strong Community with Target Audience

Marketing teams should consider YouTube channels as a social media strategy’s video component. Businesses interact with clients on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms by responding to their queries and offering solutions.

If not more, engagement should be available on the YouTube channel. Teams should increase subscribers to the brand’s YouTube channel and the number of comments and likes by producing the appropriate content and optimizing the channel for the relevant keywords.

Engagement on social media is the best approach to developing a long-term advertising strategy. Marketing executives can quickly access all social media sites and notifications from one page using social media marketing management tools. As a result, the marketing team can respond to potential clients, interact with the target audience, and update them with the right video content.

Evaluating Target Audience’s Behavior

Okay, let’s get to the challenging stuff. What genuinely interests the target audience? An agile marketing team has to find the answer to the two questions:

  • Who is their target audience for the videos?
  • What type of content does the target audience like?

Understanding some basic YouTube demographics is a good place to start. Over 2 billion people use YouTube, and 72% of internet users in America routinely access it. YouTube is used by 77% of those ages 15 to 35, and the percentage doesn’t significantly decline as people become older.

Conducting Competitive Analysis

The quickest approach to gaining subscribers on YouTube is to study what competitors are doing that is successful but better. Copying the content won’t support marketing teams, and they should create unique videos to grab the attention of potential customers.

Marketing teams should start by searching for channels from rivals. They might know some of them without searing on the Google search bar. They should evaluate competitors’ performance by measuring the following metrics:

  • Over video quality
  • Subscriber count
  • Video’s main content
  • What does the comment say?
  • Posting frequency
  • Average video on each video

Creating Engaging and Relevant Content

Posting one outstanding video is not enough to fully utilize a YouTube account for marketing. Experts should use YouTube channels as a major social networking site’s video blog.

Marketing teams will have enough footage to post for an entire month to set aside one day to film video content. Have a strategy and clear objectives for every video, just like the marketing team should for every other component of their digital marketing strategy. This will increase the number of subscribers and encourage viewers to watch the next video.

Staying SEO Optimized Using Keywords on YouTube Channel

Search engine optimization (SEO) should be considered before posting anything online. Their keyword research is crucial because of this. As previously noted, YouTube is owned by the largest search engine and is the second-largest worldwide. Use the same SEO-recommended practices for their blog and YouTube channel.

Social media marketing plans by teams will benefit from the same keywords that are vital to their website and blog. Use the appropriate tags and include their keywords in the description and title of their videos. This aids in identifying the subject matter of their video for Google and YouTube. Transcribing their video and using it as a blog is another excellent option to give their movie a second life.

Personalizing the Call to Action with URL

One of the simplest and most popular ways to get leads on YouTube is to use a personalized CTA in the videos. The CTA can be mentioned more than once or numerous times in the video. This strategy lets marketing teams incorporate the audience’s solutions into their video content.

The CTA and URL must be straightforward to understand because they will engage with the target audience. Instructions from the marketing team should be clear and concise, and the URL should be simple to remember. It’s still crucial to write the content of the video in a way that makes it natural and simple for viewers to act just as requested to perform. Although the CTA is engaging, sometimes, the wrong link leads to the wrong site. Therefore, marketing teams should use the right link as it will determine the success of their campaign.

Including Primary Call to Action on Video Descriptions

Marketing teams should include CTAs and links in the video descriptions on the entire YouTube material. Including these connections can help brands rank higher on YouTube with careful keyword research and smart planning. Marketing teams should use the main CTA and link at the start of the video description because YouTube truncates descriptions.

The description also allows the team to include additional URLs and CTAs. They can include links to landing pages with similar content, videos, opt-in forms, or freebies.

Creating YouTube Channel Art with Call-to-Action

Utilizing their YouTube channel art, the banner that spans the top of their channel page is the first step in generating leads on their YouTube channel.

YouTube allows marketing teams to include connections to their website and social media profiles when they create their channel and highlight it with an arrow or other interactive tools.

The marketing team uses opt-in or CTA to appeal to the majority of the target audience if they have a large one or serve two diverse groups. The perfect tip is choosing the CTA that makes connecting and engaging with the target audience easier.

Pinning CTA to the First Comment

Marketing teams can use the comment section to increase traffic and create leads in addition to the video, cards, and descriptions that appear during the video.

Professionals use a popular technique to include a specific call to action (CTA) in the first remark to boost engagement, preferably the one the experts mentioned in the clip and recited in the description. The CTA will always be visible if the marketing team pins that comment to the top of the video page, even if the description is cut off.


In addition to being a goldmine of interviews, humorous viral videos, life tips, and music, YouTube is a potent marketing tool. The platform is the second-largest search engine in the world behind its big brother Google. Moreover, there are numerous marketing tools on YouTube to increase sales, expand brands, and reach a new audience.

