Low engagement in corporate training? Custom eLearning Solutions can help

Have you heard of quiet quitting? It is a new name for long-practiced employee behavior. Employees who aren’t happy with their job resort to satisfying the minimum requirements to get their salary.

A disengaged and unmotivated workforce is something all businesses struggle with at some point. Beyond a threshold, tolerating this ‘minimum-effort’ behavior can become too costly and harmful to your business.

Subsequently, it impacts productivity and quality of work. The lack of hardworking employees on your teams can spell doom for your business. 

Hiring an employee and then training them requires a lot of time, money and patience.

Corporations invest an average of $4,129 in recruiting new employees and another $986 to onboard them. That is an investment of over $5000. All this investment will go in vain if your employees feel disengaged and start practicing quiet quitting. When an employee quits, you are losing not only money but a valuable resource.

One of the most common reasons behind the disengagement of employees is the poor availability of learning and development opportunities at their workplace.

That’s why a training experience that makes employees better at their jobs and enables them to progress in their careers is a great way to improve employee engagement. However, such an experience cannot be delivered using an off-the-shelf course.

Custom e Learning solutions can help improve employee engagement through their employee-centric approach. Custom eLearning solutions are based on understanding the employees, their needs, and the company’s goals to drive progress and growth.

Let’s look at them in a little more detail.

What are custom eLearning solutions?

Your business and your workforce are unique. Their issues, needs, and expectations are entirely different from other companies.

Yet many businesses employ ready-made eLearning courses. Off-the-shelf eLearning solutions are designed with average learning behavior and preferences in mind. They are rigid and cannot suit all types of employees and industries. They require minimal effort while implementing and are relatively cheaper.

On the contrary, custom eLearning solution providers take measures to design a training program with you by understanding your employees, their needs, and their expectations from training. This results in the creation of a custom eLearning solution that is crafted for your employees and to achieve your organizational goals.

How do custom eLearning solutions help improve employee engagement?

Custom eLearning solutions can resolve the low workplace engagement problem with their unique employee-centric approach. Custom eLearning solution providers create a training course that the employees would love to complete. Here are specific ways in which custom eLearning solutions can help you improve employee engagement.

It makes training less of a burden

Let’s start with stress. We are all stressed by personal problems, the workplace, career development, monetary issues, and so on. A corporate job is stressful. There are tight deadlines, a lot of work, and fierce competition.

A training program can add to the insurmountable work pressure on your employees. However, a custom eLearning training program can be designed in a way that it doesn’t feel like a burden.

mLearning capabilities, micro-content, gamification, and on-demand sessions can be implemented to make training more fun and engaging.

Treats every employee differently

Each employee possesses a certain level of skills and knowledge. Even if you consider a batch of freshers, some might have solid knowledge, while others may need extensive training and guidance. You cannot skip the basics because only a part of your workforce needs it. However, there is also a part of your workforce that is getting bored. They may even think that your training is a waste of their time and energy.

A custom eLearning solution allows you to personalize the training experience for each employee based on their prior expertise in the subject.

When employees feel like the company is genuinely interested in educating them and improving their skills, they are more likely to show enthusiasm and work hard.

Personalized training also enables you to close knowledge gaps efficiently. When people lack the skills and knowledge to do a task, they can feel demotivated to work. But if you train them considering their unique learning behaviors and prior knowledge, you can make them capable of carrying out their duties efficiently and effectively. This, in turn, makes them more interested in their job.


Acknowledgement of any form, whether a gift or a few words of praise, can boost your employee’s confidence and provide the reinforcement they need to work harder. If your employees feel a lack of acknowledgment at the workplace, this need can be satisfied with a custom eLearning solution.

Building a community or running contests is a great way to acknowledge and appreciate high-performers. For instance, if you have an online community of employees, you can make announcements whenever an employee completes a course or achieves an extraordinary score on an evaluation.


Collaboration becomes way more effective if the people collaborating are already used to communicating with each other. Custom eLearning solutions can be designed to encourage participation and collaboration. You can add fun collaborative tasks and games to make your course more engaging and impactful.

Bottom line

A disengaged workforce cannot be tolerated for too long. At some point, you’ll have to let them go. But instead, by investing in custom training programs, you can retain your employees and encourage them to work harder towards your organizational goals.

Training is a big part of an employee’s life. It makes them capable of carrying out duties as per company standards and enables them to upskill themselves to reach new heights in their career. Making a training program aligned with your employees’ aspirations and your brand image and company goals is possible with custom eLearning solutions. Get in touch with a provider and revamp your training program and entice your disengaged workforce.