Why did US assistant secretary of state, Donald Lu came in Bangladesh

The widely debated US In the past 24 hours, Donald Lu, assistant secretary of state, has attended a number of meetings at various levels of government. On Sunday evening, before departing Dhaka, official and informal meetings were held with political parties, members of civil society, and those involved in the labor rights movement. Donald Lew, the State Department’s assistant secretary in charge of South and Central Asia, has spoken about the “rights” of people everywhere. The conversation has repeatedly brought up Bangladesh’s democracy, effective leadership, and forthcoming parliamentary elections. The United States is hoping for a fair election with participation from all parties, one that will accurately represent the desires of the populace. However, the US minister has been given the assurance that Dhaka’s government is earnest about holding a respectable election ceremony. Positive conversations have taken place on the removal of the RAB’s current human rights violation ban, the reinstatement of GSP, and the extradition of Bangabandhu’s murderer. The US minister claimed that the parties had candid discussions. Donald Lew conveys credibility and a depth of conversation on a variety of topics by using the phrases “honest” and “open.”

The United States wants to deepen its friendship with Bangladesh, and Bangladesh has also reached out, according to Donald Lu. Both Bangladesh’s foreign minister, AK Abdul Momen, and foreign secretary, Masood Bin Momen, have made the same appeal to strengthen ties between the two nations. The two representatives spoke with reporters after having a meeting with the foreign secretary on Sunday, January 15. Peter Haas, the US ambassador, and the foreign minister were also present.

I am happy to come to Bangladesh, a country with wonderful rivers and kind people, he said in his opening remarks at the briefing. While the global fight for peace and justice continues, I am here to deepen the bond between our two nations.

collaborating across the rights issue sectors

Lu replied, “We are really proud, we also talked about labor rights today,” in response to a query. For Bangladesh’s citizens and commercial relationships, it is crucial. Salman F. Rahman, the prime minister’s advisor, and I had a conversation. We shall work together to advance labor rights in this nation. The foreign minister stated that as the US is one of our friends, we talked about ways to deepen our bilateral ties when the US envoy was present at the briefing. In this situation, if they give us sound counsel, we will embrace it without a doubt. If we identify any weaknesses, we’ll work to overcome them. We’ve included examples of the suggestions we took from them.

Minister Momen added, “We too want a good election,” adding that the United States has been guaranteed a transparent, lovely, and acceptable election. Bangladesh, according to the government, wants peace. LU made the remark, “We want peace. We take the lead in ensuring that peace is achieved throughout the entire planet. The foreign minister added that our discussions were fruitful. It concerns how to advance the union throughout the course of the following fifty years.

Increasing cross-border collaboration

There have been numerous meetings between us, the foreign secretary Masud Bin Momen stated. Observe that the foreign affairs minister. Donald Lu and the State Minister for Foreign Affairs met separately in Dhaka from Momen. I personally had an open chat with him, the secretary claimed. Discussion topics include our opinions on trade, investments, working conditions, sanctions, human rights, democracy, development, cooperation, and the Indo-Pacific. We’re going to advance our relationship.

satisfaction with extrajudicial killings and RAB reform

Donald Lu, in the meantime, expressed happiness with the unheard-of improvement in RAB reform following the US embargo and noted that the quantity of extrajudicial killings had unexpectedly decreased. We had a useful conversation about RAB. According to a report released by Human Rights Watch last week, there has been a notable decline in extrajudicial murders. It’s a superb work. We also recognize this development. It has been demonstrated that RAB is up to the task of deterring terrorism, upholding the law, and defending human rights. He said that the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has made significant strides in upholding human rights while doing its duty. This is a beautiful job, he said. It indicates that the RAB can carry out crucial law enforcement and counterterrorism tasks while upholding human rights.

Bangladesh case and GSP

According to Lu, the United States and the government of Bangladesh are currently collaborating closely on all the requirements for the restoration of the GSP, and Bangladesh will be the first nation to receive permission for this list.

Bangladesh needs the US to continue its development

The Indo-Pacific Strategy (IPS), according to Donald Lu, has been thoroughly discussed and is a strategy rather than a club. Bangladesh was our shared country. In the region, Bangladesh supports peaceful coexistence. The US should not, however, punish Bangladesh because it is a US ally. The United States is Bangladesh’s biggest export market for garments. Bangladesh shares this belief in the US’s free-and-open Indo-Pacific policy. US must therefore ensure quick economic growth. Bangladesh shouldn’t be a concern for the US. Bangladesh firmly believes in human friendship. America’s principal South Asian ally is Bangladesh. The two nations work closely together in the areas of climate change, counterterrorism, and regional and international security.

Donald Lu met with the home and law ministers in the interim. The home minister claimed that after talking about opposition party politics and the upcoming elections, he decided to arrange their protest peacefully on December 10, which pleased the US. He stated that they claimed the RAB ban was a difficult process in their nation. It can require some time. However, I believe that with the method you are using, it will eventually be resolved. This is an allusion. Exists a notice indicating when the ban may be lifted? The minister declined to specify a time frame when questioned by reporters. But the procedure must be finished. I think our course is correct. Your current course is the right one, they claimed. The Home Minister asserted that there had been no discussion about RAB reform and added, “They (the US) are satisfied with our current operations.” They are pleased with the performance of our security forces. There has been significant development, according to them (the United States). They want this development to continue forever. The Home Minister stated that we have already stated that the Prime Minister wants a fair election in relation to the election. The prime minister is employed for this reason. No one is being prevented from expressing their views by the prime minister. The security forces will transfer to the Election Commission even then, three months before the elections. They will have complete control. We are acting in accordance with the Prime Minister’s directives to maintain a calm atmosphere till then.

removing misunderstandings

In response to a query on regime change in Pakistan, Donald Lu, who Imran Khan recently identified as a participant in a “foreign plot” to overthrow his government, sidestepped the issue. Now, Donald Lu has established through this trip that he is not the brains behind the region’s regime change. He demonstrated that he is making efforts to improve connections with the area. Regime change is not his objective. The public in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan were misled into believing that Donald Lu had nothing to do with regime change in the region due to his work to improve US-Bangladesh relations.

exchanging similarities on both sides

Bangladesh wants a democratic system, just as America does. The US is committed to upholding human rights. Bangladesh desires as well. Three million citizens of this nation have sacrificed their lives in the sake of justice, democracy, and human rights. The arrival of Donald Lu in Bangladesh made us happy. Through mutual understanding and discussion, this visit improved ties between Bangladesh and the United States. A new high has been attained in the relationship between Bangladesh and the United States. Bilateral ties between the two nations have significantly improved since the two nations first established diplomatic ties. A strong basis for these ties has always been provided by US politicians and diplomats. Donald Lu has performed the same function in this regard. We anticipate that this visit will advance relations between the US and Bangladesh and fortify those that already exist.

Samina Akhter
Samina Akhter
Samina Akhter is a Dhaka, Bangladesh based activist, analyst, writer and columnist.