Moreover, being one of the most popular search engines on the planet, YouTube is also search engine friendly, meaning its videos will appear in the search results of other search engines. Because of this, uploading their content to YouTube is a no-brainer.

One of the easiest ways to nurture new leads once they have seen marketing YouTube videos and subscribed to the brand’s YouTube channel is by grouping videos into playlists. New leads will find it very simple to follow the breadcrumb trail and visit the brand’s promotional YouTube video.

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U.S. bank trouble heralds The End of dollar Reserve system

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The US banking system is broken, stresses ‘The Asia Times’. That doesn’t portend more high-profile failures like Credit Suisse. The central banks will keep moribund institutions on life support.

But the era of dollar-based reserves and floating exchange rates that began on August 15, 1971, when the US severed the link between the dollar and gold, is coming to an end. The pain will be transferred from the banks to the real economy, which will starve for credit.

And the geopolitical consequences will be enormous. The seize-up of dollar credit will accelerate the shift to a multipolar reserve system, with advantage to China’s yuan as a competitor to the dollar.

Gold, the “barbarous relic” abhorred by John Maynard Keynes, will play a bigger role because the dollar banking system is dysfunctional, and no other currency — surely not the tightly-controlled yuan — can replace it. Now at an all-time record price of US$2,000 an ounce, gold is likely to rise further.

The greatest danger to dollar hegemony and the strategic power that it imparts to Washington is not China’s ambition to expand the international role of the yuan.

This crisis is utterly unlike 2008, when banks levered up trillions of dollars of dodgy assets based on “liar’s loans” to homeowners. Fifteen years ago, the credit quality of the banking system was rotten and leverage was out of control. Bank credit quality today is the best in a generation. The crisis stems from the now-impossible task of financing America’s ever-expanding foreign debt.

America’s chronic current account deficits of the past 30 years amount to an exchange of goods for paper: America buys more goods than it sells, and sells assets (stocks, bonds, real estate, and so on) to foreigners to make up the difference.

America now owes a net $18 trillion to foreigners, roughly equal to the cumulative sum of these deficits over 30 years. The trouble is that the foreigners who own US assets receive cash flows in dollars, but need to spend money in their own currencies.

Before 1971, when central banks maintained exchange rates at a fixed level and the United States covered its relatively small current account deficit by transferring gold to foreign central banks at a fixed price of $35 an ounce, none of this was necessary.

The end of the gold link to the dollar and the new regime of floating exchange rates allowed the United States to run massive current account deficits by selling its assets to the world.

In effect, the market worries that buying inflation protection from the US government is like passengers on the Titanic buying shipwreck insurance from the captain. The gold market is too big and diverse to manipulate.

The dollar reserve system will go out not with a bang, but a whimper. The central banks will step in to prevent any dramatic failures. But bank balance sheets will shrink, credit to the real economy will diminish and international lending in particular will evaporate.

Southeast Asia will rely more on its own currencies and the yuan. The dollar frog will boil by slow increments.

It’s fortuitous that Western sanctions on Russia during the past year prompted China, Russia, India and the Persian Gulf states to find alternative financing arrangements. These are not a monetary phenomenon, but an expensive, inefficient and cumbersome way to work around the US dollar banking system.

As dollar credit diminishes, though, these alternative arrangements will turn into permanent features of the monetary landscape, and other currencies will continue to gain ground against the dollar, concludes ‘The Asia Times’.

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Mastering Writing Skills: Write Effectively for Academic and Professional Success



Most people underestimate the importance of knowing how to write. In school, students are assigned paper after paper. The results help teachers grade their knowledge. But, that’s not the main reason why these are assigned. Essays and other papers give students practice, and a chance to learn effective writing. It’s a lifelong skill that not only serves to land them a passing grade but can also help them boost their professional success later on.

How to Master Your Writing Skills

If you want to make sure that you learn how to write better, both for academic and professional success, here are some tips and tricks for you.

1.Ask Someone to Write for You

The best way to learn how to write is to read what you need to write. If you aim for academic success but don’t know how to craft a paper that gets you an A, get some writing help from a reliable service. Today you can simply go online and request to write my essay and you’ll receive a top-notch assignment. This isn’t just to help you meet a deadline or land a high grade. You can also use it for college learning – to read what a good paper should look like.

When you have a finished piece of writing, this can be your guide. Students often order papers online to meet deadlines or make sure they get a high grade. Even if this is the case, use the opportunity to learn, too – next time you need to craft a similar paper, refer to the one written by an expert to boost your writing skills.

2.Read What You Like

Reading is an amazing way to boost your writing skills. How is this possible, you wonder?

For starters, reading books, articles, other papers, or anything else – can boost your vocabulary. When you read, you also come across different writing styles, giving you ideas for when you need to write.

Even though it might not seem this way when you actually read, reading gives you a lot of useful information that is stored in your subconscious.

3.Practice Writing

If you want to master writing, truly master it, you need practice. Those essay assignments are not enough. You should do some free writing, too. Start your blog or journal, write letters to your peers, join a writing workshop, etc. Just write for the sake of it – practice is very important!

4.Don’t Skimp on the Editing Part

Editing is as important as writing itself – maybe even more important. While some mistakes might be acceptable in school, these are never welcome in professional circles. A single, unintentional mistake can have a devastating effect and ruin the quality or the message in your writing.

Research and writing are tiring, but this is no reason to skip the editing part and submit the work in a rush. If you want to learn to write better, you need to start by editing your work. When you proofread and edit it, you can find the most common mistakes you make and learn how to avoid them.

5.Focus on the Structure

The first draft is often a result of free writing. It’s good to write with the flow without focusing on the details, the mistakes, or the structure. This allows your thought to run without interruptions.

But, you can’t submit the first draft of any writing – not if you want it to be good.

In addition to editing the mistakes out of your writing, focus on the structure, too. Structure makes sure that your ideas get across to those who read the content.

Outlines are very useful for this. Many students see them as a waste of time since they aren’t formally required. However, a good outline can actually cut down the time you spend on editing and formatting your task. It will also make sure that the information in your essay flow and are clear to the reader.

6.Ask for Feedback – and Use It!

Unless you’ve mastered the skill of writing, you’ll make mistakes. This is how you learn, and there’s no shame in it. It’s also the time when feedback can really help you. Ask your mentors, your peers, your parents, and friends to take a look at your writing. Ask them to be blunt and tell you what flaws they find in your writing.

You might not accept all of their notes and feedback, but learning how others view and understand your writing is very useful.

Wrapping Up

Writing requires some talent but most importantly, it requires practice. It is something you learn in time, which is why it’s assigned at every academic level.  So, practice, practice, and practice some more. This is how you’ll master the skill!

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FORBES: Where is the Russian banking crisis?

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“Sanctions were supposed to kill the Russian financial sector. It did, and it didn’t. Where is the Russian banking crisis?” – FORBES is perplexed.

Yes, sanctions have hurt Russia’s financial institutions. But a Russian banking crisis, one that looks like we have seen in the U.S. recently with Silicon Valley Bank and in Switzerland with Credit Suisse, has not occurred.

There were never any runs on Russian banks. The ruble strengthened. And while most banks are protected by the state – led by Sberbank and VTB – the Russian Central Bank has spent much of the last decade working to clean up the financial system.

For this reason, Russian banks have survived the West’s sanctions regime and stock market delistings better than anyone would have imagined. For a cynical Russian, watching Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse burn down while their bankers are gainfully employed is like smirking before the camera lens in front of a burning building.

Had the sanctions come at the time when the Russian Central Bank was cleaning up its “zombie banks” – all hell would have broken loose. But seeing how much of that mess was swept away prior to the 2022 sanctions regimes taking hold, Russia’s banks remain safe and sound, even if Russian investors in those banks have lost their shirt.

The sanctions policy, the hardest ever taken out on Russia, is 13 months old. New ones pop up regularly. It is unclear what can possibly be next, as Russia’s financial institutions have already been largely cut off from the Western system.

Russia’s financial sector, and its banks at home, aren’t making headlines like banks in the U.S. and Europe are. They have withstood the onslaught of sanctions.

They’ve lost their European and U.S. assets, which will not be recovered for years to come, if ever. Sberbank CEO Herman Gref said in press reports that Sberbank is “the most attacked entity” in the country, which experiences “unprecedented challenges in terms of complexity and power.” He said Sberbank lost nearly all of its assets abroad, leading to massive write-downs.

Yet, Russian president Vladimir Putin smirks at the burning buildings of Credit Suisse and the lost $200 billion in Silicon Valley Bank deposits, needing unprecedented FDIC support to protect account holders. The bank is now insolvent. His biggest banks remain only because most of Russia’s banks over the years have been folded and rendered insolvent. And a danger to the Russian financial system was liquidated.

“Thanks to the professional actions of our banking community, government agencies, and the efforts of the central bank, I want to emphasize that we managed to overcome all these (sanctions) difficulties in general,” Putin reportedly said in Moscow earlier this month after meeting with Sberbank’s CEO. He said that Sberbank’s current stable position was “a good signal for the whole economy.”

With sanctions expected to remain for a long time to come, will Russia’s heavily sanctioned banks fold one day, too?

“Who knows what will happen in Russia, because we all only know what we read in the press and what we read in the press is that Russia did a smart job handling their banks pre-sanctions and so after sanctions they have managed okay,” says famous commodities investor Jim Rogers from his home in Singapore, who has been a director of Russian fertilizer company PhosAgro. “We saw the ruble go down when sanctions were first imposed, then it went up. So in that case alone, the market tells me that somebody in Russia did something right,” he says.

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